What is the price of a queen-size mattress?


January 9, 2024

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Are you on a hunt for a comfortable yet good-quality queen-size mattress? Then you must probably be wondering how much for a queen size mattress? Well, we are here to cover all your queries along with some other relevant questions to help you decide:

  • How much does a queen-size mattress cost?
  • What is the average mattress price?
  • How much does a mattress cost at a low price?
  • What is the top mattress price?
  • What is the price of a cheap queen size mattress?

Queen size mattresses cost varies because of quality, materials, design, and much more. The average price for a queen size mattress in the mid-range is $1000. Budget queens are around $300-$600. If buying from a retail store and not ‘bed in a box’, expect the price to be higher.

The mattress industry in Australia 

Before we take you through some options of queen mattresses, let's quickly check some mattress statistics in Australia to help you make a wise purchase.

  • Australia's mattress manufacture market size calculated by revenue is $541.8m in 2021
  • Australia ranked 122 in mattress manufacture by market size and is the 467th biggest in the country. 
  • Under the mass market, hospitals are the prime customers for mattress purchases in Australia. 
  • Under the economic market, the purchase of mattresses by homeowners produce the second largest market share, whereas premium mattresses generated the third-largest share.
  • According to a report in 2018, the most purchased mattress in Australia is spring mattresses followed by bed heads, waterbeds and air mattresses with the second-highest market value.
  • Latex and Foam mattresses had low-income value in 2018

The price range of mattresses in Australia

Now it's time to have a look at our most OK pick of queen-size mattresses at attractive rates. Let the mattress scouting begin!


The Eva mattress, a hybrid mattress, consists of gel, latex, high-density foams, and combining springs for comfort, especially during summers. The materials provide great support and is best for hot sleepers and stomach sleepers. It comes with a 120-night trial and you can have this dreamy queen-size mattress for $900. There is usually a $100 discount. Check out the Eva Review to see what is offered. 


The Noa mattress is ideal for any sleeping posture or body. It offers outstanding support plus comfort due to implementing four layers of foam rather than three (not including side support and cover). The bed comes with a ten-year warranty and a 100-night trial. If this mattress caught your eye, get the queen-size mattress home at $1,099. There usually is a $300 sale on the mattress so check out our Noa mattress review to double-check the offer. 


If the best is what attracts you, then Emma mattresses are the one. The mattress is certified with OEKO-TEX®️Standard 100- Class 1 and are eco-friendly with no harmful material, making them the perfect choice for infants. The mattress has three layers of foam which help in even weight distribution. The Emma mattress costs $1,099 for a queen-size mattress. Sales can vary for the mattress, but there is usually a new customer sale that offers 40% off; however, I don't think this discount will continue much longer. Go to Emma to check what it is now. 


The bed is best for people who love sleeping a lot. The Origin mattress falls under the hybrid mattress with memory foam, latex, and pocket springs. The Origin comes with a 120-night trial and an impressive 15 a year warranty. The cost for a queen-size Origin mattress is $1,199. There is only a discount some of the time, so it’s best to click the link above and see what’s available.  


The Koala mattress is one of Australia’s most popular memory foam mattresses. The Koala mattress produces a dual foam layer, incorporating the Kloudcell foam, which is breathable, supportive, and allows airflow between the mattress. Its zero disturbance enables you to turn and toss freely without your partner feeling any motion. You can get this eco-friendly mattress at $1,050 for a queen-size mattress. Read our Koala mattress review for more info on this product. 


Do you have children at home? If yes, Ecosa is perfect for children as you can customise the mattress's breathability, firmness, and its waterproof. The gel-infused and open-cell foams allow airflow to cool the mattress and the cover also helps with allergies due to the presence of woven microfilaments. The queen size cost $1,099. Check our Ecosa review to see if it’s worth it!

Premium price range

Sleeping Duck 

Welcome, this award-winning mattress home at $1,649. This is one of the more expensive Queen mattresses in Australia due to the high-quality products used for manufacture. The mattress contains six foam layers, two individual comfort levels, and you can personalise the mattress by adjusting the layers. For more information, read our SD Match II review.

Emma Diamond

The Diamond is Emm’s hybrid mattress that only came out mid-2021. It features exclusive heat and sleeps technology that makes sure it regulates your temperature while you're in a deep sleep. This leads to a more restful high-quality sleep, plus it’s comfy as hell. Find the mattress here, the price is $1,699, but you might be able to get a discount by checking our Emma diamond review.

Cheap queen size mattress 

If you’re looking for a budget mattress, check out that post or see the two options below. In Contrast to the others on the list, the price isn't too much lower when you consider that the other mattress has sales and discounts. 


The Zinus iCoil queen mattress comes with memory foam, a medium feel mattress with pocket springs assistant, and is free from hazardous substances. Zinus comes in various sizes, offers a ten-year warranty, and costs $399 for a queen-sized mattress. Check our Zinus review.


The Giselle mattress is produced from three layers of high-density foam for comfort and firm experience. It also provides pressure relief and a pocket spring for minor disturbances. You can get it for $319.95. However, we don’t recommend this mattress.

Low price queen toppers

If you just want something to make your sleep more comfortable, you could try a mattress topper instead! Below are a few picks that are very reasonably priced. 


The Lucid mattress offers gel memory foam of two inches for fuzziness and pressure relief comfort. The design allows airflow to trap heat and restrain temperature. The queen size mattress can be at your doorsteps for only $86.67.


On a tight budget? Linenspa to the rescue. This topper has ultra-plush memory foam of three inches that blends with your body and gel beads to reduce heat. You can get this three-year warranty queen-sized mattress for $136.86.


As Australia has various mattresses in different price ranges, it’s impossible not to find a mattress within your budget. The price isn't always an accurate indicator of quality, but it does provide some insight. 

Often, you will find mattresses for less money that don't have any certifications such as CertiPUR or OEKO-TEX®. This means they can contain harmful chemicals, so make sure you avoid them!

We made the video below on the mattresses in Australia. Happy shopping! We hope this post helped.