Forty Winks Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Diving into a Forty Winks mattress review? This iconic bedding store, established in 1984, offers an extensive range of mattresses from various brands. While it's a go-to destination for everything from luxurious king-sized beds to traditional guest room mattresses, there's more to consider beyond the brand's reputation.

Most of the mattresses at Forty Winks are on the pricier side, with many of them manufactured in China. This is a crucial factor when considering Forty Winks reviews and Forty Winks bed reviews, as the price-quality ratio might not always be in line with some of the more renowned mattress-in-a-box brands. It raises the question: is Forty Winks a good mattress choice, especially when looking for value for money?

Despite the higher price points, they do offer some more budget-friendly options, although they might not meet everyone's expectations in terms of quality.

As we dive deeper into the offerings of Forty Winks, it's essential to keep these points in mind to determine whether their products meet your specific bedding needs and budgetary constraints.

So, before you make a decision, let’s take a look at all that this store offers. 

9 Forty Winks mattress brands and models

1. Active sleep mattress review

Right off the bat, mattress durability does not seem to be Active Sleep’s forte. On that note, you may want to consider the products from this brand for the guest bedroom or other beds that are used only a couple of times a year. 

And while the springs may not last for more than a few years after regular use, the Active Sleep mattresses offer a few basic features that can provide relief and plentiful rest. 

What does draw interested buyers to this brand are the affordable price points. For instance, the queen-size Active Sleep Control mattress is priced at about $400 and features a high-gusset top construction and foam comfort layers for adequate support.  

2. Crown posture mattress review

The BackCare Essential range of mattresses from Crown Posture Bedding is perhaps its most popular product. With a starting price of $800, they also happen to be the most affordable.

These 3-Zone pocketed-coil mattresses are equipped with body-moulding memory foam to reduce motion transfer and provide firm support. At the same time, the addition of gel particles allows better airflow and relieves pressure points. Unfortunately, some customers have had complaints about the perceived quality of Crown Posture mattresses.

3. King Koil

King Koil is known for its range of soft to firm mattresses that may be equipped with luxurious features, such as hand-tufting and pillow tops. It is a popular favourite among many well-rested sleepers from all over the country due to its high-performance mattresses that are priced below many competitors. 

Moreover, sleepers with back and neck issues may be drawn to the Chiro series, including the Chiro Energy and Chiro Performance mattresses. As the name suggests, these products are equipped with features for optimal pressure relief, such as the unique Aerocomfort technology and Reflex 3 support system. 

However, the catch is that these products may not be ideal for long-term use. That said, some sleepers have complained of sagging, among other durability issues. 

4. My Side

My Side is an innovative brand that seeks to set itself apart with personalised mattresses, allowing buyers to pick from fascinating colours and firmness options. And if you want an even more exclusive deal, visit the Forty Winks store to check out the premium Gen 9.0 innerspring mattresses that come with an exorbitant price tag.

But for that price, you get a myriad of features, including a copper-infused memory foam layer for motion isolation and antimicrobial properties. The gel-infused memory foam also includes a patented design, called the CoolWave technology, to ensure temperature control and better sleep. 

5. Sealy

Sealy mattresses offer budget options that deliver on the comfort front. For the most part, the products from this brand have received good reviews for their posture-focused functions, which utilise the Titanium Align-Support system. 

And while customer satisfaction peaks when sleepers begin using these mattresses, the thrill may not last long, as Sealy mattresses tend to bend and sag over time.

Forty winks vs Sealy: Forty Winks, a prominent Australian bedding retailer, offers a diverse range of mattress brands, including the well-known Sealy. While Forty Winks is celebrated for its wide selection and reliable products, it's worth noting that their mattresses, particularly from brands like Sealy, are often on the expensive side. The store's broad range caters to various preferences and budgets, but with a lean towards premium, higher-priced options.

Sealy mattresses at Forty Winks are particularly noted for their orthopedic support and durability. The Sealy Posturepedic collection, available at Forty Winks, features advanced technologies and varied pricing, starting from $350 to $6,799 for a queen size, providing options for different budgets.

6. Serta

For many Australians, Serta remains their go-to for plush mattresses that look and feel homely. It is a versatile brand that offers mid to high-end products that redefine traditional mattresses with updated features while retaining classic comfort. 

That said, consider the Perfect Sleeper Indulge mattress from the brand, which offers high-grade and top-quality foams with pocket springs to reduce motion transfer. However, be warned that the luxuriant features of the better models come with a hefty price tag.

7. Silent Partner

As one might guess, the engineers at Silent Partner have almost perfected the formula to prevent partner disturbance. At the same time, these mid to high-range mattresses are equipped with an elaborate pocket spring system to enhance conformance and comfort.

8. SleepMaker

If constrained by a budget, you can always opt for a traditional mattress, such as the ones from SleepMaker. These classic units are pretty straightforward — they are innerspring mattresses with pocketed coils and Bonnell springs. On that note, these products may not be ideal for all sleeping positions. However, back sleepers can expect a great night’s sleep almost every time they go to bed. 

9. Tempur

Far from being an affordable option, Tempur mattresses are exclusive and elite products that benefit from a blend of patented technology and materials. For instance, the Cloud Elite memory foam mattress from the brand is made with a unique Rhapsody Climate material that draws out heat and regulates body temperature.

Final Verdict

The catalogue at Forty Winks includes throwaway budget mattresses and exorbitant models from the avant-garde lines of Tempur and Serta. In the end, you have to choose whether to compromise on durability and comfort or pay off the cost of a high-end but luxuriously comfortable mattress. 

But there is yet another alternative — a mattress-in-a-box. These nifty products are affordable, convenient, and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for maximum comfort. 

And since Forty Winks is more known for its range of premium mattresses, you may want to check out the Emma comfort mattress for top-notch mattress-in-a-box options. 

Apart from specialising in mattress-in-a-box technology, premium Emma products are priced slightly below the mid-range options from Forty Winks. Moreover, Emma offers 100-night trials and easy returns for an increasingly convenient experience.