Hugo Mattress Review

Hugo Mattress Review


January 19, 2023

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The Hugo mattress isn’t like the traditional memory foam mattresses because they use 4 foam layers of support instead of 3, adding extra comfort and premium pressure relief. The Hugo mattress is made in Australia and with the 4 layers of memory foam, the mattress has less motion transfer and provides medium firmness that most side sleepers prefer.

Update: Hugo is no discontinued. We recommend checking our Emma comfort review instead.

How We Review

In our Hugo mattress review, we go over firmness, sleep quality, trial period, material and overall feel. The review is unbiased and from real customers of Hugo mattress. By the end, you'll know if the perks and cons, to see if the mattress is right for you.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Fast free shipping
  • 15 year warranty
  • 125-night free trial period
  • Minimal partner disturbance


  • Not as well know
  • Newer mattress brand

Hugo is discontinued


"The mattress is fantastic. Super comfortable and my son slept through the night for the first time ever, the first night he slept on it! Couldn’t be happier with this mattress." Amity - Hugo Mattress Review

What's the Hugo mattress made from?

The Hugo mattress is an all memory foam mattress made up of 4 layers previously mentioned. The order of the layers from top to bottom goes latex, memory foam, transition foam, and high-density foam. This gives the mattress a medium comfort feel 5/10, which is preferred for most sleepers.

Latex - The top latex layer is breathable and naturally antimicrobial. The latex top provides edge support and gives the mattress a bounce and responsiveness.

Memory foam - Next is the memory foam that contours to your body and gives support. This layer gives the medium feel to the mattress and relieves pressure points and moulds seamlessly to your sleeping position.

Transition foam - This layer is often not included in mattresses and thanks to the foam your weight will be distributed without sacrificing spine and back support. The transition foam also reduces partner disturbance.

High-density foam - The base is high-density foam which is firm and gives the mattress durability and structure and is perfect for spine support.

Hugo Mattress review what are the layers

Cover - To protect the mattress is a two-tone cover. The top is rayon/polyester stretchy fabric that wraps over the sides, which prevents uncomfortable edges. The grey fabric is tougher to withstand wear and tear.

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How thick is the Hugo mattress?

  • The natural latex layer is 15 millimetres.
  • The memory foam layer is 30 millimetres.
  • The transition foam layer is 50 millimetres.
  • The high-density foam layer is 150 millimetres.
  • Giving a combined thickness of 245 millimetres.
Hugo mattress review thickness

How much does the Hugo mattress weigh?

The Hugo mattress queen size mattress is 34 kg which is 2 kg heavier than Ecosa and the 624 mattresses. For an all foam mattress it is slightly heavier than other foam mattresses but still easy to move around thanks to the packaging.



188 x 91.5 x 24.5cm

22 (kg)

King Single

203 x 107 x 24.5cm

25 (kg)




188 x 137 x 24.5cm

30 (kg)

203 x 153 x 24.5cm

34 (kg)

203 x 183 x 24.5cm

42 (kg)

How much does the Hugo mattress cost?

Compared to similar mattress, Hugo is slightly cheaper than average and is made in Australia with free shipping across Australia. Prices do change from time to time, so check out our latest deals on Hugo mattress and click the 'claim now' button.




King single









"Our Hugo mattress is exactly what we were hoping for, supportive but still cosy and comfortable. Order and delivery was simple and fast. We are very happy with our new Hugo." Minnie - Hugo Mattress Review

Hugo is discontinued


Mattress bonus

  • Risk Free 3 month Night Sleep Trial
  • Full 10 Year Warranty
  • Delivered in a Box For Free
  • Australian made

Is the Hugo mattress right for you?

The Hugo mattress is great for side sleepers who prefer a medium mattress. The 4 layer system reduces partner disturbance and adds extra comfort to the mattress. Being medium firmness it’s best for people who sleep on their side or stomach, back sleepers tend to prefer a firmer mattress. You get a 3 months trial and it’s an Australian made mattress, so it could be worth a try.

Is the Hugo mattress good for back pain? Because of all the layers it's great for cradling the spine and relieving pressure areas. For the average and smaller sleepers the mattress works great for back pain, however, if you're bigger it might be better to get a firmer mattress.

To sum things up, it’s an Aussie made memory foam mattress (bonus points), that comes with a 15-year warranty. But it gets pushed out of the limelight by bigger companies like the Koala and Sleeping Duck.

Hugo is discontinued