Koala Mattress Review (New Model)

Koala Mattress Review (New Model)


January 9, 2024

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The Koala bed was designed in Australia, and it has been acknowledged for its eco-friendliness, top-rated design, and unique features like the open-cell foam layer that is designed "to be neither too firm nor too soft". Koala delivers orders faster than Amazon. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Perth all offer Koala 4 hour delivery. The delivery is still fast and free everywhere else. Koala claims to be the 'highest-reviewed' mattress in Australia, so it's hard not to find hundreds of koala mattress reviews from customers when you search for a new mattress.

What other people say - 4.7/5 from 25k+ reviews (old version, but new model is gaining popularity)

How we review

Our reviews are designed to help you decide if the Koala mattress is right for you. In our comprehensive koala bed review, we have collected customer feedback combined with facts, price, shipping, warranty, trial period, materials, and our own experience. By the end, you’ll know if the Koala mattress is perfect for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Popular Brand
  • Fast Delivery *4 Hours
  • 120-night free trial period
  • Unique Technologies


  • Can be on the expensive side

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"I bought two double mattresses for each of my teenage boys. They said they are having the best sleep ever. My problem is trying to get them out of bed now.Everyone at Koala were very helpful, I had a lot of questions before buying and they were all answered professionally. Even the delivery guy was fantastic."  Koala Review

Koala mattress construction

What's the Koala mattress made from? It’s split up into two layers. The top layer is the comfort layer which has a combination of foam and latex specially designed by Koala. The second layer is a firmer foam base to reduce partner disturbance. This makes the mattress medium-firm and provides great spine support.

The new design of the mattress lets you flip the top layer so you now have an adjustable firmness. 

Kloudcell™ foam - Koala have improved this top layer. It still behaves like latex and memory foam with the trademarked Kloudcell™ foam, but it’s now double sided so you can flip it to change the firmness. This is great because one of the major issues with the Koala was that it was too soft for some sleepers. Now you can make it firmer by simply unzipping and flipping the comfort layer.

NoPressure Adaptive Core - The second base layer is a very dense adaptive core that used to be eco-foam. This layer is the foundation dn adds durability and keeps partner disturbance to a minimum. To give you more support for your body and spinal alignment there are 3 targeted precision zones that help take pressure off and keeps your hips remain aligned throughout the night

Cover - The high-quality TENCEL™ Lyocell fibre cover keeps the two foam layers protected. This fabric is soft and breathable, and it's even antimicrobial. Furthermore, its machine washable and hugs the mattress entirely.

Koala mattress firmness - It’s changed over the years. The old Koala mattress had a few compliments about the mattress being too soft. However, the new version is now a bit firmer, with the perfect blend of contouring and support. 

Koala Mattress review Kloudcell foam Sleepys Express
(Old image - similar design)
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What does the Koala mattress feel like to sleep on?

The New Koala mattress is soft, not too plush on the medium side, and supportive, but not very firm on the firm side. Our rating on the soft-to-firm scale was: 7/10 for the medium side, and 6/10 for the firmer side. 

The kind of sleeping experience it offers speaks volumes about the quality of the mattress. Thanks to the open-cell foam layer of this Koala mattress, it does not squish or sink in with the user's weight. This implies that this foam mattress is suitable for most sleeping positions.

However, since this ultra-resilient foam mattress scores relatively high on the firmness scale, it may cause discomfort for side sleepers. On the other hand, back sleepers and stomach sleepers can benefit from the firm spinal support that it offers. As a result, it is a great mattress for back pain and pressure relief.

Another problem most sleepers face is the heat retention in memory foam and hybrid mattresses. But, this Koala mattress is equipped with cooling vents that allow heat to dissipate and offer better airflow. No wonder it's regarded as the top foam mattress in Australia, a predominantly hot and humid country.

Lastly, the Zero Disturbance technology ensures no motion transfer, making this firm mattress an ideal choice for a restless sleeper. So, even if you start sleepwalking on the mattress, your partner can still enjoy a very comfortable sleep! 

Is the Koala mattress good for side sleepers? It accommodates all sleeping positions, with the majority of side sleepers saying it supports in the right places and has excellent motion isolation (we’ve all seen the video below). The mattress is ideal for people who sleep restlessly; their movements shouldn't wake you up.

