2. Best Bamboo mattress protector: Ecoy Waterproof Protector

Ecoy has released this organic bamboo mattress protector that will save your mattress from stains, spills, and even dust mites. Even though it’s made from bamboo it's fully waterproof and because of the material it’s silky smooth, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Because bamboo has soft fibers it’s also great in reducing irritation, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergy sufferers.

It has an elastic skirt on the side making sure it fits snuggly and doesn’t come off in the night. It is a great choice if you want an eco-friendly material, as bamboo grows with minimal resources and can be worked with minimal chemicals. This is particularly true when chemicals are recycled in a closed-loop manufacturing system.

You’ll also find a comfortable surface with Ecoy branding that’s slightly different from the sides. A Lot of time has gone into this protector and it's a steal at the current price.

3. Bamboo Alternative: Meritlife Premium Mattress Protector

Next, we’ve picked this mattress protector from Meritlife, a leading Australian brand that’s known to produce quality, safe, and clean bedding products. 

It’s designed by combining bamboo and polyester, which makes it ultra-soft to the touch and provides great breathability and moisture-wicking power. Also, the use of bamboo fabric in this protector makes it a more eco-friendly option compared to many others out there. 

And the result is a 3D air cooling effect that works wonderfully to regulate your body temperature, keeping you fresh and cool in summer and warm during chilly winters. 

But that’s not all; the cooling mattress protector offers excellent waterproof protection from bedwetting, making it perfect for newborns, toddlers, and adults. All thanks to the inclusion of high-quality padded material that remains in the best shape for years to come. 

The anti-germ and anti-insect protection offered by this protector is also praiseworthy, as it consistently safeguards your mattress from mites, fleas and similar unwanted visitors. It can even block all forms of liquids, ranging from major stains to sweat and urine.

Coming to its maintenance requirements, you can easily wash this waterproof bamboo mattress protector in a washing machine. Just make sure you don’t bleach or dry clean it as that will destroy its purpose.

Last but not least, it comes with an 18-inch deep pocket that fits mattresses of all types sized between 8” to 21”. Not to forget its mesh fabric elastic skirt that can accommodate mattresses having different thicknesses.

4. Best Budget: Luxor Linen Quilted Mattress Protector

We also found this Luxor Linen product worth including in our list as it doesn’t compromise on the comfort level while offering the desired protection to a mattress. 

At the core of this mattress protector is a premium-quality polyester filling that contributes to enhancing its comfort level and preserves your bedding throughout. As such, your mattress remains as good as new in the long term despite extensive use. 

Even the fitting is on point, as the protector can be used with almost all types of mattresses. Note that it can comfortably fit products with depths of up to 40 cm. Another significant advantage is that it’s equally suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or those suffering from respiratory or skin ailments. 

All thanks to the impressive breathability provided by the 100% cotton surface and the non-allergenic nature of the materials used. You can also rule out the chances of any disturbing odours that usually accompany inferior-quality products. 

And to top it all off, you get these top-notch features at a very cost-effective price. Another point worth noting is that it doesn’t have a rubber back that can sometimes make you feel hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

5. Best Quilted: Clear Sleep Quilted Mattress Protector

If breathability and waterproof protection are your primary lookouts, opting for this mattress protector will fetch you the right value for money. The excellent water resistance it provides ensures the material retains its quality and appeal despite accidental stains or spills. 

Its ultra-breathable waterproof backing is among the best varieties you’ll find on the market, while the high-quality fibre filling offers greater comfort and temperature regulation than most mattress protectors. 

Aside from the provisions for comfort and convenience, it also includes efficient protective measures such as antimicrobial and stain protection components. This ensures your health is never compromised while the mattress also remains protected. In fact, this mattress protector is equally suitable for people with respiratory issues. 

Another strong point is the longevity of this protector, as you can use it comfortably for at least five years. After all, the materials used for making all its components are also highly durable and long-lasting. The brand even offers a beneficial 5-year guarantee that you can utilise in case of any issues with the product. 

Also, you can choose to maintain this waterproof protector by either machine washing or hand washing as per your preferences.

6. Best for Kids: Pikapu Mattress Protector 

TThis highly absorbent mattress protector is a universal favourite with Australians, thanks to the slew of efficient features on offer. 

Having an ultra-breathable cotton surface and an inner core that offers superior absorbability, this protector can offer sleepers the desired comfort during different seasons. The use of such high-quality cotton also makes it suitable for toddlers and newborns who have sensitive skin and are prone to more critical skin conditions. 

