Tontine Review: Is Tontine A Good Brand?


January 9, 2024

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Enjoying a good night’s sleep is no less than a luxury nowadays.

Our fast-paced modern lifestyles have forced us to glorify productivity, and taking a break sounds like a waste of time. Well, it is high time we ditch this mindset, but then again, old habits die hard!

So, why not start by investing in a high-quality mattress to ensure you sleep well and wake up fully rejuvenated? But for that, you need to identify the best mattress brands on the market. 

As such, Tontine offers a wide range of pillows, pillow protectors, mattresses, mattress protectors, toppers, and quilts. Its motto, “made by Aussies for Aussie conditions,” has led to its success in the past six decades.

However, newer brands like Emma and Koala have managed to make their name in the industry with their high-quality bedroom products and accessories. So, which one will win in the battle of the brands? Let’s take a look at their reviews.

Tontine Review

Benefits Of Tontine

  • Affordable products
  • Medium to firm-feel mattress
  • Uses various materials like cotton, Australian wool, memory foam, etc.
  • Contributes to charities 
  • Special discounts for subscribers 

Drawbacks Of Tontine

  • Relatively less durable
  • Free shipping on select orders only 

Tontine vs Emma vs Koala 


Founded over 60 years ago, today, Tontine is a household name among budget-conscious Australian sleepers. The brand offers a ton of bed and bath products, along with items catering to children. 

We also appreciate how the website contains buying guides for various products, so the customers can check them out before purchasing and make a wise choice. Additionally, you’ll find a section dedicated to “Value Bundles” to grab customised bedding bundles at steal-worthy prices!


Emma was incepted in Frankfurt, Germany, in 2015, which is rather recent compared to Tontine. Yet, within two years, its hybrid mattress was dubbed the “Best Buy” by the Consumers' Association, UK. And in the following year, it bagged the Tech5 Award for being the #1 fastest-growing startup in Europe.

We recommend Emma mattresses for scorching summer nights, especially if your partner tends to move a lot while sleeping. Not to forget, you can take advantage of the 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty to ensure the mattress is ideal for your sleeping requirements.


Like Emma, Koala is also the new kid on the block, established in 2015. It quickly gained popularity with its ethical and sustainable approach toward producing and marketing high-quality mattresses. The brand further ensures a seamless process for its customers by making the products easily available online, offering a 120-night trial, and accepting returns in case the user is unsatisfied. 

Additionally, the brand has partnered with “1% for the Planet” and WWF-Australia, and occasionally donates a part of its profits to safeguard the environment. 

The Mattresses

Tontine Mattress

1. Dual Layer Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress - Good Value For Money

Tontine offers this comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress at an affordable price. In fact, compared to other queen-sized options on the market, this dual-layer variant is surprisingly cheap at just $299.97. 

Additionally, the mattress features a polyester knitted jersey cover that adds to its plush feel. Since it boasts a memory foam construction, it moulds to the contours of your body, providing pressure relief and support. As such, the mattress may help improve blood circulation.

If the Tontine mattress does not work for you, the brand allows a return and refund within 100 days of purchase. However, the process of requesting a “mattress return” and applying for a refund is rather complicated.

Emma Mattress

2. Emma Comfort Mattress - Innovative Airgocell Technology

Emma Comfort has been voted as the Product of the Year 2023 by NielsenIQ. It has also been the top-scoring mattress by CHOICE for two years in a row. 

Hence, it is no surprise that it is a favourite among Australian sleepers since its all-foam construction is suitable for all types of sleepers. The mattress allows the sleeper’s weight to distribute evenly, preventing pain or discomfort on the pressure points.

Moreover, the mattress features the Airgocell layer, along with a climate control fibre cover to offer unrivalled cooling properties. It further comes with the brand’s trademark Zero Motion Technology to prevent motion transfer. 

Additionally, you can upgrade your order by opting for the hypoallergenic mattress cover infused with probiotics that keeps the surface fresh for longer. That said, the original cover is removable and machine-washable, so regular cleaning and maintenance is never an issue.

With all of these features, including a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty, Emma Comfort (queen size) retails at $799.50. Other mattresses available on the Emma website are Emma Comfort Premium Mattress and Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress.

Koala Mattress

3. The Koala Mattress - Premium Mattress With Adjustable Firmness

Despite the higher price range, The Koala Mattress is a certified crowd-pleaser with its unique double-sided, adjustable firmness levels. So, if the mattress feels too soft or firm, all you have to do is flip it over and doze off to dreamland!

