Emma Comfort Premium Mattress Review

Emma Comfort Premium Mattress Review


January 9, 2023

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A bad mattress can put a damper on one’s sleep, with awkward sleeping positions, general discomfort and a fatigued feeling the following day.

Imagine going to work after all that shuffling from the night before. Your body aches, but you’ve supplied enough coffee to it to power through. Maybe you can get by for a day or two, but a bad mattress doesn’t fix itself, which makes investing in a good quality mattress all the more important.

A good night’s sleep isn’t the sole benefit of a good mattress. Sleeping soundly has benefits that extend beyond feeling refreshed, such as a higher level of energy and reduced body ache.

So, to see if the Emma Comfort Premium mattress can do this, we’ve tested and gathered the information that you’ll need to know about it. Being one of the most prominent mattress brands in Australia, our expectations for this Emma Mattress were naturally quite high. Let’s find out if it surpassed them or not!

Emma Premium Mattress Review


Let’s glance into the standout features of the Emma Comfort Premium mattress before we begin dissecting why we liked it so much. 

  • A hybrid mattress with five layers of comfort
  • Three-zone support system for pressure relief
  • Breathable layers that keep you cool through the night
  • Employs five-zone AeroFlex pocket springs that adapt to the body weight
  • Excellent edge support
  • Retains its shape for a long time



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • 10-year guarantee
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Superb spinal alignment and back support
  • Hypoallergenic mattress cover


  • Just been release in Australia (been released in other countries with stelar reviews though)

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Comfort Premium Construction

Now that we’ve seen what makes the Emma Premium mattress stand out among the competition, we can get into the nitty-gritty of its make. One cannot correctly judge a mattress based on their first impressions of it, can they? After all, there is plenty that goes into a good mattress other than comfort alone, such as build quality, materials involved in its making, its safety and durability.

Educating yourself with the detailed knowledge of the mattress’ make is not a trivial exercise, as it can highlight points of contention to you. This is especially important if you are allergic to materials used in the construction of the mattress, and that is not something anyone would ever want to experience.

So, let’s go into detail about each layer and dissect what is involved in the making of the Emma Premium mattress.

1. Ultra-Dry Elastic Cover

The topmost layer is an elastic cover, which can be removed and is machine-washable for convenient cleaning. Made from 99% polyester and 1% elastane, you may think that the layer doesn’t appear breathable. 

But, thanks to the Ultra-dry technology used in its making, the removable cover is excellent at temperature regulation and is hypoallergenic to boot. Meaning, you will have extremely low chances of facing an allergic reaction with this layer on your mattress.

2. Point-Elastic Airgocell Foam

For the second layer, Emma has used its patented Airgocell foam for ample ventilation through numerous pores, all the while offering body support. This adds to the cover’s breathability, ensuring that you enjoy a cool night’s sleep even during Australian summers. Now that’s quite a feat to achieve!

3. Adaptive Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

Next comes the visco-elastic Halo memory foam layer, which works in tandem with the Airgocell layer for optimal pressure relieving and maximum breathability. The visco-elastic Halo memory foam retains its original shape after use and it continues to do so for a long time.

This layer, along with the aforementioned two, are the comfort layers of the mattress and provide you with pressure reduction for the sensitive parts of your body. For those suffering from back pain, you’ll find that the mattress will help alleviate the issue.

4. Five Zone AeroFlex Pocket Springs

In hybrid mattresses, the pocket spring layer is crucial for providing proper support to your body. The Emma Premium does so in an ergonomic manner, owing to the five zones in its pocket spring layer. Unlike a typical innerspring mattress where the springs move individually, the pocket springs in Emma Premium move together for optimal support.

You may have noticed a trend of breathability and heat dissipation in the various layers of the mattress described so far. The pattern continues with the fourth layer as well, which ensures improved air circulation and wards off heat effectively.

5. Supportive HRX Foam

The last layer is made from HRX polyurethane foam for support and durability. Polyurethane foam is typically used in firmer mattresses that sustain their usability for a long time, and it is used for a similar purpose here.

