Koala Soul Mate Review

Koala Soul Mate Review


January 9, 2024

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After a long and tiring day of earning bread, a good night's sleep is something that everyone deserves.

Your bedroom is generally your safe haven of comfort, and every object in it must offer nothing less than that. So, hands-down, the elephant in the room is - your very own mattress. Restful sleep is out of reach if the mattress doesn't sit right, and we're sure you'll agree with us on this.

If yours has been causing sleep trouble lately, maybe it's about time to look for a new one. In that case, you've landed at the right place because we have put together an extensive review of the all-new Koala Soul Mate Mattress.

Let's dive into the details, shall we?

Koala Soul Mate Review


First things first, we'll give a quick gist of the matter to give you a brief idea of the design. The Koala Soul Mate mattress has a sleek white exterior with a smooth and soft finish. A few other noteworthy features are:

  • Available in three sizes - double, queen, and king
  • Temperature regulated surface
  • Foam zonal springs



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Multi-layered five-zone support
  • Customisable firmness
  • No disturbance feature
  • Temperature regulated surface


  • Expensive

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What's The Mattress Made From?

Now that you know what it feels like to sleep on a Koala Soul Mate Mattress, we can say you're familiar with the "how" part of it. But all the claims feel empty unless there are logical reasons to back them up.  So, let's get to the "why" part of it by looking under the hood and seeing what it takes.

The mattress is basically composed of 5 layers, and we're going to break down each one for you to give an exact picture of the situation.

1.  Sensapole Sleep Surface Technology

We already discussed this one at length in the previous section. This tech is much more detailed and elaborate, but you just need to know what concerns you the most: the mattress temperature. It has a nine-centimetre thick comfort layer and a two-centimetre thick quilted plush cover that would neither get too cold nor too warm, offering you the perfect temperature at all times.

2. Flippable Kloudcell Comfort

Are you one of those people who find it difficult to sleep with a partner? Not much can be done if your spouse snores too loud, but we do have a solution if they are a tosser.

The flippable Kloudcell feature of the Koala Soul mattress gives you zero disturbance, even if the person right next to you keeps jumping all night long. Additionally, you can flip the comfort layer on your whim, depending on whether you want complete or medium firmness.

3. Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam

The next layer is made up of bamboo charcoal memory foam and is all about keeping the whole mattress clean and snug. Not only does it keep the bacteria away, but it also contributes significantly to the overall comfort.

Furthermore, this transition layer has nifty holes for ventilation that allow the proper flow of air and tone down the heat generation. The perforated memory foam increases the surface area, preventing pressure build-up in any particular part.  

Lastly, the bamboo has anti-bacterial properties to keep your resting abode free of nasty creatures like bed bugs. It has septic additives that restrict microscopic activity and keep it to a minimum.

4. Five Zoned Adaptive Foam Springs

Does every night feel like a fight against your current mattress? Tossing and turning, covering your legs with the blanket, and then taking it off, only to do it again. If this sounds like your routine, you may appreciate the mattress more than expected.

The adaptive foam springs are neatly divided into five zones to provide a different level of support to different parts of your body. They are created to accommodate all your bodily movements, with zero compromises on the "no disturbance" feature.

Moreover, each of these adaptive foam springs is tailor-made to offer 100% comfort, allowing the air to flow in all areas. We are correct in saying the Koala mattress is designed to adjust well with your body instead of offering undue resistance. The five zones give variable support to your head, lower back, shoulders, feet, thighs for comfortable sleep.

5. StayPut Edge Support

Last but not least, the fifth layer extends outwards than the normal area of the mattress, creating a firm boundary around it. The edge support is rock solid and serves as a ledge to rest your feet when you feel like sitting on the brink of the mattress. This extra support won't let you slip off.

Furthermore, it gives a good deal of area to tuck in the comforter or bed sheet snugly. You can move about as vigorously you want on the bed, yet the sheets are highly improbable to come out. The brand knows what uptight neat-freaks like and designed their mattress by being mindful of these trivial details.

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How Does Koala Soul Mate Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

When it comes to buying a mattress, the most important bit is how comfortable it is to sleep on. Some designs are so soft that you feel like falling asleep in a warm pit, while the others are more firm than needed, causing shoulder and back pain. Not many designers can strike the perfect balance, but the Koala Soul Mate makers nailed it.

"How come?" You'd wonder. Well, they designed this mattress with adaptive foam springs to give firm to medium-firm support as you sleep. Not just that, you can switch between these firmness levels whenever you like just by unzipping the double-sided comfort layer and flipping it. It's that simple.

Now, how often have you and your spouse had elaborate discussions on deciding the plushness when it comes to buying a new mattress? Nothing could be better if you're both on the same page, but that is a little unlikely to happen, given the anatomical and physiological differences between male and female bodies. However, the Soul Mate mattress allows you to adjust the firmness according to your needs, taking away the stress out of your decision.

