Emma Foam Pillow Review


January 9, 2024

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This Emma pillow review will be going over the Emma Foam pillow.

After all, it's a popular memory foam pillow that has garnered praise from users with different sleeping positions. But what makes it an efficient pillow depends on its materials, firmness levels, and many more factors.

Hence, we've compiled this review of the best pillow by Emma that will guarantee a good night's sleep after a rough day!

Emma Foam Pillow Review


This breathable memory foam pillow from Emma is among the best solutions on the market for enjoying a restful night's sleep. The brand has designed it keeping in mind the different sleeping needs of the users. As such, you can customise the pillow and utilise its adjustable features.

Emma Foam Pillow Dimensions

The Emma Foam Pillow measures 70 cm long and 40 cm wide, making it suitable for kids and adults. Moreover, the weight of 1.6 kg makes it the perfect pillow for travelling.

What Is The Pillow Made From?

The three foam layers in an Emma Pillow, including Airgocell foam, cold foam, and Visco-elastic memory foam, provide just the right amount of comfort and support. Adding on to this is an ultra-breathable cover made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane.

How Does The Pillow Feel To Sleep On?

You can add and remove layers of this pillow as per your needs. While the ZeroGravity foam feels soft and provides weightless comfort to the head, the HRX Supreme Foam provides firm support. Furthermore, its efficient moisture-wicking UltraDry cover keeps you comfortably cool all night, thanks to the presence of an effective Airgocell foam.

Significant Features

Like other Emma products, this memory foam pillow has a lot to offer. Here are the features of the Emma pillow that we found to be most beneficial:

1. Customisable Height

Not all people sleep in the same posture, which the designers of Emma had in mind while coming up with this foam pillow. So, whether you are a stomach sleeper, side sleeper, or back sleeper, the pillow height can be customised by incorporating one or more layers in it.

For side sleepers, the shoulders and neck need proper support, which is made possible by including three layers in the pillow. These layers prop up the head perfectly while aligning the spine.

But if you're a back sleeper, the pillow shouldn't prop up the head too high, which is why two layers will be enough to keep the spine aligned and support your shoulders. On the other hand, back sleepers don't need a high pillow but require the ideal spinal support, and a single layer is sufficient for that.

2. Right Support

As we mentioned earlier, this pillow uses an HRX Supreme Foam to provide the ideal support to your body while you relax, ensuring a healthy and wholesome sleep. The foam facilitates uniform weight distribution, supporting the head and the shoulders on the right spots.

As a result, it prevents any discomfort associated with insufficient support that might cause neck pain and headaches. You must have experienced this with many ordinary pillows on the market, as they place the neck and head at an uncomfortable angle.

Plus, the Visco-elastic memory foam contours the neck, head, and shoulders to provide weightless support, thereby enhancing its comfort quotient further.

3. Maintains Body Temperature

You would never want to wake up in the middle of a summer night feeling too hot and sweaty, with your pillow turning hot. That's why maintaining the body temperature during sleep is important, which is taken care of by Airgocell foam in this pillow.

Apart from absorbing excess moisture, it also maintains the body temperature efficiently by stabilising the sleeping temperature of the pillow. The ultra-breathable nature of this foam adds to the comfort of all users, providing them with uninterrupted sleep through the night.

4. Easy To Clean

Are you wondering whether the availability of such features would make the pillow hard to maintain? Well, you'll be surprised to hear that maintaining it is quite easy. Just take off the outer cover and rinse the pillow thoroughly with water. Even the breathable cover is suitable for a machine wash.

5. The 100-Night Trial Period

Another great benefit that appealed to us was the 100-night trial that Emma offers for all its products. This lets you determine whether the pillow meets your expectations by using it for as long as 100 days. Within this period, you can return the pillow for free if you aren't satisfied with it.

Emma Mattress Review

Given that the Emma Foam Pillow provides you with such a comforting experience, how about taking it up a notch by getting the Emma Comfort mattress along with it?

Available in various sizes to fit your needs, this all-foam mattress is specially engineered to provide adequate body support and maximum airflow during your sleep. As such, you wake all rejuvenated to start the day on a fresh note. And if that doesn't sound enough, the mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty along with a 100-night free trial.


That's about it for now. We hope our review has helped you form a clear idea about the Emma Foam Pillow. So, do you feel it's perfect for your needs? Please let us know in the comments section below. We'll be glad to hear about it.

In our opinion, its high-quality, customisable foam layers make it suitable for any user looking for a pillow that provides a healthy and comfortable sleep. Another advantage is the value for money, which is rare in memory foam pillows with such jam-packed features.

It's time to say goodbye. We'll be back soon, so watch out for this space for more interesting content. Till then, take care!