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This comprehensive Tempur review looks at honest, unbiased reviews on – firmness, sleep quality, partner disturbance, and more. From websites like Canstar Blue,, and our own opinion. Let's find out if this mattress is right for you.

What is Tempurpedic?

Tempur-Pedic is extremely popular. The Denmark company revolutionised the mattress industry by creating patented memory foam for NASA. Using memory foam as a comfort layer on a mattress allows for support and relieves pressure points. The brand tends to be on the higher end of the price range and is considered luxury mattresses.

Are Tempur mattresses worth it?

Tempur mattresses are difficult to purchase online. You generally have to go to the store, and you won't get the sleep trails or other benefits of mattress in a box brands. You can find them at Harvey Norman, Forty Winks, Snooze, Bedshed, and Domayne.

The Tempur range features CoolTouch Technology and has a zip-off washable cover, making it easy to clean. However, we don't think they are worth it. The mattresses are great but too expensive.

You can get a top of the range mattress from a DTC company for half the price... quarter the price in most cases, and you get a sleep trial so that you can return it within 3 months (depending on the brand).

Tempur Reviews Australia has:

Tempur Original

Tempur's Soft-Touch collection features a quilted fabric with extra-soft material for the ultimate plush comfort. Specifically designed to cushion and hug your body, the Original Elite features Soft-Touch quilting. The iconic Tempur Material is known for its weightless comfort and body-confirming support.

The layers are: Tempur® extra soft material, Tempur® support material, 2x Durabase™ technology.

You'll find the mattress different depending on where you purchased it. 

  • Cooltouch™ technology exclusive to Harvey Norman.
  • Rhapsody climate technology exclusive to Forty Winks.
  • Softtouch™ technology exclusive to Snooze.

The Original range is often considered the best tempur mattress, it's on the firmer side and costs around $4,300 - $10,000 for a queen mattress. 

Tempur Hybrid Elite Review

The Hybrid mattresses offer the instant response of springs and the complete support of TEMPUR® material with the precision engineering of MicroCoils.

The layers are: Tempur® advanced material, Tempur® dynamic support, Durabase™ technology. But note, every hybrid range model utilises a slightly different layer structure.

The Tempur hybrid is exclusive to Domayne, and is medium in firmness. 

Tempur Cloud

Every Cloud mattress also uses TEMPUR® Material, composed of a secret formula developed by NASA to support astronauts during lift-off. Hence, you still get all the support you need. There are three options: Luxe (30cm), Elite (25cm), Supreme (21cm).

The layers are: Tempur® extra soft material, Tempur® support material, Durabase™ technology. Note: The Luxe has an additional Durabase layer.

You'll find the mattress different depending on where you purchased it. 

  • Cooltouch™ technology exclusive to Harvey Norman.
  • Rhapsody climate technology exclusive to Forty Winks.
  • Softtouch™ technology exclusive to Snooze.

The Cloud range is softer and costs around $6,000 - $12,000 for a queen mattress. 

Tempur Sensation

TEMPUR® Sensation mattresses are made with TEMPUR® Material, which responds to your body's temperature, shape and weight, even as you move throughout the night, allowing you to sleep on a mattress that fits you perfectly, regardless of how you sleep.

The layers are: Tempur® comfort material, Tempur® dynamic support, 2 x Durabase™ technology.

You'll find the mattress different depending on where you purchased it. 

  • Cooltouch™ technology exclusive to Harvey Norman.
  • Rhapsody climate technology exclusive to Forty Winks.
  • Softtouch™ technology exclusive to Snooze.

The Sensation range is firm and costs around $5,000 - $10,000 for a queen mattress. 

Sleeping style and body weight

It is vital to compare mattresses and weigh several factors when choosing a good mattress. Weight is one of the most important factors to consider. 

Side sleepers: Typically, hip muscles are found in the shoulder area since it is the widest area on the body. A rigid mattress can cause these joints to hurt, while a very soft mattress could cause the spinal cord to collapse. The average side sleeper's mattress is usually oversized and has moderate firmness and softness.