Weight and Thickness

  • Updated: I'm not sure on the exact dimensions of the density and thickness of the new design. However, the height is 25 cm, and the weight is listed below.
Koala mattress thickness
(Old Koala mattress - foam layers)

Koala mattresses are lighter than most hybrid designs and probably lighter than an older mattress. The koala mattress is around the average weight memory foam mattresses, weighing in at 35.43 kg for the queen size mattress which makes it excellent for moving the mattress by yourself when it's still in the box. However, we always recommend having two people when moving your mattress around.

When it arrives the Koala mattress assembly comes compressed in its plastic packaging and box (mattress in a box). You simply tilt the box or lay it on the ground, slide out the mattress. Then we recommended placing the mattress on the bed frame before removing the plastic packing.

After you remove the plastic, it will expand. It only takes 20 mins to expand and it’s recommended to wait 4-6 hours for it to completely expand.



188 x 92 x 23cm

20.47 (kg)

King Single

203 x 107 x 23cm

25.25 (kg)




188 x 138 x 23cm

29.98 (kg)

203 x 153 x 23cm

35.43 (kg)

203 x 183 x 23cm

42.04 (kg)

What's the cost?

The Koala queen mattress price is $1,009, for more details on each bed size ranging from single to king the price and dimensions are listed below – prices can change, find out what the current coupon is today. Click the claim deal button to find the latest deals for the Koala.

The price includes free shipping in Australia with 4 hour shipping in metro areas.




King single









"Literally everything about this mattress was awesome. Same day delivery with tracking, the affordable price tag and the mattress itself is comfortable.. And the best part? I can't feel it when my partners gets out of bed in the morning. What more could you want!" Customer Review

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Bonus Features

To help you decide better, we have compiled some beneficial features of the Koala mattress that can significantly contribute to your sleep cycles and the environment.

  • Risk Free 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Delivered in a Box for Free & Free Returns
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • 4 Hours Delivery in Metro Areas

Easy Cleaning

The mattress cover is made of high-quality polyester and TENCEL™, ensuring long-lasting protection to the foam mattress inside. Plus, the washable material makes it easy to clean and maintain the firmness of the mattress. Spilled some wine on the bed? Well, washing the koala mattress cover is cake. Just unzip the cover and wash it with cold, soapy water.

In case the mattress core gets stained, you can spot clean it with a cloth dipped in any mild detergent. Allow it to dry completely before covering it. However, to enhance the longevity of this Koala mattress, the brand recommends you use a mattress protector as well.

Free Delivery

If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth, your Koala mattress will reach you within four hours after your order confirmation. In all other areas, depending on the location, the delivery may take anywhere between 1-10 days. You can enter your postcode on the official website to confirm the delivery time.

Moreover, Koala offers free delivery all over Australia. Most Koala mattress reviews are full of praises about their quick and efficient delivery.

Effortless Assembly

Besides the 4-hour delivery time to selected cities, Koala also boasts of a 4-minute assembly time for its products. It's packed and delivered in a box, ensuring full protection from any kind of damage during transit. Once the comfy mattress reaches your doorsteps, all you have to do is unbox, unroll, and get ready for bed!

Risk-free Trial Period

If you're not sure about the quality and comfort of Koala mattresses, you can still purchase and try them out for 120 nights. If you experience any discomfort or durability issues during the trial period, you can return the mattress and claim your full refund.

Moreover, the koala mattress warranty is 10-years. So, you can rest assured that the brand has got you covered in case of any defects (which is highly unlikely to happen).

Not Just A Namesake!

Though the brand is named Koala just because it's based in Australia? It is interesting to note that with every purchase, they contribute to the protection and adoption of koalas. So, while you sleep soundly, you are helping the brand conserve the diminishing population of the adorable Australian icon.

Koala Timber Bed Base

Since the performance of the mattress depends largely on the accompanying bed frame, the Koala timber bed base is the perfect match for this mattress. Available in various sizes, the vanilla malt shade of this bed base is sure to add a minimalistic yet sophisticated charm to your bedroom.

Why Do We Recommend The Koala Bed Frame?

First, the bed frame is designed to provide the best of both worlds, i.e., style and functionality. The headboard is slightly off the edge of the frame, making it a genius hiding spot for pillows. Additionally, the edges feature holes for easy cable management, so your phones will never slide or fall off the bed. This is, indeed, a practical addition to the bed base since checking Instagram has become a part of our night-time ritual!

You will also appreciate the "floating" design of the bed frame that stands at the perfect height.

Durability is also not an issue due to its lightweight yet sturdy timber construction. Thus, it provides maximum support to the Koala mattress or any other mattress for that matter.

