Ecosa Mattress Review

Ecosa Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Ecosa three foam layers can be rearranged for your preferred preference - medium 6/10, medium-firm 7.5/10, and firm 8.5/10. A unique feature is the inner cover with tightly woven microfilaments. This protects against dust mites and makes the mattress waterproof. Deliveries of Ecosa mattresses are free throughout Australia, with metro areas receiving delivery within four hours.

What other people say - 4/5 from 16617 reviews

How We Review

In our Ecosa mattress review you'll find information from real customers about the feel, firmness, sleep quality, materials, and more. All the information is unbiased and collected to make sure this mattress is right for you. When you read this post, you'll know if the mattress is the best choice for your sleeping method.

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Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Adjustable firmness
  • Same-working-day delivery
  • 100-night trial
  • 15 year warranty


  • Not for sleepers who prefer a soft mattress
  • Lacking on partner disturbance

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"I have had my mattress for over a month now. I am yet to wake up with a sore neck, which was a common occurrence on all other spring mattresses i have slept on. I sleep on the firm side and while it isn't great for "lounging", it will hurt your elbows if you lean on it, it is amazing for a great nights sleep." Ruth F. - Ecosa Mattress Review

What's the Ecosa mattress made from?

The triple threat of Ecosa's innovative design provides you with different levels of firmness, ranging from medium up-to firm. The layers consist of Eco-tex, G-7 memory foam, high-density support foam.

Eco-tex - The first layer is Eco-tex that uses open-cell technology; the pin-hole design helps airflow and keeps you cool. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and offers protection to dust mites.

G7 memory foam - Memory foam is known for being hot; that's why Ecosa designed the G7 memory foam and infused it with gel particles to regulate temperature.

high-density support foam - The base layer is a breathable support foam designed to reduce partner disturbance. The top of the foam has thing channels to allow air to circulate.

Ecosa mattress layers and design

Cover - The cover is a woven blend of fabrics that wick moisture away from your body while remaining soft. Underneath that is a fire barrier silica sock (that hasn't been treated with nasty chemicals).

Inner cover - Under that is a waterproof micro-filament fabric that's breathable and doesn't let moisture in. (The combining materials make the mattress fireproof and waterproof)

ecosa pillow

Ecosa Pillow Review - Sleeping comfort isn’t always solved by the best mattress. That pain in the neck could be fixed by a pillow, designed to help. That’s where the Ecosa pillow comes in. You can adjust the pillow's height and you get two compression bags for travelling.

The cover is removable and machine washable. The ergonomic design contains charcoal memory foam which we cover in our Noa luxe mattress review. The charcoal promotes odour control and antibacterial protection. Overall the pillow is top-notch and worth a try.

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How thick is the Ecosa mattress?

  • The G-7 layer is 39 millimetres.
  • The Eco-Tex layer is 39 millimetres.
  • The Dense Poly foam layer is 166 millimetres.
  • The combined thickness of the Ecosa mattress is 250 millimetres.
Ecosa mattress thickness layers on bed review Sleepys express

How much does the Ecosa weigh?

The queen-sized mattress from Ecosa is 32kg, which is on par with the average foam mattress size and weight. Make sure you have the mattress in position before unpacking because it will become more substantial, and likely require two people to move it around.



188 x 92 x 25cm

18 (kg)

King Single

203 x 107 x 25cm

23 (kg)




188 x 138 x 25cm

27 (kg)

203 x 153 x 25cm

32 (kg)

203 x 183 x 25cm

32 (kg)

How much does it cost?

The Ecosa mattress prices are around average; however, it's still very competitive. The pricing is likely because of the more durable materials and boasts a 15-year guarantee to back that up.




King single



$800 $640

$950 $760

$1,050 $840

$1,150 $920

$1,350 $1,080


Very happy with this mattress. Easy to purchase, quick delivery and very comfortable if you are a firm mattress sort of person which I definitely am. Very good sleep and back very supported. - Georgina - Ecosa Mattress Review

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Bonuses and delivery

  • Risk Free 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 15 Year Warranty
  • Delivered in a Box For Free
  • Removable Washable Cover

You get free shipping across Australia, even same-day delivery for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, (the same as what Koala offers). Non-metro will receive the mattress within 1-7 days. The mattress arrives vacuum packed in a box and upon receiving the mattress, you have 100 days to try it out. Ecosa offers a full refund within the 100-day period and donates any returns to a local charity.

Is the Ecosa mattress right for you?

Multilayered, durable, and backed by a 15-year warranty, the Ecosa has it all. It's more of a firm mattress, but by swapping the layers, you can modify the mattress to suit your preferences.

Great for back pain? Because of the changle firmness and pressure relieving foams it has excellent spinal and hip support helping a lot of sleepers with back problems. If you might find the mattress hard, change the layers around for a softer feel.

We covered the key points here, if you’re still on the fence check out our Ecosa alternative mattresses. However, the mattress has accumulated over 14k reviews and has a lot of happy Australian customers.

Ecosa Coupon

20% off Sitewide