Also, the absorbent nature of the core material helps keep the mattress protector dry and comfortable throughout. This is especially needed for kids who are bedwetting. So, rest assured that it will fit the bill perfectly if you’re a parent looking for an odourless and clean mattress protector for your little ones. 

An additional feature that we loved was a sturdy and convenient strap that can help fit the material firmly onto all mattresses. 

Also, note that you can place this cotton mattress protector on a fitted sheet. Lastly, you won’t have to spend a hefty amount for the product as it’s priced quite affordably.

7. Best Hypoallergenic: Hospitology Protector

What makes this Hospitology protector stand out from many others on the market is its vinyl-free composition. This makes it perfectly safe for children as well as people with acute respiratory ailments. 

In place of vinyl, this extensively tested protector uses a 100% waterproof layer made from thick polyurethane. Note that this material is also anti-allergen and insect-proof, ensuring your bed is protected from the menace of bedbugs while remaining hygienic throughout.

Another great benefit is the inclusion of cable ties/ zip ties which lets you keep the zipper secured to the protector. 

Furthermore, this polyester knit fabric keeps the comfort level high, providing you with a soft and breathable surface that helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep each time. And the icing on the cake is that you can use this protector for at least five years.

To take care of it the right way, you can either spot clean it or cleanse it thoroughly using the washing machine.

8. Best Plush: Plush Deluxe Premium Mattress Protector

Before we end our list, we’d like to talk about this Plush Deluxe mattress protector that has the capacity to repel all kinds of liquids – from accidental stains to bodily fluids or bedwetting. At the same time, it works well to block bacterial moulds and mildew from the mattress. This feature makes it one of the best choices for people suffering from skin ailments. 

Moreover, the material of the protector is quite breathable, thanks to its superior-quality surface that facilitates consistent temperature regulation throughout. 

It’s also devoid of any harmful components such as phthalates that may harm your kidneys, liver, lungs, and even reproductive parts. A bonus is the availability of a Velcro flap with the zipper, which allows you to cover all sides of the mattress evenly to prevent the entry of bed bugs. And it’s machine-washable, just like the other options on our list. 

We also appreciate that the brand provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty for the product. So, you can buy this breathable mattress protector while being fully confident of getting a refund in case of any issues.

9. Best Sustainable: Great Barrier Mattress Protector by Koala

This newly introduced mattress protector from Koala is packed with high-quality features and works quite well to keep accidental spills at bay. It’s also a pro at keeping you cool during summer, stopping odours, and removing hidden dirt or insects from the mattress, so let’s find out how.


To keep unwanted bacteria and microbes from flourishing, this mattress protector uses Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment, thereby reducing mould stains and odours. This ensures your mattress remains fresh and clean for a long time. Note that the Sanitized® treatment is also quite sustainable, as it supports low temperatures and less frequent washing.


The highlight of this mattress protector is the use of a six-sided TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, that offers great waterproof protection and keeps you cool and dry through the night. And since lyocell fibre is made using sustainable wood sources, rest assured that it’s also eco-friendly.

Protection From The Nasties

The Great Barrier Mattress Protector keeps away microscopic yet menacing little insects that can destroy your mattress in the long term. Side by side, it discourages the accumulation of dust, pet dander, dust mites and allergens that these might leave behind.

Size And Maintenance Requirements

Speaking of its size, the protector is perfect for most standard mattresses as it’s 23 cm high and can stretch to 29 cm. But in case your mattress is thicker, that is, it measures over 30 cm, you can even opt for its Deep Fit version that offers the same convenience and comfort. 

Additionally, the protector is machine-washable on cold and has a zip that facilitates effortless removal. You’ll also find an underside grip base, a feature that isn’t offered by many other waterproof mattress protectors. 

It’s actually an all-over silicone print that stops your mattress from sliding around. Plus, Koala offers a 120-night trial and a one-year warranty for the mattress protector.

How To Choose A Mattress Protector?

Choosing the best waterproof mattress protector for your needs can seem tricky if you merely consider some top-notch options on the market. There are several important factors to bear in mind, such as the waterproof protection, the material to opt for, etc. Note that these would largely determine the performance of the protector in the long run. 

So, if you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of choosing a good mattress protector, here are the factors that you must look for when selecting one:

1. Protection

Your mattress protector should incorporate the following protective features to ensure a sound and healthy sleep:

A. Prevent Liquid Stains And Damage

There’s no denying that stains, spills, and bedwetting on the protector can’t always be prevented, especially when it’s also used for newborns and toddlers. That’s why a quality mattress protector should be capable enough to block fluids that can be a leading cause of mould and mildew in the mattress.

