Emma Comfort Mattress Review

Emma Comfort Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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The Emma comfort was designed after 2 years of feedback from the best-selling original mattress. Emma Comfort has two layers (Original has three layers) by combining the middle and bottom layers of Emma Original for better support and pressure distribution. As a two-layered foam mattress, it provides even bodyweight distribution and conforms to your shape for maximum pressure relief. The Emma Comfort won the Top Score for 2021, and 2022 CHOICE Best Mattress Award, beating Emma Original (which was runner-up 2021).

How We Review

Throughout this comprehensive Emma comfort review, we consider various perspectives and information from research related to sleep quality, partner disturbance, and foam quality. You will be able to determine if this Emma comfort mattress is right for you by reading this review.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Top score CHOICE Recommended Best Mattress 2021 (beat the Original) and 2022
  • Affordable
  • Designed for Australian sleepers 
  • Firmer than the Original, so better for back support


  • Single and King Single are at $50 more expensive than the original - all other pricing is the same.

Emma Comfort Coupon

60% Off

Emma comfort construction

The Emma comfort has 2-layers (Original is 3-layers) by combining the middle and bottom layers from the Emma Original for better support and pressure distribution. Starting at the top layer and working our way down it goes; breathable elastic mattress cover, Point-elastic Airgocell Foam, supportive HRX comfort foam.

Point-elastic Airgocell Foam – Airgocell® is a point-elastic layer that allows one area of your mattress to compress without affecting the rest. It provides excellent motion isolation, so even if your partner moves in bed while you sleep, you won't feel any of it. In addition, Airgocell® foam is moisture-wicking to keep you dry while sleeping.

Supportive HRX Foam – The HRX Foam layer provides proper hip, shoulder, and spinal alignment with special zoning technology. By using this foam, your mattress will contour to your body exactly. The foams' pores on the mattress are open to enhancing breathability so that you can sleep cool and fresh (even during Australia's hot summer nights). 

Together, these layers ensure that your mattress will maintain its shape and provide you with great sleep for years to come. That’s why it’s guaranteed for 10 years.

The Cover – Fitting snugly, the elastic Fresh Air cover prevents the mattress from sliding inside it. Climate control fibres are used to make the white top, which regulates humidity and keeps moisture away. Its grey bottom ensures perfect air circulation, so it can breathe and keeps you cooler.

It features anti-slip technology to keep your mattress in place during the night. There are also thick handles on the sides, so they can be easily moved around if needed. Additionally, the cover is fully removable, machine washable, and plush to the touch.

Emma comfort mattress firmness – This mattress is on the firmer side compared to regular memory foam mattresses. The top comfort layer is designed to relieve pressure from your body when you lie down, so I wouldn't call it overly firm.

On a scale, I would say its 6.5/10 and memory foam is 6/10. However, the benefits include a more durable mattress. The best way to tell is to try it yourself since everyone is different and it can also depend on what mattress you sleep on.

Emma Comfort Mattress II Review

If you prefer some bounce in your mattress then the Emma Comfort II might be a better choice. With the additional pocket springs, you also get better airflow with edge-to-edge pocket springs. 

It makes the Comfort II Mattress perfect for those wanting a budget friendly mattress that isn't a foam mattress and not spending a fortune.

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What’s it like to sleep on?

If you loved the award-winning (30+ awards) Emma original, you’d love this. Emma is a worldwide sleep brand in over 20+ countries, with the original as the flagship mattress. However, after being in Australia for 2 years now, they have developed the Emma Comfort based on the feedback to be better! 

The Emma Comfort has been awarded Choice’s Top Score in the 2021 and 2022 CHOICE Best Mattress, beating out the Emma Original (which is runner up in 2021).

Firmness –  Due to all the feedback, this mattress is slightly firmer than the original to provide better back support. The firmness is still in the goldilocks medium-firm firmness range (7/10). The foams offer excellent pressure relief, plus its zoned memory foam keeps your spine, hips, and shoulders aligned and supported in every possible position, so it is a well-balanced mattress.

Partner disturbance – Due to the point elastic foam on the top, you will not disturb your partner during the night or be disturbed by them. Foam mattresses are excellent at motion isolation, but they also have less bounce.

Is the Emma mattress good for side sleepers? It accommodates all sleeping positions, and it isolates motion well, so if you share a bed with someone who sleeps restlessly, their movements should not wake you up.

Thickness and Weight

The mattress is manageable to move around with the handles on the side and it weighs 29 kg for the Queen size. It also has a thickness that is 25cm which is standard for a foam mattress.



188x92x25 cm

17 kg

King Single

203x107x25 cm

19 kg




188x138x25 cm

26 kg

203x153x25 cm

29 kg

203x183x25 cm

35 kg

How much is it?

To find out, we analyse the entire mattress market and the mattress in a box market. As Emma's patterned foams are exclusive, it's hard to compare their price. However, the Emma Comfort Queen size is $1,099 (without any discount) compared to the Sleeping Duck Match II $1,649 and the New Koala $1,050. Comparatively, it's a great price. A list of prices can be found below.