Despite its multi-functional design, this bed frame is quite easy to assemble. In fact, you don't need any tools or professional intervention while assembling it.

Lastly, this Koala bed frame has an edge over other brands when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. All you need is a damp cloth and some mild detergent to spot clean. However, check that you never soak the timber frame in water or any abrasive cleaners. Other than that, the package will contain proper care and maintenance instructions, following which you can make the most out of your product.  

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Do koala mattresses smell?

The off-gassing smell usually goes away within a day, since mattress in a box products have been compressed. The Koala bed is no exception. You don’t need to clean the mattress to remove the odour; it will fade away if you even notice it at all.

Are koala mattresses made in Australia?

Koala have ceased manufacturing in Australia and moved production to China. It used to mention that the mattresses manufactured in Sydney are made “in Australia, for Australia”. Now it clearly states that the mattresses are designed in Sydney and produced in China. However, a few items are also created in Europe. Koala is also deregistered from using the Australian Made trademark. The work-from-home desk is still domestically produced, in Victoria.

Do koala mattresses sag?

The Koala mattress is a foam mattress that has the potential to sag. It is possible for sagging to develop after 6 months, but the mattress's 10 year warranty should cover the manufacturing defect.

Can a koala mattress go on slats?

The Koala mattress is excellent for most bed frames as well as slats. Koala recommends they be no more than 7.5cm apart to evenly distribute the weight.

How long can the koala mattress be kept in the box?

Please keep in mind that your 120-night trial begins on the day of delivery, regardless of whether you have opened the box or not. The mattress can stay in the packaging for up to three months. However, the earlier you open it, the sooner you’ll enjoy a restful night’s sleep!

The three months is just a recommended time from other ‘bed-in-a-box’ providers.

Buyer feedback & complaints

Is the Koala mattress a scam? No, Koala mattresses aren’t a scam. They are one of the largest mattress and furniture companies in Australia. 

One of the most common reasons Australians ask this question is because Koala moved most of its operation from Australia to China. 

Does the Koala mattress get complaints? Many users complained about the customer support issues. 773 reviewers (92% of the sample) rated Koala as 'excellent' or 'good'. 14 reviewers (1.66% of the sample) found the mattress medium firm mostly from side sleepers, but complained about the support over time. 

There are a few complaints about the Koala mattress sagging, but it’s not common feedback and you get 120 nights to test it out.

Is the Koala mattress right for you?

Koala is one of the highest quality mattresses in a box for sale and it's made in Australia with the highest standards; all the foams are GECA approved (Good Environmental Choice Australia). Which means they are ethically made with no heavy metals (such as lead or mercury) in the mattress, so you can sleep in comfort.

The Koala Mattress has Zero Disturbance technology to ensure you won’t wake your partner (or be disturbed by the other half!).

Is the Koala mattress good for back pain? From reviews and customer feedback, people who have had back issues and sleep on their back or side said the mattress does a magnificent job minimising back pain and providing support, this is because it's a slightly firmer foam mattress. However, those on the lighter side and prefer to sleep on their stomach found it was too firm for them…

… Luckily enough, there is a 120 night free trial period to test if the mattress is right for you.

Overall, we love the mattress and so do most Australians with Koala boasting thousands of positive 5-star reviews. Koala suits most sleepers with a medium-firm comfort and support, it's great for making back sleepers happy, with side and front sleepers following. If you’re searching for a unique foam mattress that lets you finally get a good night’s rest, the Koala mattress is an exceptional choice.

Final words

This concludes our Koala review, it’s a well-known Australian brand for its high-quality mattresses and other bedroom products. Its queen-size mattress is a popular pick, but if you have space to spare, we highly recommend the Koala king-size mattress along with the timber bed frame for a luxurious sleeping experience.

Its two layers of high-quality construction facilitate a cool and comfortable night's sleep. What's more, the brand's "1% for the Planet" program makes it one of the few environmentally-conscious brands out there.

Are koala mattresses worth it? Compared to a regular mattress in a store, yes. You get plenty of additional benefits and save the time and hassle of having to lug a mattress around. Not to mention the price savings on a quality mattress to help you sleep better. Over its lifetime the Koala mattress will be one of the most used items you will have ever purchased.

So, if you're still wondering if this foam mattress is right for you, try it risk-free for 120 nights. If it doesn't work out, rest assured that you will get a full refund. 

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