Emma Diamond Topper Review


January 9, 2024

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Emma's quest to give exceptional comfort has achieved a new high with the arrival of their new topper we will go over in our Emma diamond degree topper review. It's the ideal mattress topper for individuals seeking more profound and quality sleep, made feasible by advancements in the bedding business.

As you will see below, this topper is more than just an ordinary cover of springs put to the traditional Emma. The Emma Diamond topper offers pressure alleviation, temperature management, and an overall nice experience for a comfortable night's sleep. The company manufactured this topper after an extensive study, packed with various unique innovations and six luxury layers.

In this article, we’ll cover the topper’s features, suitability for you and any extra benefits it might have.


Before we unveil the full details, here is a sum of the unique features of this cosy topper and what it will offer its users.

  • Everyone can benefit from stress alleviation
  • Regulates temperature
  • Warranty duration of 15 years
  • Five–star hotel luxury
  • Free shipping and simple returns
  • Certification
  • Quality materials and structure
  • Certified to OEKO-TEX Specification
  • Low-speed transfer
  • Top made of Aeroflex Latex and super smooth Tencel
  • Antiparasitic, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic
  • Trial duration of 120 nights

How does sleeping on Emma Diamond topper feel?

From the very beginning, you can feel the stress-relieving benefits of the HRX and graphite foam, which grips and cuddles your body. Meanwhile, the medium-firm build provides moderate pushback. Also, this topper is more flexible than other toppers.  

The topper makes sleep much more excellent, making it ideal for heavy sleepers. Given the sleep technology immersed into this topper, we are confident it is great for a night of deep long sleep.

Edge Stability

The substantial foam that covers the topper guarantees that it performs well over the whole surface, with no extra dip as you approach the edge.


Owing to all the advancements in the topper, the rigidity is within the habitable medium firmness zone. The foams give pressure relief, while the breathable cover helps maintain your body temperature throughout your sleep time.

What's the hybrid construction?

Starting from the bottom and up, the layers are as follows: supporting HRX foam, a powerful spring core, flexible, comfortable HRX foam, diamond degree® graphite foam, and a flexible mattress top.

In any case, knowing what the materials inside the hybrid mattress topper are, is critical to ensuring that it suits your family's or your own needs. Then again, no one would want to purchase a topper for the children's room just to discover that they're intolerant of the manufacturing materials. Similarly, certain mattress toppers are made to accommodate specific body sizes and sleeping postures.

Below are the processes that made the magic on this hybrid mattress topper.

Mattress topper foundation

The upper surface of the mattress topper foundation is constructed from a supporting unique latex composition. It's worth mentioning that latex is normally exclusively utilised in the middle – to upper-tier premium mattress toppers to provide its signature bounce.

Simultaneously, responsive stability provides structural support, guaranteeing that it keeps its structure for up to 15 years.


The topper's pressure-relieving qualities, which were improved using the polyurethane foam layer, are one of the key selling points. The layer has undergone the same precautions as the rest to prevent allergic reactions.

The manufacturer also put dust mite-repellent chemicals and bed bugs into the topper. Also, users do not need to fret about germs and other hazardous organisms since the layers provide sufficient ventilation.

The grey edging layer

The bottom entwined-fabric layer, which appears beautiful and modest, complements the luxury topper's refined appearance.

Upper cover

The upper cover is made of embroidered Tencel fabric, which feels lush when you touch it, has a luxurious appearance, and improves the upper layer's capacity to relieve pressure. The patented fibre material features an open-cell design for superb ventilation and cooling and provides quick response support.

Dimensions and weight

Even though the Emma Diamond is a bit heavier than most mattress toppers due to its spring core, moving it is still easy. For instance, the queen-size Emma Diamond topper weighs 33 kg.

  • Single: 188cm x 92cm
  • Single King: 203cm x 107cm
  • Double: 188cm x 138cm
  • Queen: 203cm x 153cm
  • King: 203cm x 183cm


To ascertain this, we look at the overall mattress industry and the market for mattress toppers in boxes. It's difficult to compare this topper's price accurately because its technology is brand-new and unique to Emma.

  • Single: 1,789.16 AUD
  • Single King: 1,989.63 AUD
  • Double: 2,190.09 AUD
  • Queen: 2,383.40 AUD
  • King: 2,684.10 AUD

The company also provides a large 120-day free trial, free shipping, and free returns. Additionally, the item has a guarantee of 15 years that entitles buyers to money back if they're not happy with the topper's quality.

Extra benefits

Maintaining good practices

The company is working hard to lower its carbon emissions and has done many things to help the environment. Nevertheless, the business exclusively employs organic materials in its creations, and for each mattress sold, it plants a tree.

Certified standard

The origins use reach-certified components to manufacture their mattresses and toppers. Don't worry about dangerous chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) because every mattress and topper always passes tests and is safe for elders, kids, and grownups.

Is the Emma Diamond Topper worth your money?

Emma creates a vital solution that may revitalise your worn-out topper. You should place the Emma Diamond topper at the top of your list because it's worth your money.


In conclusion, we think that many Australians will upgrade to the Diamond topper because of its advanced technology and high calibre. The item is made of high-quality materials and still provides value for your money. So, improve your sleep today by buying a good topper.