Comparing it to the original, the Single and King Single is $50 more expensive - all other pricing is the same.

To see the current Emma Comfort discounts, click the Claim Deal button.




King single



$579  $463.20

$639  $511.20

$749  $599.20

$809  $647.20

$859  $687.20


Emma Comfort Coupon

60% Off

Added benefits

  • Won our best overall mattress award
  • It’s the best emma choice mattress two years in a row (2021, 2022)
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Free 100-Night Trial
  • Free Delivery and Returns
  • Removable Washable Cover
  • Most Awarded mattress company in Europe

Is the Emma mattress a scam? Buyer feedback & complaints

We decided to answer this question, as we’ve seen it mentioned a few times. No, Emma mattresses aren’t a scam. They are a global company and one of the largest mattress companies in the world. 

One of the most common reasons Australians ask this question is because Emma offers excellent discounts and it’s comparatively cheaper than their competitors. 

Does the Emma mattress get complaints? Many users complained about the slow shipping and customer support issues. 5,760 reviewers (95.26% of the sample) rated Emma comfort as 'excellent' or 'good'. 134 reviewers (2.32% of the sample) found the mattress firm, but this was mostly from side sleepers.

There are very few complaints about the Emma mattress sagging, which does happen with cheap memory foam mattresses.

Where to try the Emma mattress

You won’t find any Emma mattress suppliers or stockists. They produce the mattresses and ship them directly to you, cutting out the middleman. However, it’s not all bad news. The mattress can be shipped directly to you, and you have 100 nights to test it out. Much better than an awkward 5 minute test in a mattress showroom.

Emma mattress return review

Sometimes the mattress might not be for you, it's hard to find something perfect for everyone. Luckily with Emma being a major sleep brand, you’re in good hands the return process is straightforward. Simply use the Returns Portal to return your Emma product, and the customer service team at support@emma-sleep.com.au will get in touch with you.

Does the Emma mattress get softer

Finding the Emma mattress to firm? Usually, when it comes to a new mattress in a box, it will take a few days for you to get accustomed to it. After a few days, the mattress will become softer as it conforms to your body.

How to wash emma mattress cover

The fresh air comfort cover is designed to be removed making caring for your mattresses and having a hypoallergenic sleeping environment possible. After removing the cover, simply wash at 60°C. Small stains can be easily removed with warm water and a gentle detergent. 

Setting up the Emma mattress

Don’t worry, the process is straightforward. A common question is “how long do I leave my Emma mattress to expand?” The Emma mattress takes up to 20 min to 3 hours to fully inflate. Occasionally, the mattress does not inflate to its full size right away. 

1. Place the mattress box near your bed frame or the area where the mattress will be placed.

2. Place the box horizontally on the floor by opening the top and tilting it. After that, carefully remove the vacuum-packed mattress.

3. Cut the first layer of plastic with scissors or the included cutter. Ensure that there is enough space around you so that the unrolled mattress can be laid flat. We think it’s best to unroll the mattress on top of your bed frame.

4. To inflate the mattress, slit the last layer of plastic around the mattress itself on one side.

5. While the mattress inflates itself, you can slowly peel off the last layer of plastic. Pro tip: Keep the cover until the 100-night trial is over, even though you can use the mattress without it. This is because couriers require that you wrap the mattress in plastic in the event that you wish to return or replace it.

6. The mattress takes 20 minutes to inflate enough for use. After two hours, any large or visible dips resulting from warehouse storage should also be inflated and decompressed.

7. Now you can relax on your new mattress and unwind.

Black Friday Sale on Emma Comfort mattress

Get ready for Black Friday! The Emma Comfort Mattress will have a big sale:

  • 60% Off: You can buy the mattress for much less than before.
  • Extra Coupon: Use the code SLEEPYS5 for even more savings.
  • Comfy Bed: This mattress is super comfy and great for sleep.

Remember, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time to buy an Emma mattress and keep more money in your piggy bank!

Is the Emma Comfort worth it?

This mattress is the new flagship mattress for Emma in Australia. They have improved on the original design based on the thousands of sales of the mattress. The Comfort has better back support and zonal support despite having 2 layers. 

The brand is a worldwide company and has already won plenty of awards for its mattresses. We know this mattress will be one of if not the best foam mattresses available today. 

The support is excellent with multi-zone memory foam support; your spine, hips, and shoulders will remain aligned and supported in every possible position throughout the night. 

Unlike most other mattresses made in China, these mattresses are made in Europe using high-quality materials and comply with European industrial standards. The entire production process is subjected to rigorous testing to guarantee the highest quality mattress possible.

Wrapping it up: Our honest Emma Comfort review is that the new mattress is comfier, doesn’t get as hot, and provides even better support! Most Aussies will love this mattress, and you get a 100-night trial to test it out!

Emma Comfort Coupon

60% Off