With 3-zone recesses, the supportive HRX foam layer aims to relieve pressure on your shoulder and hip joints, providing you with a relaxing sleep experience.

6. Other Fabrics

As for the remaining fabrics involved, you’ll find that the Emma Premium has a side cover that is made of 100% polyester. And then there’s the bottom cover, which is 87% polyester mixed with 13% propylene.

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How The Mattress Feels To Sleep On

The Emma Premium mattress is the most awarded pocket spring mattress in Europe, which is admittedly a high bar. And sure enough, it did not disappoint.

This mattress is a good medium-firm, striking an excellent balance between supportive firmness and the plush sinking feeling of soft foam. Being a hybrid mattress, the Emma Premium strives to bring the best of both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. This has culminated in five layers of absolute comfort, providing a complete sleeping experience. 

Thanks to the moisture-wicking Ultra-Dry cover and the Airgocell foam, the Emma mattress will keep you cool through the night. The mattress adapts to your movements and allows air to move freely. Moreover, in combination with the AeroFlex springs, the mattress provides precision support to the part of your body that needs it the most.

The Emma Premium mattress will support you no matter your sleeping position. If you’re a combination sleeper or have a favoured position, the mattress will provide you with the appropriate give. On your back, you’ll find an optimum level of comfort, thanks to the pressure mitigation the foam layers provide. The mattress provides ample support for your spinal alignment as well, making the sleeping experience quite positive.

Side sleepers will experience the pocket springs adjust quickly as they move. The pressure points in their hips and shoulders will face no issues either, preventing the body from becoming sore after a full night’s sleep.

Lastly, one of the most significant features of this mattress is its extremely minimal motion transfer. Thanks to the Zero Motion Technology used by Emma, you will not notice any movement on the other side of the bed, no matter how vigorously your partner moves. This makes for a completely undisturbed night’s sleep for both you and your partner.

Weight And Thickness

Now that we’ve discussed the layers of the Emma Premium, we can take a gander at its thickness and weight. A mattress must be thick enough to provide ample support and comfort, but not so thick that it becomes too difficult to use. 

Similarly, the weight of the mattress determines how easily you can move it around. A heavy mattress will, naturally, be difficult to adjust or transfer to a different room. However, there are no downsides to a lightweight mattress. It enables simple movement and if you switch homes frequently, you won’t have to give mattress transportation a second thought.

Emma has considered these factors, which is why you have the option of choosing from different mattress sizes. Purchase the mattress as per your bed frame or vice versa; you have the freedom of choosing a mattress size according to your needs.

Here are the thickness and weight specifications of the Emma Comfort Premium Mattress:

  • Single Mattress: 188 x 92 x 25 cm; weighing 18 kg.
  • King Single Mattress: 203 x 107 x 25 cm; weighing 22 kg.
  • Double Mattress: 188 x 138x 25 cm; weighing 28 kg.
  • Queen Mattress: 203 x 153 x 25 cm; weighing 31 kg.
  • King Mattress: 203 x 183 x 25 cm; weighing 38 kg.

If you’re looking for the best mattress for one person, we recommend the Single and King Single Emma mattresses. The remaining Emma Premium mattresses are superb choices for couples.



King Single




The Price

The plethora of features that come with the Emma Premium mattress make it a high-end mattress. It has ‘premium’ in the name, so its variants are priced accordingly. However, we believe that it is worth every dollar you spend on it.

  • Single mattress: $754.50
  • King Single Mattress: $824.50
  • Double Mattress: $974.50
  • Queen Mattress: $1049.50
  • King Mattress: $1119.50

Additionally, you have the option of paying the sum in instalments, if you are not willing to part with nearly a thousand dollars at once. If you’re a Klarna user, you can pay in four easy, interest-free instalments, allowing you to save money on the purchase.




King single









Emma Comfort Premium Coupon

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Additional Features

A premium mattress like the Emma Premium is not a small investment and so, it’s only natural that you would want to be assured of its quality. 

You can cast aside your worries, as the company provides you with 100 nights of at-home trial to see if it is the right mattress for you. If you deem it not to suit your needs, you can send it back, requesting a full refund with no additional charges incurred.