In addition, it has a solid bed frame and robust edge support. Typically, it's pretty easy for things to slide right off the bed if they are put near the edges when your mattress is cushiony, not to mention how quickly the bed sheets and comforter come off. Koala Soul was constructed keeping these little things in mind and therefore has the StayPut edge support that doesn't let things fall that simply.

What's more, the Sensapole sleep technology is a really hi-tech feature that'll stop the mattress from getting hot due to your body heat. It'll also keep it comfortably warm, not letting the cooling of the air conditioner affect it. As you can see, Koala Soul is all about maintaining that perfect balance.

Koala Mattress Dimensions

The Koala Soul Mate mattress is available in three different sizes for you to choose from. But before acquainting you with the details, we have some advice to offer.

While picking a suitable size, you need to weigh a few parameters to make a wise choice. First and foremost, you should know the number of individuals that will be using the bed. Second, you need to think about your preferred thickness.

A nice and chunky spring mattress sounds really tempting, but do you really want that? Simply climbing on them can be a huge task at times. On the other hand, pick it too thin, and you'll find it impossible to relax. As we've already told you, balance is the key, and the Koala mattress is all about that balance.

The different dimensions according to the models are:

1. Double

  • Length - 33 cm
  • Width - 138 cm
  • Height - 188 cm
  • Weight - 44.14 kg

2. Queen

  • Length - 33 cm
  • Width - 153 cm
  • Height - 203 cm
  • Weight - 49.53 kg

3. King

  • Length - 33 cm
  • Width - 183 cm
  • Height - 203 cm
  • Weight - 58.83 cm

All models offer the same length but vary in width and height, consequently getting heavier with the area. We suggest looking closely into all these parameters and keeping in mind the size of your bed for selecting a suitable mattress.



King Single




What's The Cost?

With so many advanced features to offer, the Koala mattress falls in the pricier range of bedroom furniture. The cost breakdown is:

  • Double - $2,350
  • Queen - $2,700
  • King -$2,950

These charges do not include the assembly price; however, having spent so much on your mattress, you will get it delivered to your doorstep for free.




King single







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Other Features

Much to everybody's surprise, this is not all that the Koala Soul Mate mattress has got to offer. There are a few other impressive features that we still need to tell you about.

1. Award-Winning Performance

The mattress has many achievements under its belt, but the one that stands out the most is the Canstar Blue 'Most Satisfied Customers Award' in Mattress Category. Koala Soul Mate mattress has bagged this award not once but two times for the years 2019 and 2021.

2. Trial Period Of 365 Nights

Before taking the plunge of keeping the model forever, users get the opportunity to try it out for a whole year (2022 change). A mattress once bought is going to stay in your bedroom for a decade at least, considering the durability of this one. It's only fair to get a buffer period to holistically test it before committing.

3. Ten-Year Warranty

The brand also offers a decade-long warranty period in which you can send back your mattress for minor wear and tear and other repairs. How thoughtful is that?

4. Fast And Free Delivery

Bid farewell to hidden charges and extra shipping costs because the company doesn't demand any extra money for delivering your purchase. The product will be brought to you for zero bucks.

Is Soul Mate The Right Choice For You?

We sure hope so because this mattress is high on comfort and is an all-rounder when it comes to bonus features and specialties. First off, it comes in varying thicknesses, so you won't be restricted to just one size. Next, it has all the comfort layers that you could expect from an excellent mattress.

If you are looking for a firm to medium-firm cushioning with zero-disturbance and temperature regulation features, Koala Soul Mate is a competent choice. However, those on a lower budget might not find this one to be the most suitable.

Additionally, some people like their sleeping surface with ultra-soft cushioning and want it to be warm & cosy at all times. We're afraid, in that case, this one won't cater to their needs because it offers a fairly tight and supportive surface with a moderate temperature range.


It's important to know about the work needed to look after a mattress and maintain its top-notch quality beforehand. Some people naturally don't like investing in furniture that requires extra effort. But you'll be happy to hear that the Koala mattress is pretty low maintenance and easy to care for, as no out of the way efforts are necessary. Just take care of these little things, and you'll be good:

  • Clean spots with mild detergent and lukewarm water
  • Keep away from direct sunlight when drying
  • Vacuum clean the mattress regularly (at low suction)
  • Rotate it from time to time
  • Do not dry clean, bleach, iron, or tumble dry


That's about it for our guide on the Koala Soul Mate mattress. It is an award-winning mattress that comes with a ten-year warranty, a year trial, and free delivery service.

Our final recommendation will be to go for this one as it comes with the perfect design to sleep with a partner, given its zero disturbance technology. That said, we'll sign off for the day. Until next time!

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