Sleeping Duck Mattress Review (SD Mach II)

Sleeping Duck Mattress Review (SD Mach II)


January 9, 2024

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Sleeping Duck is a mattress in a box company based in Australia and has won multiple awards (mainly 2019 and earlier) and turned into a well-known brand when they turned down shark tank investors. Sleeping Duck products tend to be on the luxury end in terms of pricing and quality. The mattress has gone through a significant rebrand and is now called SD Mach II with improved aesthetics, functionality, and a few layer name changes. The good news is that the mattress' comfort remains unchanged, and you can now interchange the foams to get a range of firmness levels. The score below also includes the old version. 

What other people say - 4.7/5 from 5,269 reviews

How We Review

In our reviews, you’ll find a comprehensive evaluation of customer sleeping duck reviews, shipping, value for money, firmness, trial period, material, and more. We keep our reviews honest and unbiased, and after reading this sleeping duck mach 2 review, you will have a clear understanding if it’s best for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Adjustable firmness on each side
  • Same-working-day delivery - (metro areas)
  • Melbourne showroom
  • 100 nights free trial period


  • Expensive compared to other mattresses
  • Heavy design
  • Not an environmentally friendly production process (check final section)

Sleeping Duck Coupon

Deal: No current deal on the Sleeping Duck mattress

"The best mattress I’ve ever slept on. I was nervous buying a mattress online. Sleeping Duck made it so easy.... if I wasn’t 100% happy they would provide a full refund. I had nothing to lose! I no longer wake with a sore neck or back. The mattress is firm and snuggly at the same time. The best night’s sleep ever. Thank you" Adrienne Hamann - SD Mach Review

What's the SD Mach II mattress made from?

It's easy to see what makes Sleeping Duck unique. From the breathable bamboo cover to the combination of hyper-adaptive foam, high-density foam, and pocket springs for excellent support.

AntiGravity Foam - Acting as the top layer with open cells for breathable cooling effects. The comfort foam created by Sleeping Duck doesn't contain memory foam or latex, although it acts like the best of both of the materials. Providing pressure relief, responsiveness, and breathability. And it's Australian made and GECA Certified.

ComponentAdapt - Is the supporting second layer underneath the comfort layer. This layer is the customisable layer where you can get the firm option and you'll be given a dense foam, and if you want a medium firmness, you can get the absorbent foam.

Motherboard - The bottom layer is the motherboard support layer which contains individually-wrapped springs (pocket springs). This layer makes partner disturbance minimal because of the independently acting springs that adjust to your body.

sleeping duck materials and layers

BreatheTech Cover - The soft, breathable bamboo cover has natural protection against microbes. The cover has an exciting stitching pattern and promotes cooling throughout the mattress.

SD Mach 2 mattress firmness – Is Sleeping Duck too firm? We would say no and go into more details below. However, the foams are polyurethane and not memory foam so you won’t get the same contouring feel, which can make the mattress be perceived as firmer than it actually is. 

This mattress is very special when it comes to the softness and firmness. This is because of the sleeping duck replacement foam sections that are interchangeable. Allowing one side of the mattress to be firm and one side to be medium or soft. Great for couples who prefer a different option. 

Sleeping Duck Pillow - The pillow is made from the Hyper-Adaptive® foam like that mattress, so that means it’s 8x more open than standard latex and memory foam combinations. So the pillow allows airflow to pass through it, making sure your head stays cool at night.

Because the pillow is a mixture of memory foam and latex you get the best of both worlds. This combination means you'll feel the pressure relief of memory foam and the buoyancy of the latex, creating a sense of weightlessness whilst getting adequate support.

Interested in getting a better pillow? Read: best pillows in Australia.

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How much does the Sleeping Duck weigh?

*Update. Since the redesign we don’t know the exact weight. It’s still on the heavier end of the spectrum though. 

The Sleeping Duck mattress weights 48 kilograms (Queen sized). Rest assured, it's compressed in its packaging, making it easier to move around.

How thick is the Sleeping Duck mattress?

  • The hyper-adaptive™ foam 40 millimetres. Now (AntiGravity)
  • The high-density foam is 60 millimetres. Now (Precision Firmness Pads)
  • Pocket Springs 200 millimetres. Now (Motherboard)
  • Giving a combined thickness of  300 millimetres.
Sleeping Duck Mattress Thickness of layers
The layers have changed names and could have slightly different measurements


188 x 92 x 30cm

32 (kg)

King Single

188 x 92 x 30cm

35 (kg)




188 x 138 x 30cm

42 (kg)

203 x 153 x 30cm

48 (kg)

203 x 183 x 30cm

60 (kg)

How much is a sleeping duck mattress?

The Sleeping Duck mattress is slightly more expensive, relatively speaking, compared to other mattress brands. However, a close comparison would be a Sleeping Duck double mattress for $1,349 and the Emma Diamond for $1,376.55 (Get an extra 5% off with SLEEPYS5). 

Does Sleeping Duck do discounts or ever have sales? No, unfortunately they usually don't, however, they may offer a Black Friday sale. 

