King Koil Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Wondering about a King Koil mattress review? If you're thinking of swapping out your old mattress and have been trawling through tons of reviews, King Koil might just be what you need. Is King Koil a good brand? Absolutely! This globally recognised brand crafts its mattresses in Australia, focusing on innovative techniques and prioritising comfort and durability.

Particularly notable is the King Koil's Everyday Comfort line, which has garnered praise for its excellent back support and cooling features. When it comes to comfort, King Koil knows its stuff.

In this review, we're going to delve into what makes King Koil mattress models, including which King Koil mattress is best for different types of sleepers. So, without further delay, let's begin.

King Koil Mattress Review


King Koil is counted among the premium mattress brands that offer the perfect blend of comfort and design. Although the brand initially stuck to manufacturing innerspring mattresses, it has in due course launched several product lines that include hybrid, foam, and latex ranges.

Before we delve into details about this mattress, allow us to highlight its key features briefly:

  • Improves sleep quality
  • Minimises motion transfer
  • Ideal for people suffering from lower back or hip pain
  • Global brand
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Hybrid models and memory foam options are available
  • Varying price ranges
  • 10-year warranty

What Are King Koil Mattresses Made Of?

While King Koil mattresses come in diverse varieties, most models have a few things in common. For one, they have a pocketed coil system that provides back support, pressure relief and facilitates proper spine alignment.

Besides, the brand works in partnership with the International Chiropractors Association to produce high-end mattresses that provide undisturbed sleep and excellent value for money. Moreover, the brand uses comfort layers made of traditional memory foam, gel memory foam, coils, and latex to provide the right amount of firmness and softness.

In addition, high-end products like King Koil luxury mattresses have a Twilight Box Pillow Top option for maximum comfort. Let's take a look at the different layers of the product:

1. Top Layer

The top layer of King Koil mattresses is made of highly breathable and high-quality sustainable material. Thus, this makes the fabric an environment-friendly option and further expands on the brand's commitment to sustainability.

The purpose of the top layer is to provide additional support and allow a seamless sleeping experience without letting the multiple layers bother you.

2. Middle Layer

Under the top layer, the King Koil mattresses come with "AdvantaGel," which is a hybrid of gel and foam. This layer is crucial for regulating temperatures and adjusts to the sleeper's body shape.

Furthermore, it adds to the durability of the mattress and enhances comfort.

In some King Koil Chiro Comfort models, you will find the iFusion technology with two additional layers. These layers are made of pressure-relieving gel and memory foam, making it more breathable than ordinary foam and improving its temperature-regulation properties.

Thus, the middle layer acts as a perfect support system, providing both comfort and durability. Most leading mattress brands utilise the iFusion technology, so the King Koil mattresses are up-to-date with the latest innovations and know exactly what customers need.

3. Bottom Layer

The bottom layer has an encased coil system that minimises partner disturbance and provides pain relief. The number of coils varies according to the mattress brand, but the higher the number, the more comfortable the mattress will be.

4. Cover

Of course, the mattress cover is of utmost importance. Often, buyers make the mistake of ignoring it, but you should know that an inadequate cover can deprive your mattress of any comfort. Besides, if the cover is too thick, it can lead to heat retention, and you won't be able to enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Thus, even if you have the softest mattress, a sub-par cover can tamper with its comfort levels. So, make sure that you purchase an optimal cover, ideally made of Tencel Fibres.

The Luxury King Koil Mattress usually comes with a high-quality cover that is comfortable, breathable and minimises the chances of damaging the mattress.

Why Do We Recommend It?

To sum up, it is tough to go wrong with a King Koil mattress. It is made of different materials that target specific issues and come in multiple varieties to suit your needs. Besides, whether you want a mattress for your queen-size bed or a California king mattress, this brand has it all.

Furthermore, it is available in soft, medium-firm, and firm mattress options and has an average lifespan of 10-years. Therefore, you get maximum back support, undisturbed sleep, sufficient edge support, and utmost commitment from the brand.

Moreover, the excellent customer care team is highly responsive and efficient in guiding you through different mattress types and helping you make the right choice.

Several buyers have complained that the mattress size doesn't match the specified bed frame. A few buyers faced the same problem with the other sizes. So, buyers should be aware and correctly measure the dimensions before making a purchase. Although King Koil has an easy return policy, it's easier to avoid the hassle altogether.

Final Words on King Koil mattress reviews

King Koil's range of mattresses is versatile and durable, which help tackle back and sleep problems. Although this brand has some of the most expensive mattresses you will see on the market, we think the high price is justified given the host of features.

You can purchase these mattresses either in-store or online, but they are mainly found in retail. Remember to inquire about the different layers in the mattress, return policy, quality of the materials used, etc. Besides, you should decide whether you want a soft or firm mattress or a hybrid of both.

So, it is time to upgrade to a new mattress be sure to check out our best mattress list as online mattresses tend to have more bang for their buck compared to the retail section. And with that, it's a wrap. We hope our mattress review was informative, and you will be able to purchase the perfect mattress now.

Until next time, take care!