B. Anti-Allergen And Insect-Proof 

All high-quality mattress protectors available nowadays are subjected to specialised treatments for repelling insects such as dust mites and bed bugs. As such, your sleep isn’t affected by discomfort due to insect movements or bites. 

That’s why you should be careful to note whether the product in consideration is made of anti-allergen and bed bug proof materials. The harmful effects of bacteria can’t also be ruled out, so the protector must come with adequate protective measures for preventing their growth as well. 

2. The Type

Mattress protectors are available in different forms, which function in different ways to provide adequate protection and comfort as per your needs. Here are the three types of mattress protectors that you’ll find on the market: 

  • Encasement: Also referred to as ‘zippered’, this type of mattress protector can cover your mattress fully.
  • Fitted: A fitted mattress protector can provide the perfect fit just after it’s tucked in under your bed.
  • Elastic Strap: You will have to lay this type on your mattress and wrap the straps on its four corners.

While selecting the right type, make sure you ascertain the option that will be easier for you to use. For instance, if wrapping the straps on the four corners of a mattress seems most convenient to you, it’s best to go for the varieties that come with elastic straps. 

3. Materials

Usually, a good mattress protector may be made from the following materials:

A. Cotton

This organic material possesses hypoallergenic properties, which makes it highly suitable for sensitive skin.

B. Polyester

This material is one of the most durable options you'll come across and has various styles and textures. Plus, it’s more budget-friendly compared to many other materials and is easy to wash. 

C. Vinyl

Vinyl is suitable for cold climates and fights dust mites efficiently. Moreover, it’s relatively easy to clean and maintain.

D. Polyurethane

This thin and flexible material is a functional component of a waterproof mattress protector. Microscopic pores allow air to pass through without trapping in moisture, liquid, or dust.

E. Bamboo

Bamboo mattress protectors can prevent odours and are also adequately hypoallergenic.

F. Plush Velour

This rare knitted fabric is stretchable and incredibly soft, resembles velvet, and is made from cotton or synthetic material. 

4. Double-Check The Size

Another important requisite is finding the size that fits your mattress perfectly. Buying the wrong size is a mistake that many people tend to make, so be sure to measure the dimensions of your mattress before you proceed to make the purchase.


Q1. How to take care of your mattress protector?

These products can be cleaned by hand washing, washing machine, or dry cleaning. So, make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the package or the online product page. Remember that inadequate or improper maintenance can damage the functionality of the mattress protector. Ideally, you should clean a mattress protector at least once or twice every month to keep it in good shape.  

Q2. Are they worth the money?

An obvious question that might crop up in your mind is, “What is the point of providing extra protection to a mattress if it’s deep cleaned regularly?” Well, It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but having a mattress protector can provide you with several benefits like:

1. Keep You Healthy

Mattresses have a huge impact on our health, especially skin and respiratory problems. By using a mattress protector, you are providing your loved ones with an added layer of protection from toxins and microbes that can trigger irritations and worsen existing conditions. 

2. Protect The Environment

There are some mattresses that can't be recycled, and it may take 500 years to degrade them. To break it down means to burn it, which contributes to the current air pollution crisis. Consequently, mattresses without waterproof protectors tend to be thrown away sooner than expected.

3. Protects The Mattress

Aside from preventing stains, mattress protectors can help prevent the following:

  • Bacteria such as E. coli
  • Dead skin cells
  • Fleas
  • Fungi
  • Airborne pollutants
  • Pet hair and faecal matter
  • Food crumbs

4. How will you know if it’s time to replace your mattress protector? 

In case you notice worn and tattered areas or holes on a mattress protector, you must get it replaced at the earliest. That’s because such issues might compromise the protective qualities of the product. It’s best to replace standard mattress protectors once every three years or as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. 

Verdict on best mattress protectors

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide. We hope you’ll be more confident about choosing the best mattress protector for your bed now. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and provide your mattress with the care and consistent protection that it needs. 

But before we call it a day, here’s a quick pro-tip to get you through the maintenance of high quality mattress protectors. You should always use a mild detergent in the washing machine instead of using chlorine or bleach, as the latter might damage the material. 

Furthermore, ensure that there’s no leftover detergent after you’re done washing the protector, as that might cause mildew or mould to develop.