You might be wondering where can I try the Sleeping Duck mattress? Well, the Sleeping Duck showroom is located in Melbourne, Victoria (Now reopened after Corvid). They don’t have stockists, so you’ll have to purchase directly from them. 

* Please note, prices may change over time, and so can availability.




King single









"Whilst I don't have any diagnosed back/neck issues I do experience some lower back pain and general soreness from time to time and since sleeping on this mattress have not experienced it at all. Extremely comfortable and supportive, I don't even notice when my partner rolls around as much. He too says it's the best! I am sleeping so much better, waking up actually feeling rested and ready for the day! - Tania M. - Sleeping Duck Mattress Review

Sleeping Duck Coupon

Deal: No current deal on the Sleeping Duck mattress

Bonuses and Delivery

  • Risk Free 100 Night Trial Period
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Adjustable firmness

How to unpack sleeping duck mattress

The SD Mach II from Sleeping Duck is a mattress in a box. It arrives vacuum packed making it easier to move around than a traditional mattress. Before opening make sure to place the box in your bedroom before opening it up. 

To open, just tilt the box and pull out the rolled mattress, or lay it on the floor and slide the mattress out. Place the mattress on your bed frame and carefully remove the plastic. Once the inner layer of plastic is removed the mattress will inflate. 

Allow a few hours for the mattress to fully take shape before sleeping on it. 

If you do have to move it afterwards, there are handles on the side making the process manageable. You get free delivery Australia wide and orders from Melbourne are usually delivered on the next business day.

Where are Sleeping Duck mattresses made?

Are sleeping duck mattresses made in Australia? They are made in China. The new model is no longer Australian made, but the foams are made in Australia, then shipped to China for assembly, and then returned to Australia. I'm not sure how environmentally friendly this process is, but that's how it's done.

Sleeping Duck company valuation 2022

The company was valued at 500 million in 2020. Winston Wijeyeratne and Selvam Sinnappan, co-founders of Sleeping Duck, have estimated their company is worth $500m and is heading for annual revenue of $100m. Private equity and other investors are lining up to buy a stake in the business.

Also, in 2017, 2018, and 2019 Sleeping Duck won CHOICE awards for best Australian mattress. However, since then the Emma original won in 2020 and the Emma Comfort won 2021, 2022. 

There hasn't been many awards or an update on valuation since 2020. Check out the video at the bottom, when the owners were on Shark Tank.

Is Sleeping Duck hot to sleep on?

Being a hybrid mattress it will tend to allow more airflow through the mattress. The bamboo yarn cover also helps regulate heat. However, the top two polyurethane layers do tend to retain heat. In fact, most of the negative reviews mention there is a body heat buildup in memory foam that doesn't disperse into the mattress.

Is Sleeping Duck or Koala better?

These are two big Australia brands, we suggest you check out our Koala mattress review. However, a fairer comparison to the Koala Soul Mate review would be more of an apples to apples comparison.

It’s very subjective when comparing the two brands and mattress. You do get a 120 trial with Koala and even a 365 trial with the Soul Mate. We would learn toward Koala being better but it would be close.

Sleeping Duck Black Friday Sale

This Black Friday, dive into the exceptional deals from Sleeping Duck. Renowned for their customisable, high-quality sleep products, they're offering significant discounts on their top items. From the innovative SD MACH II mattress to the luxurious NEOSILK Sheets, it's the perfect opportunity to upgrade your sleep experience. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers to transform your sleep with Sleeping Duck's award-winning products!

Buyer Feedback & Complaints

Is the Sleeping Duck mattress a scam? No, the SD Mach II isn’t a scam. Sleeping Duck is a popular and big company in Australia with thousands of customers.

We’ve found Australians ask this question because the mattress is made in China, uses polyurethane instead of memory foam, and is on the pricier side. However, the foams are made in Australia and shipped for assembly, and it’s more of a luxury mattress. 

Does the Sleeping Duck mattress get complaints? Many users complained about the mattress being too firm and taking too long to ship out replacement foams. 5,103 reviewers (96.83% of the sample) rated SD Mach II as 'excellent' or 'good'. 116 reviewers (2.20% of the sample) found the mattress too firm, this was mostly from side and back sleepers.

Are Sleeping Duck mattresses good? Verdict

This concludes our Duck mattress review. The unique hybrid design makes the SD Mach II great for back, stomach, or side sleepers. However this comes at a hefty price, if you think it’s on the pricier side check out our Sleeping Duck Alternatives

If you and your partner prefer different firmness levels, simply select half-half under the firmness option with any queen or king mattress.

Are Sleeping Duck mattresses good for back pain? If you suffer from back, spinal, shoulder or hip pain the SD Mach II is an excellent choice because you can adjust the firmness at each pressure (contact) point, to get the right responsiveness for you. Plus, the zonal motherboard off pocket springs also absorbs movement, and pressure.

Overall, It’s more expensive than its competitors, but is the SD Mach II worth it? It depends if you want the half/half firmness feature as it’s one of the only mattresses to offer it. You also get a 100 night trial, and a 10 year warranty. If you're looking for a hybrid mattress alternative check out the Diamond mattress review or the Comfort Premium review.

Sleeping Duck Coupon

Deal: No current deal on the Sleeping Duck mattress