Sealy Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Wondering what the Sealy mattress reviews Australia has to offer are saying? Finding that perfect mattress for a blissful night's sleep can be a real puzzle, but Sealy has been making waves as a top contender.

When it comes to snooze-worthy comfort, especially for those with back issues, a high-quality mattress is key. And Sealy? They've been in the game for over a century, earning a rep as one of the best. Known for the best Sealy mattress options that combine quality and comfort, they've kept a strong foothold in the market, even with the ever-growing competition.

There was a time when snagging a Sealy mattress meant a trip to the store, but now, with the question is Sealy mattress legit put to rest, you can easily grab one online. This guide is all about giving you the lowdown on Sealy mattresses – the Sealy review you need before making your choice.

Alright, let’s dive in and find out what makes Sealy a standout in the mattress world!

Sealy Mattress Review


Sealy is among the most renowned mattress brands in the market with a diverse range of products. Before we delve into details about this mattress, allow us to highlight a few key features that make Sealy stand out among other mattresses:

  • Patented Posturepedic technology to provide firm support for chronic back problems
  • Offers innerspring and foam mattresses
  • Highly comfortable mattress range
  • Sealy customer service agents are pretty efficient and quick to respond

Key Features Of Sealy Mattresses

1. Wide Range Of Mattresses

Whether you want a king or a queen-size mattress, Sealy has something for all your needs. The brand offers its range of mattresses in seven sizes, varying from single to super king-size mattresses. Before making a purchase, we recommend carefully measuring the bed dimensions so that you get the perfect fit.

In addition, the brand provides a detailed selection guide on its website to help you make the proper purchase.

2. Comfort Layers

Sealy aims at making its mattresses more comfortable for customers. To that effect, the brand uses high-density foam layers and fibres to minimise soft spots formed due to body weight.

Besides, the brand uses a combination of premium memory foam and gel foam that evenly disperses pressure and supports the lower back region by providing more cushioning. In addition, if you want a softer mattress, you can add a good quilted mattress cover to make it plush.

3. Coil Spring System

Sealy uses an advanced spring support system to encourage a good night's sleep and ensure maximum comfort. This spring technology was formulated to improve the efficiency of the Sealy Posturepedic line.

The coils are made of Titanium alloy and are aligned in alternative patterns that minimise motion transfer and provide lower back support and pressure relief. Besides, the coil columns are highly durable, and their efficiency is unlikely to decrease with time.

4. Posturepedic Technology

A unique aspect of Sealy's range of products is the brand's particular focus on producing strategically designed mattresses that provide a great night's sleep and keep your body in the correct posture.

The Sealy Posturepedic line has been designed after extensive research and keeps factors such as durability, comfort, and support in mind. In fact, the first Posturepedic mattress by Sealy was designed by orthopaedic surgeons, and the formula has been followed by the brand ever since.

Posturepedic technology aims to detect your body weight and motion and provide the correct amount of support accordingly. Besides, the layers are carefully stacked together to work harmoniously and provide pressure relief.

5. Extensively Tested Products

The foam used in the design of the products is carefully tested every month for durability, density, and fatigue. This ensures that the product you are purchasing is upgraded and long-lasting.

Choosing The Right Sealy Mattress

Now that we have looked at some critical features of Sealy mattresses, you might be eager to make a purchase. However, keep in mind that there are different mattress varieties, and you should choose one that fits your requirements.

Apart from the price, there are a few other factors you need to consider. These are:

1. Memory Foam Or Innerspring Mattress

At first, you should decide on your preferred mattress type as Sealy offers innerspring and foam varieties. Besides, it would be best to determine whether you want a firm mattress or one that is ultra-soft.

Usually, memory foam mattresses are softer, whereas innerspring mattresses are firmer and have coils to provide proper back support.

In addition, the innerspring mattresses can help relieve sore muscles and keep the body properly aligned aside from offering greater air circulation. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses reduce motion transfer and use high-quality elastic foams to deliver maximum support.

2. Comfort Choice

Before making a purchase, we recommend going through the customer reviews, product specifications, and range. A crucial aspect you need to consider is the comfort choice. Sealy Posturepedic line offers three comfort choices - firm, plush, and ultra-plush.

You can opt for a medium (or plush) mattress if you suffer from lower back pain and need proper conformance. The ultra-plush range has a luxurious feel and is ideal for people who like a softer sleeping surface.

At last, we have the firm mattress, which is an excellent choice if you like a rigid sleeping surface.

Koala vs Sealy

Koala Mattress excels with its innovative Kloudcell Foam, providing a unique floating sensation and superior motion isolation, ideal for most Australian sleepers. Sealy, while offering traditional spring support, doesn't quite match Koala's innovative approach and cooling technology, making Koala the better choice for those seeking a modern mattress experience.

Conclusion: Koala outperforms Sealy with its advanced technology and comfort, making it a more favourable choice for modern sleepers.

Ecosa vs Sealy

Ecosa stands out with its adjustable firmness and innovative cooling technology, appealing to those with changing sleep needs. Sealy's traditional design and focus on spine support don't quite reach the versatility and modern appeal of Ecosa's adjustable foam layers.

Conclusion: Ecosa's adaptability and modern features make it a superior choice over Sealy for contemporary consumers.

Emma vs Sealy

Emma Comfort mattress is celebrated for its balanced firmness and high customer satisfaction, outshining Sealy's traditional approach with its advanced foam technology and comfort. Sealy offers a variety of firmness levels but lacks the innovative design of Emma's mattresses.

Conclusion: Emma offers a more advanced and universally comfortable sleeping experience, making it a preferable choice over Sealy.

Sealy vs King Koil

King Koil focuses on spinal health, partnering with chiropractors for optimal support, making it a good choice for those with back issues. However, Sealy's blend of traditional and modern features, including its Posturepedic technology, offers a more versatile and all-around mattress experience.

Conclusion: Sealy's combination of innovation and versatility gives it an edge over King Koil for a broader range of sleep preferences.

Sleeping Duck vs Sealy

Sleeping Duck, with its SD Mach II, excels in modern design, featuring Australian-made foam and multi-zoned springs for superior comfort and support. Sealy, however, leans on traditional comfort with its gel-infused memory foam and AlignSupport™ technology in the Majestic Elevate mattress.

Conclusion: Sleeping Duck’s innovative design offers a more contemporary and tailored sleep experience compared to Sealy's traditional approach.

Final Words: Is Sealy Mattress The Right Mattress For You?

The Sealy brand is expensive, and therefore, it is essential to make a proper choice. The mattress is designed keeping in mind the different sleeper types.

Besides, it caters to people suffering from back pain and spinal cord injuries. So, you get a wide range of options to choose from, depending on your requirements. And although the high price point of the products can be a slight disadvantage, it is absolutely justifiable given the host of features and comfort that the mattresses offer.

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress without spending extra money because of retail stores, check out our best mattress article!

With that, it's a wrap. Until next time, happy sleeping!