Koala Mattress

The Koala mattress has been one of Australia's most popular mattresses for years, and is perfect for side sleepers. It's a two layered mattress; the top is flippable so you can adjust the firmness to how you like it. 

The bottom layer is a zoned support foam. The zonal support helps your body adjust to the mattress and eases pressure points. 

Koala mattresses excel when it comes to partner disturbance. No matter how much your significant other turns and tosses, you won't feel a thing. Also, you won't wake up your partner or they won't wake you up if you get up in the middle of the night. 

Deliveries take 4 hours in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide (faster than Amazon). Everywhere else, delivery is still fast and free. To top it off, you get a 120-night trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Emma Diamond

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is an award-winning mattress gets around 5000 views in 24 hours, signaling its popularity. This mattress won the Good Design Award for 2022 and has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars in ProductReview. It was even voted the Product of the Year 2023 in the mattress category for products over $1,500 AUD​​.

With a construction that includes Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam, adaptive comfort foam, pocket springs, and HRX foam, this mattress promises comfort and support in all the right places​​. The mattress cover is removable and washable, made of a mix of polyester, elastane, and polypropylene, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning​​.

Using the advanced Diamond Degree® Technology, which helps dissipate excess heat and moisture using open-cell foam technology, thereby extending your deep sleep phase with optimal temperature regulation. This technology results in no more hot sleepless nights as the graphite particles infused within the mattress shift heat away from your body, helping you to achieve your optimum sleeping temperature for a longer and deeper sleep​​.

It comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee, which ensure that you have enough time to decide whether this mattress is right for you and promises quality and longevity of the mattress core​​.

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Dusk & Dawn Premiere

If you are looking for a good mattress in the Australian market, we suggest giving this model a try. It uses only 100% natural ingredients, and the primary material is certified Australian wool. Hence, it delivers exceptional comfort and protects the bed from dust mites.

Moving on, it is anti-bacterial and reduces the chance of allergies even in areas that experience high temperatures. You can rest assured that its highly breathable fabric will absorb all the moisture and provide more circulation to keep you cool.

Further adding to the comfort is its elastic gel foam, which helps side sleepers get much-needed rest. You will also find that its cooling gel memory foam provides comfort and helps relieve pressure by achieving the optimum sleep temperature.

Speaking of pressure, its innovative spring system cushions five different body parts for maximum support. Unsurprisingly, this pocket spring mattress has emerged as a popular choice among prospective buyers.

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This option from Noa features a hand-tufted Tencel pillow-top, making it an incredibly supportive, medium-firm mattress for users. But despite its slightly firmer build, it has an ultra-breathable and extremely soft fabric that feels great against the skin. Moreover, the designers have added anti-allergenic properties to prevent dust mites.

And despite regular use, its high-density support foam does not succumb to wear and tear, thanks to its six supportive layers. These layers prove suitable for consumers who keep changing their sleep positions throughout the night, thereby delivering a smooth experience.

In addition, you won't wake your partner with its gel-infused cooling memory foam, which prevents sweating and reduces disturbance. However, it is still very bouncy to help relax the back to wake up feeling fresh.

Lastly, it is one of the most durable pocket springs mattresses, with its waterproof inner cover ensuring that you get great value for money.

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Onebed Original

Another premium-quality foam mattress for side sleepers is the Onebed Original 10" Mattress, which is customisable. Consumers will like that they can adjust the layers to choose the desired level of comfort. Understandably, it is regarded by many as one of the best mattresses available right now.

We love that the foam absorbs a person's body weight but, most importantly, doesn't lose its shape. The pressure is equally distributed through all the layers so that the spring jumps back into place.

Apart from that, the engineers have developed a responsive cushioning effect that helps multiple people sleep peacefully. Even if you toss and turn in bed, you won't disturb your partner, making it a soft mattress that is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Not to mention, this supportive mattress features a latex top layer that reduces discomfort and allows airflow to cool the body. Hence, hot sleepers will no longer wake up sweaty and tired.

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Side Sleepers: A Guide to Better Sleep

Sleeping on your side is one of the most common positions, and it's often associated with several health benefits. However, to fully enjoy the advantages and ensure a good night's sleep, it's crucial to understand the specific needs and considerations of side sleepers.

Understanding the Side Sleeping Position

When sleeping on your side, your body's weight distribution changes compared to back or stomach sleeping. This position can put more pressure on your shoulders and hips, leading to discomfort and interrupted sleep if not properly addressed. Additionally, your spine's alignment can be affected if your mattress doesn't offer the right amount of support and contouring.

Choosing the Right Mattress

A mattress with a balanced combination of support and conformability is typically ideal for side sleepers. A too firm mattress may not adequately contour to your body's natural curves, potentially causing discomfort at the shoulders and hips. Conversely, a mattress that is too soft may not provide sufficient support, leading to spinal misalignment.

One of the top-rated mattresses for side sleepers is the Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress. This mattress features Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam and Adaptive Comfort Foam, which can evenly distribute body pressure and mould to your body's shape. It also incorporates pocket springs that dynamically adapt to body movement, offering robust support and excellent breathability.

Pillows and Positioning

In addition to the mattress, choosing the right pillow is essential for side sleepers. Your pillow should support the natural curvature of your neck and fill the space between your head and the mattress to maintain proper spinal alignment.

Positioning can also make a difference. Placing a pillow between your knees can help maintain hip alignment and reduce the risk of lower back pain.

Trial and Guarantee Periods

When investing in a new mattress, look for those that offer trial periods and extended guarantees. This allows you to test the mattress in the comfort of your own home and ensure it's the right fit for you. Most online mattress brands, for example, offer a 100-night trial and a 10-year guarantee.

By understanding these specific needs and making mindful choices, side sleepers can greatly improve their sleep quality and overall well-being.

Summing It Up

That's all there is to know about mattresses for side sleepers; hopefully, you can now make the right decision.

As with most products, remember to clean and dust the mattress to increase its lifespan. That said, it won't require much maintenance, and weekly cleanups should prove sufficient.

We won't keep you waiting any longer. You can play "Sweet Caroline" and relax on your new mattress, thinking about how "good times never seemed so good!"