Coleman all terrain airbed (best for camping)

Coleman all-terrain queen-sized air mattress is made from puncture guard bonded fabric, meaning a softer and more durable mattress for a better night sleep...

... Even in the harshest Australian terrain.

The all-terrain series compared to the standard Coleman queen-sized air bed is 47% more puncture-resistant, 25% more stretch-resistant and 30% lighter. This makes it excellent for rough ground, carrying it around if you're hiking or camping, or if you get carried away with the air pump.

The Coleman air mattress is factory-tested to ensure it's leak-free and comes with a dual-sealed valve. It features a wrap & roll built-in storage system where you fold, roll and store.

The comfort of the blow-up queen-sized mattress is next to none with a coil construction providing better support for superior comfort. The total depth is 38cm, providing a luxury feel, so make sure it fits in your campervan or tent.

Overall, it has excellent customer reviews with a range of people using it for camping and even indoors for when guests need a place to sleep.



Eurobed inflatable mattress (easiest to use)

The Eurobed luxury queen-sized air mattress is an excellent portable bed that self inflates. It's perfect for a campervan, tent, and having extra guest over.

To set up, you just unpack and let the super-fast inflation motor blow up or deflate your air bed within 3 minutes. The total height when inflated is 36 cm with raised edges for safety and comfort, no more rolling onto the ground!

In our Eurobed review, we found that air bed to have 42 pillars off air inside, that cradle and support the contours of your body, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.



Bestway single air bed (best budget air mattress)

Bestway produces high-quality outdoor products and has designed an excellent single air mattress for anyone's budget. This air bed is great for campers wanting a single air mattress. The Bestway blow-up mattress has a quick inflation/deflation screw valve to quickly set up and pack away.

The coil beam construction provides excellent weight distribution support overnight. And the Bestway air bed even comes with a built-in foot pump, heavy-duty repair patch, built-in pillow, and folds compactly for storage and travel.

If your after a simple good quality air mattress that's affordable then the Bestway air mattress ticks the boxes.



Flextailgear portable air pump (best air pump)

No more having to inflate your air mattress with this portable air pump. You can now auto inflate and deflate your air mattress with a press of a switch. And the air pump comes with four different nozzles that are suitable for most air mattresses, inflatable beds, pool floats, swimming rings, inflatable furniture, inflatable pools and other inflatable toys.

The air pump contains a 3600mAh lithium battery and can be charged by USB directly through a socket or portable charger. To conclude this review, the air pump comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee so if your dissatisfied in any way, contact FLEXTAILGEAR to return it for replacement or 100% refund.