Best Alternative: Emma Comfort

Price Range:
Emma - $574.50 - $854.50
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • Top Scoring Mattress 2021 and 2022 by CHOICE®
  • Designed and dedicated for Australian sleepers
  • Innovative Airgocell® regulates temperature
  • High-quality foams adapt to your body

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Emma is also a very popular mattress in Europe with over 4 million people sleeping on them. They are also an all foam mattress so have a similar pressure relief however most sleepers find it slightly firmer than standard memory foam.

The Emma Comfort has 2 layers of foam, including the breathable Point Elastic Airgocell®, and the supportive Supportive HRX Foam. Each layer of foam adapts to your body and evenly distributes your weight, preventing pressure points. Come home to Comfort with this all-foam mattress. 

You get a 100 night trial and a 10 year warranty, click the button to find out more. Get an extra 5% off with SLEEPYS5

Best Hybrid Alternative: Origin

Pricing Range:
Origin - $414 - $814
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • HexaGrid™ orthopedic layer 
  • Good value
  • 120 night trial + 15 year warranty

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Origin puts a lot of effort into R&D, and they take advice from the global markets where their mattresses are available; the UK, Singapore, and Australia. The mattress has won several awards thanks to patent-pending technology and a team of sleep experts. Let’s see the layers.

At the top; is the signature HexaGrid™ orthopedic layer that provides maximum comfort while cradling pressure points. There are two more layers of foam, a transitional layer, and a firmer layer. Individual pocket springs are located underneath that.

For deeper sleep, Origin foams are infused with cooling particles that maintain your body temperature at 18.3°C. To top it off, you get a 120 night trial and 15 year warranty.

Australian made : Hugo

Pricing Range:
Hugo - $695 - $1095
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • Natural latex
  • Australian made
  • 4 layers of foam design

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The Hugo is another memory foam alternative that’s Australian made. With the Hugo, you get premium pressure relief and comfort without feeling ‘too-firm’ because of the combination of the 4 foam layers that is great for all body types and sleeping positions.

Being Australian made Hugo also has excellent customer service and offers same-day delivery to Melbourne metro areas and everywhere else in Aus is still fast and free.

The Hugo mattress foam layers are positioned and designed to have increased airflow and bounce. The layers starting at the top and working our way down go- latex, is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to reduce bacteria. Next, is memory foam that matches your body’s natural contours and works with the latex top layer, then a premium transition layer (that most mattresses skip over), and a high-density foam foundation that adds support and longevity.

Best Budget : Zinus ICoil

Pricing Range:
Zinus – $279 – $439
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • It’s an affordable mattress
  • Certi-PUR US certified
  • Hybrid

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The Zinus ICoil is our budget-friendly choice, it’s a great mattress, but you won’t be getting all the bells and whistles like the other mattresses on the list. However, for the price, it’s the best mattress we have found in Australia.

Most of the time, you will find the foams on cheap mattresses to be treated or contain nasty chemicals. Which you will be breathing in every night, for years. However, the ZinusICoil is Certi-PUR US certified, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You can find the Zinus ICoil on, it also includes a 10-year warranty and is also a hybrid mattress. But, don’t expect the same level of comfort as the other mattresses on the list.

Cooler Sleep : Macoda

Pricing Range:
Macoda – $800 – $1300
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • Hybrid bed
  • Change the firmness
  • Zoned support

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Macoda is a hybrid mattress, so instead of memory foam layers stacked together (which gets hot), you have a pocket spring base. This allows more airflow through the bed, keeping you cooler. Plus the foam layers that are in the Macoda are designed to keep you cool, like the natural pinhole latex and gel-infused memory foam.

The Macoda is also customisable like the Ecosa; you get two foam inserts that are interchangeable for a different firmness level. The different opinions give a soft, medium and firm comfort level depending on the set, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Great for fussy sleepers.

The Macoda contains 3 layers of foam and pocket springs all encased in a plush bamboo cover that is as comfortable as it looks. The layers of foam are latex, gel-infused memory foam, and high-density support foam.

Different Hybrid Pick : Noa Luxe

Pricing Range:
Noa Luxe – $799 – $1399
Ecosa - $800 - $1350


  • Well priced
  • High quality
  • Reach certified

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The Noa luxe is the top of the mattress in the Noa collection. It has plenty of the same traits that made the Noa so sought after. Still, you will find the Noa Luxe to have some premium extras, one of them being the addition of bamboo charcoal latex. The material is eco-friendly, fragrance-free, allergen-free, and non-toxic.

Also, the permeable structure absorbs excess moisture and repels odours. The Noa Luxe is a hybrid mattress, so instead of a foam base, you have pocket springs, which is different from the Ecosa. From all the mattresses we have reviewed there’s not many that include micro-coils and this latest innovation expands and contracts in response to the pressure of your body, making the Noa Luxe extremely comfortable.

The mattress is in a similar price range and is excellent for anybody looking for a comfortable alternative that isn’t all memory foam.

$300 off the Noa Luxe

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have found the best choice for your alternative to the Ecosa. We have a wide variety of mattresses on this list from similar decisions in the all-foam category and hybrid mattress for Aussies wanting a different sleeping experience.

Everyone is different, and we have included choices to make everyone happy. All of the beds have positive feedback from other Australians on and Choice, as well as personal reviews on Sleepy’s Express.

Below are our top pick and runner ups.

Best Alternative : Emma (top pick)

The best alternative to the Ecosa is the Emma Comfort mattress. It’s more affordable, and the quality of the Comfort is exponential. 

This mattress is a very close comparison to the Ecosa, so if you're looking for a bed that’s similar to the Ecosa and want to save some money, this would be an excellent choice for you. It’s the closest in terms of quality and popularity. There is a wide pricing difference, especially with the Emma mattress sale.

Plus, we can give you an extra 5% off the current sale with SLEEPYS5.

Runner Ups

Best Hybrid Alternative : Origin

The mattress has a custom-developed and pattened HexaGrid™ orthopedic layer that provides maximum comfort while cradling pressure points. There are also two more foam layers, a transitional one and a firmer one. Underneath that are individual pocket springs.

The mattress has recently been redesigned to be even more comfortable and has a large customer base in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia. In addition, it's very competitively priced, and you'll find it cheaper than most all-foam mattresses.

Cooler Sleep : Macoda

If you think the Ecosa is too hot to sleep on because of all the foams then Macoda is an excellent alternative. It’s a hybrid bed that is designed by Australians to keep cool on those hot summer nights.

The quality and comfort are excellent, and you can customise the layers to get a different level of firmness, just like the Ecosa. Overall, if you’re looking for a cooler mattress that’s still premium quality, then the Macoda is an excellent choice.