Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review

Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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With their new mattress to hit Australian shores, Emma's mission to provide quality comfort has reached a new peak. We were fortunate enough to receive the new Emma diamond hybrid to review and were impressed. It is the perfect mattress for those who want a longer and more restorative sleep that has been made possible by advances in the mattress industry. You'll find a lot more to this mattress than just a layer of springs added to the original Emma, as you'll discover below.

How We Review

The comprehensive Emma Diamond Hybrid review is based on first-hand experience of sleeping on and trying it out. Furthermore, we gain different perspectives and information from researching, the sleep quality, partner disturbance, and diamond degree technology. Using this Emma hybrid mattress review, you will be able to discern whether it is right for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Made by Europe's most award-winning mattress company
  • Diamond degree tech
  • Unique materials
  • OEKO-TEX® certified


  • New to Australia
  • Premium mattress so not budget friendly

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Emma hybrid construction

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is made of 5 layers in total. Starting at the top layer and working our way down it goes; breathable, elastic mattress cover, diamond degree® graphite foam, adaptive comfort HRX foam, a dynamic spring core, supportive HRX foam.

Diamond Degree® Graphite Foam – This is the top comfort layer where most mattresses have memory foam or latex. This is where the hybrid truly sets itself apart. This one-of-a-kind graphite foam layer optimises body temperatures without overcooling. As a result, deep sleep phases can be extended. We will cover what makes this so special further down.

Adaptive Comfort HRX Foam – The middle foam layer is ergonomically designed for people of all body types, adapting to your body and distributing the pressure on the mattress optimally.  No matter how you sleep, this technology will keep you comfortable.

Dynamic Spring Core – Providing dynamic body adaptation and enhanced breathability from the individually encased pocket springs. These also reduce motion transferring through the mattress but still keep the responsiveness that everybody loves in a hybrid.

Supportive HRX Foam – To stop the mattress from sagging and taking the pressure of the above layers, the base is made from a durable HRX polyurethane foam, which even offers 3 zones of support sections for your back your asleep.

The Cover – Encase the Emma hybrid is the thermoregulatory and elastic cover. Engineered to work with the Diamond Degree graphite foam top layer to dissipate heat. During the day, its aerial structure enables the mattress to breathe without interfering with its thermoregulatory properties. As a bonus to the premium quality, it’s fully removable, machine washable, and it's plush to touch. Additionally, there are thick handles on the sides, so you can easily move them around if needed.

How does the diamond degree tech work?

During the first hour of sleep, your body temperature drops by 0.5°. The mattress absorbs the heat from your body. In this case, a standard mattress would heat up and return the body heat to you. The foam under your body would become warmer, preventing you from sleeping deeply.

This is what happens with Emma Diamond Degree:

  • Your body heat is absorbed by the PCM/Cooling layer
  • As a result of its diamond and graphite particles, Diamond Degree foam wicks heat off the surface and disperses it to the edges, where it dissipates
  • 1 hour after you enter a REM cycle, your body temperature has dropped by 1.5° - a temperature optimal for maintaining a deep sleep state.

Among the many advantages of this bed is that you don't just get a comfy mattress, but you also stay asleep longer. The restorative effects are deeper. You wake up refreshed and feeling better.

Emma Diamond Topper - This pairs perfectly with the Emma diamond degree topper Besides providing additional pressure relief, the Diamond Degree and HRX comfort foam is 100% vegan, non-toxic, and OEKO TEX-100 certified. 

Even if you think you don't need a topper like the diamond mattress, who doesn't want more of a good thing? Furthermore, the topper can be used on any mattress due to its portability. You also receive a 100-night trial period with a money-back guarantee. Check the current price here.

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What’s it like to sleep on?

Although not having the bed long, you feel the combination of pressure-relieving effects from the graphite and HRX foam, which hugs and embraces your body. However, you get the gentle push back from the springs beneath, and it has more responsiveness than the original mattress. Which some people will be happy to know (we’re one of them). The mattress does sleep a lot cooler, which makes it perfect for hot sleepers. We haven't had enough time to comment on the deeper sleep properly, but for the few nights it’s been tested, it's been a dream. Considering the sleep tech gone into this mattress I would happily say it's the best mattress for deep sleep.

Edge support. – The firmer foam encasing the springs ensures excellent performance across the entire surface of the mattress, with no additional dip when you get close to the edge.

Firmness –  Due to all the development that has gone into the mattress, the firmness is in the goldilocks medium firmness range (6.5/10). The foams offer pressure relief, and springs and a base provides support, so it is a well-balanced mattress.

Partner disturbance – For a hybrid, it offers excellent motion isolation, so you won't disturb your partner or be disturbed by them during the night. Foam mattresses have better motion isolation, but they also have less bounce.

Thickness and Weight

Since the Emma Diamond has a spring core, it weighs more than a memory foam mattress but is still manageable to move around. This Emma hybrid weighs 33kg queen sized. More specs coming soon.



188 x 92 cm


King Single

203 x 107 cm





188 x 138 cm


203 x 153 cm


203 x 183 cm


How much is the Diamond mattress?

To determine this, we examine the entire mattress market and the mattress in a box market. The technology that went into this mattress is new and exclusive to Emma, so it isn't easy to accurately compare if it's expensive. However, the Emma diamond hybrid Queen mattress price is $1,699 (without any discount) compared to the Sleeping Duck Match II $1,649. So, comparatively, we think it’s at a great price point. Below is a table of prices.

To see the current Emma Diamond Hybrid discounts, click the Claim Deal button.




King single



$2,219  $998.55

$2,469  $1,111.05

$2,719  $1,223.55

$2,959  $1,331.55

$3,339  $1,502.55


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Added benefits

  • Diamond Degree Tech
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free 100-Night Trial
  • Free Delivery and Returns
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • Most Awarded mattress company in Europe

Is the Emma Diamond worth it?

This mattress is a premium option for sleepers wanting the best mattress Australia has to offer. It’s unique and designed to help get a deeper and longer sleep. As a result of the Diamond technology, it is perfect for most sleepers, and those who sleep hot will love it.

Australia is one of the first countries to receive this innovative mattress. Although Emma is a worldwide company, its mattresses have already won numerous awards. We expect this to be the same. If you don’t think hybrid mattresses are worth it or you want a more affordable option check out our Emma comfort review.

The support is excellent with the multiple foam layers, the spring core, and even the firm base foam with zonal support. The foams are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - Class 1 certified, so it’s eco-friendly and free from harmful substances.

Unlike most mattresses made in China, this mattress is made in Europe from high-quality materials and European industrial standards. All parts of the production process are subject to rigorous testing to get the highest quality mattress.

Wrapping up the Emma black diamond mattress review, we believe that many Aussies will upgrade their mattress to the Emma Diamond Hybrid due to the mattress' technology and excellent quality.

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