Back sleepers: Back sleeping can benefit anyone, but it can be especially beneficial for people with obstructive sleep apnea and other breathing problems. People with lower back pain or neck pain may find that sleeping on their back worsens their pain. For others, sleeping on their back provides relief.

Front sleepers: Sleeping on your stomach may have some benefits, but it also puts a lot of strain on your neck and lower back, particularly if you sleep on a softer bed. This is a major cause of back and neck pain. You may also notice that pressing your face into the pillow results in more breakouts, irritation, or even facial creases when you wake up if you have sensitive skin. One way to stop this is to check out our best silk pillowcases in Australia

Warranty, trial, shipping

When purchasing a Tempur in Australia, you have to visit a store mentioned in this article. No store mentions a trial period on the range; however, you get a 10-year warranty. 

Motion isolation

The Tempur mattresses' ability to control movements because of the memory foam even rivals the Koala range. However, you save over half the money for the same benefit; check out our Koala mattress review.


You'll find that there are a few different models, so you get a range of firmness options to pick one that suits you. Most people prefer a medium-firm mattress. However, if you are on the heavier side, you'll prefer a firm mattress with support


Unfortunately, this is the biggest drawback of the mattress range. With the industry disruption of the mattress in a box industry, there has been massive development in the quality of mattresses you can now get for the money. 

This makes the traditional model of stores and not selling direct to customers outdated and expensive. 

Tempur mattress alternatives

Memory foam mattresses tend to be the closest alternatives to Tempur foam and offer similar pressure point relief, and heat retention, for a good nights sleep.

  • Emma Diamond Hybrid: Diamond graphite for temperature regulation and deep sleep, luxury mattress with affordable pricing.
  • Koala Soul Mate: Bamboo charcoal memory foam, 5 zoned foam springs, and excellent pressure relief. 

Tempur vs Koala

Okay, let's talk Tempur vs Koala in plain terms. Tempur is like the fancy, expensive option. They've got great memory foam, but you're going to pay a lot for it. Now, Koala is more budget-friendly and still pretty comfy. Plus, it's got better motion isolation, meaning if someone's moving around on one side of the bed, you're less likely to feel it on the other side. Bottom line: if you're looking at what you get for the price, Koala often comes out ahead, plus you get a much bigger trial period.

Tempur mattress vs Emma

Tempur is the established, luxury brand known for its high-quality memory foam. However, it's often seen as a bit stagnant in terms of innovation. You're getting classic comfort, but not much in the way of new features or technology.

Emma, on the other hand, is shaking things up a bit, especially with their Zero Gravity mattress. This mattress brings more innovation to the table, offering a unique feel that mimics the sensation of weightlessness. It's all about combining comfort with the latest mattress tech. This makes Emma an exciting choice for those who want a mix of comfort and modern features, something that Tempur doesn't really match.

Ecosa vs Tempur

Ecosa, being a mattress in a box brand, is a lot easier on the wallet compared to Tempur.

Tempur, though, is in a different league. It has superior comfort, and a well-established reputation for luxury, compared to the original Ecosa mattress.

Tempur has the extra bells and whistles that Ecosa doesn't really compete with. But if you're looking for a solid, comfortable mattress and want to keep your spending in check, Ecosa does a great job. So, it boils down to what's more important to you – the advanced features and luxury of Tempur or the affordability and simplicity of Ecosa. We would recomened the Koala mattress or Emma mattress if your looking to save some money.

Conclusion on Tempur beds review

Wondering is Tempur the best mattress around, or are Tempur mattresses good? Well, with Tempur's range, you're looking at some pretty customized options. They're known for giving top-notch pressure relief, which is a big win for most sleepers. But here's the catch – they're not exactly wallet-friendly, mainly because they stick to the traditional way of selling mattresses.

Even though they're pretty solid for getting your money's worth, it's a smart move to check out other alternatives we've mentioned.

There might be something out there that fits your needs and budget even better.

Happy shopping.