To add to the convenience, Emma takes care of the shipping and return costs. So, you won’t have to pay your delivery person anything to have the mattress brought to or taken away from you. 

Depending on your location, you can be eligible for same-day delivery if you live in metro areas, or you may receive the product within a week of ordering. For metros, you can track the progress of your order through a link sent via SMS and watch the mattress near your location in real-time. Nothing’s more exciting than watching your new package draw closer with every passing minute, wouldn’t you agree?

Your Emma mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers any dimensional stability and durability issues with the mattress core. This includes any permanent sags, dips, cracks or hollows, issues with inflating to the correct size and cover damages. Rest assured, even if you face issues with the Emma mattress, you can have it fixed or replaced by the company at no extra charge.

Lastly, if you are anxious about the mattress’ effects on babies and toddlers, you needn’t worry. Each layer of the Emma Premium mattress is in compliance with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Class 1 certificate. The certification assures that the mattress is free of any substances that may bring your little one any harm.

Other Emma Mattresses

If the Emma Premium mattress seems not as impressive to you, perhaps the other products in the Emma mattress range will. You can choose from three different mattress types including the Comfort Premium mattress, the other two being:

1. Emma Comfort Mattress

It’s the Emma Premium mattress in an affordable package. The Emma Comfort is an all-foam mattress that is designed to be breathable while providing proper support to your body. It consists of four layers, including the Airgocell foam and HRX support foam layers. 

Like the Comfort Premium, the Emma Comfort mattress is ideal for all sleep positions and has excellent motion isolation as well. Much like the trend set by the former, it remains very breathable and cool to sleep on.

2. Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress

The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress is the top-of-the-line mattress in Emma’s range. It features a patented technology called ‘Emma Diamond Degree’ that takes the established breathable and cooling mattress trend to another level. Infused with diamond and graphite particles, the foam dissipates excess heat with unprecedented swiftness, making for a much more comfortable sleep experience.

It ups the game with its number of layers as well, by including six layers for maximum comfort. This is the best that Emma has to offer, and it manages to exceed the already high bar set by the Comfort Premium.

Is The Emma Comfort Premium Right For You?

Now the final question is: what makes the Emma Premium mattress the right one for you? The answer is three-fold: the firmness, the excellent edge support and the breathability.

The Emma Premium mattress is a balanced medium-firm, scoring a 6.5 out of 10 on the softness-firmness scale. This is the ideal firmness for a vast majority of people and is suited for all sleep positions. Even strict stomach-sleepers, who often do not get many mattresses that support this position, will find it to be a supportive and comfortable mattress.

Any mattress must have ample edge support so it doesn’t begin sagging over time. There is a very real chance of accidentally falling off the edge if the support isn’t good enough. The Emma Premium mattress has the edge support mastered, so you will never have to worry about a deformed edge on your mattress.

Lastly, across its range, Emma has ensured that its mattresses remain as breathable as possible and the Emma Premium mattress is no different. Its breathability is unparalleled and it will keep you cool during the harshest Australian summers.

That’s not to say that the mattress is accessible to everyone. The price is still in the premium range, which may make it out of reach for some. If so, you can opt for the Emma Comfort instead, which performs quite well in its own right.

Final Verdict

The Emma Comfort Premium mattress proves itself to be more than capable of catering to everyone’s needs. This is especially the case for hot sleepers, who may find trouble sleeping in other mattresses due to the heat they generate.

This mattress will strike a chord with all kinds of sleepers, leaving them satisfied. With its Zero Motion technology, it also ensures that couples can sleep peacefully, undisturbed by their partner’s movements.

With all of its layers, it finds itself an ideal pick for those who suffer from chronic body pain issues. It contributes quite a bit in alleviating the pain.

If we were to nitpick the mattress, it would be that the mattress requires a brief period to break in once unpacked. It takes a day or two but has no further issues other than that.

The Emma Premium mattress managed to surprise us at every turn, leaving us with no major complaints whatsoever. While the final judge of the product will be you, we cannot recommend the product more.

Emma Comfort Premium Coupon

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