But regardless of the side you select, you will be able to maintain a healthy sleeping posture throughout the night. 

Additionally, the mattress features a TENCEL Lyocell fibre comfort layer, adding to its breathability and moisture-wicking qualities. And with anti-bacterial additives, your Koala mattress will keep germs and allergies at bay. Notably, the mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US and GECA, which speaks about its quality. 

Coming to customer service, Koala leaves no stone unturned in that aspect as well. You’ll get 120 nights to try the mattress and a 10-year warranty to cover minor damages. Other mattress variants from the brand include The Koala Calm As Mattress and The Koala Soul Mate Mattress.

Tontine mattress protector review

Unlike Emma and Koala, Tontine offers a wide range of Comfortech mattress protectors/covers. Waterproof, anti-stain, anti-allergy, cooling - the brand caters to all of your varied sleeping requirements. Despite being made of high-quality cotton and polyester, the range of protectors/covers are available at budget-friendly rates.

Emma offers only one mattress protector/cover. Made of 100% polyester and boasting a 3D-knit pattern, the cover adheres to the mattress and remains intact. Plus, it is spill-proof, allergy-free, and comfortably cosy! Emma offers a generous 100-night trial and a money-back guarantee on this mattress cover, too.

Last but not least, Koala offers the Thredbo Mattress Protector in three different sizes. Made of cooling nylon and sustainably-sourced viscose, the protector is sanitised with an antimicrobial treatment. Yet, if you’re unsatisfied with the product, you can always return it within 120 days of purchase. Moreover, the brand offers a 1-year warranty to back your purchase. 

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Tontine mattress topper review

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a brand-new mattress without getting one, check out some of the quilted, supportive, and snuggly mattress toppers from Tontine. 

The range includes the  Easy Care Mattress Topper, Good Night Soft & Snugly Topper and the Reversible Coolmax Quilted Polyester Topper. You can opt for a topper if your current mattress works fine but you require additional heating, cooling, full-body supporting, or anti-allergy properties. 

Emma offers two variants of mattress toppers - Emma Flip Topper and Emma Diamond Topper.

As the names suggest, the former is a dual-sided topper suitable for all types of sleepers. The latter is a premium option for those who want the ideal temperature and comfort for a luxurious sleeping experience. Considering the higher price range of Emma mattresses, you can get these toppers to make the most of the brand’s patented technology and impeccable customer service. 

Currently, Koala does not offer any mattress toppers. 

Tontine pillow review

Tontine boasts plenty of unique pillow collections, ranging from the Good Night Allergy Sensitive Pillow to the Classic Comfort collection. Each offers anti-snore properties, cooling technology, allergy-free materials, and more. Again, every product is reasonably priced, so you never have to be hesitant on that aspect. 

However, keep in mind that the brand does not accept returns and exchanges due to hygiene reasons. Only if the product turns out to be defective can you apply for a return/refund.

Both Emma Foam Pillow and Emma Cloud Hybrid Pillow are great options for enjoying a deep slumber and waking up fully refreshed in the morning. The polyester and elastane foam variant is breathable and hypoallergenic and promises ergonomic support. On the contrary, the Cloud Hybrid is a premium option featuring an anti-allergen microfibre pocket. Its memory foam construction further makes it suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers. 

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Moving on, Koala offers three pillow types - Cloudy Pillow, The Koala Pillow and Breeze Pillow. They are super soft, breathable and stuffed with features, not feathers! Plus, they are versatile enough for back and side sleepers alike. 


Tontine provides duvets/doonas for all seasons and to cater to every sleeper out there. The doonas are available in various weights and sizes as well. Not to forget, you can opt for duvets with special features, like stain resistance, anti-allergy, etc.

Coming to Emma, the All Seasons Duvet is made of 100% cotton and polyester blend fill, keeping you comfortably warm and cosy. Engineered by top German sleep experts, the quilt is lightweight, breathable and machine-washable.

Koala produces two types of duvets - Koala All Seasons Duvet and Balmy Night Duvet. Both feature an evenly-stitched, puffy design, so you can steal more snuggles every morning! 

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Final Thoughts

If you ask us, the overall score for Emma Comfort mattress is quite high. It is ideal for all sleeping positions and not to forget, the mattress in a box is strategically compressed, rolled and packed, making it easy to move and store. This further makes the delivery process quicker and cheaper while ensuring the mattress is intact by the time it reaches your doorsteps.

Another reason we recommend Emma is its longer trial period and warranty, as opposed to Tontine. Also, it is a cheaper option than Koala, making it the perfect pick!