Koala Vs Sleeping Duck Vs Ecosa


January 9, 2024

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You hit the bed after a tiring day, hoping to get some shut-eye, but your old and sagging mattress is making it difficult to sleep.

Don’t compromise or curse your luck; instead, take some time to go through our reviews of the three best mattress brands on the Australian market. This will help you choose a comfortable product that retains its quality even after regular use.

Quick Comparison

A. Koala Mattress

This Koala mattress arrived with a 120-night trial period and fast and free shipping, making it worth $892. Moreover, it has a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing that it won’t deteriorate quickly.

Why It’s Great:

We loved the adjustable firmness and three mattress layers, ensuring zero disturbance for your partner. Plus, this mattress offers medium-firmness and supports any sleeping style due to its many available sizes.


  • Anti-slip base fabric 
  • GECA certified  
  • Anti-bacterial treatment 

B. Ecosa Mattress

The Ecosa mattress is priced slightly higher than Koala, with the Queen size marked at $920. But consumers can enjoy free same-day delivery, a 100-night trial period, and a 15-year warranty.

Why It’s Great:

Its waterproof inner cover is ideal for stomach or side sleepers, while the medium-firm mattress adjusts according to a person’s body shape for uninterrupted sleep.


  • Free from dust mites  
  • ECO-Tex memory foam 
  • Ergonomic support  

C. Sleeping Duck Mattress

Sleeping Duck offers a 100-night trial period for consumers to test this hybrid mattress. But it’s the costliest option on the list, priced at $1,649 with next day delivery. 

Why It’s Great:

The manufacturers have used vortex spun bamboo for greater airflow and breathability. What’s more impressive is that the foam construction provides high-density support.


  • BreatheTech cover
  • Antigravity surface foam 
  • Multi-zoned motherboard system

Other Comparisons

Overview Of Differences 

1. Feel 

Koala mattresses are the best in terms of feel as they feature a 100% foam construction, complete with TENCEL Lyocell and PVC dot designs. Ecosa also has a foam construction but with G7 gel memory foam, offering temperature stabilisation and a bouncy feel.

And as mentioned before, Sleeping Duck has used vortex spun bamboo to deliver a soft and silky touch to match your sleeping preference.

2. Support 

When it comes to a supportive mattress, Sleeping Duck proves better due to its pocket springs, providing reinforced perimeter support. In comparison, both Koala and Ecosa use foam layers, although the latter is slightly better as it has ECO-Tex memory foam for durability while Koala uses polyurethane.

3. Eco-Friendly 

This is one aspect where Koala does better than almost all brands, not just Ecosa and Sleeping Duck. It donates 1% of its profit to environment conservation and wildlife protection. But Ecosa also does its part for the environment by using sustainable materials to design carbon neutral mattresses.

Brand Info 

Sleeping Duck, Ecosa, And Koala were all formed around the same time, but the former came into existence in 2014 and the latter two in 2015.

You should know that Ecosa uses organic bamboo for eco-friendly manufacturing practices, while Koala produces sustainable products that won’t harm the environment. And Sleeping Duck prefers scientific and in-lab testing to design all its mattresses.

Construction And Materials 

The Koala all-foam mattress has three foam layers: a top fabric, an anti-slip base fabric, and a further polyurethane foam layer. All three layers contain polyester, but the topmost layer also has 35% TENCEL Lyocell.

The Ecosa mattress has three layers, including a high-density G7, a bouncy open cell, and an ECO-Tex foam layer. The best part is that the waterproof cover uses German micro-filament, while the removable TENCEL cover enables better airflow.

Moving on, the Sleeping Duck Mach II has antigravity surface foam and a ComponentAdapt customisation system. It delivers a weightless feel, allowing the tempered steel springs to support different body parts.

Comfort, Firmness And Feel 

Thanks to its anti-slip bottom and anti-bacterial layer, very few products can match the comfort levels offered by the Koala mattress. It also has adjustable firmness levels and contours according to the body shape.

In contrast, the Ecosa mattress keeps you cool through pin-core holes, promoting better airflow through all the layers. But among spring mattresses, the Sleeping Duck mattress stands out due to its antigravity surface foam technology, making it highly sought after in the mattress industry. Not to mention, both these options are medium-firm.

Size And Pricing 

1. Koala 

  • Single - 188 x 92 x 25 cms and $637 
  • King Single -203 x 107 x 25 cms and $748
  • Double - 188 x 138 x 25 cms and $850
  • Queen - 203 x 153 x 25 cms and $892
  • King - 203 x 183 x 25 cms and $1,062 

2. Ecosa 

  • Single - 188 x 92 x 25 cms and $800 
  • Long Single - 203 x 92 x 25 cms and $900
  • Double - 188 x 138 x 25 cms and $1,050
  • King Single - 203 x 107 x 25 cms and $950 
  • Queen - 203 x 153 x 25 cms and $1,150
  • King - 203 x 183 x 25 cms and $1,350 
  • Super King - 203 x 203 x 25 cms and $1,650 

3. Sleeping Duck

  • Single - 188 x 92 x 31 cms and $999 
  • Double - 188 x 138 x 31 cms and $1,349
  • King Single - 203 x 107 x 31 cms and $1,099 
  • Queen - 203 x 153 x 31 cms and $1,649
  • King - 203 x 183 x 31 cms and $1,999


Most consumers have felt that the Koala mattress is super comfortable and stays cool during the Aussie summer, suitable for any sleeping position. Meanwhile, people love the contoured support of the Ecosa mattress, reducing back pain.

And due to its minimal partner disturbance and super soft fabric, the Sleeping Duck mattress has also struck the right chord with Australians.

Finer Details 

1. Sinkage And Bounce 

The Koala mattress retains its shape as the anti-slip base fabric doesn’t sink under excess weight. Similarly, the triple foam layer of the Ecosa mattress and pocket springs of the Sleeping Duck model keep their bouncy nature intact.

2. Motion Isolation 

All three offer terrific motion isolation, but it’s more profound for the Koala and Ecosa mattresses due to their all-foam construction, delivering zero partner disturbance. In comparison, the Sleeping Duck mattress has special medium-firm zones to support the body for sound sleep.

3. Edge Support 

Sleeping Duck has a slight advantage in edge support due to its tempered steel springs. But Koala and Ecosa perform reasonably well, though the foam construction isn’t as effective.

Buyer Feedback 

Koala has received positive reviews and an overall rating of 4.7/5 from consumers, while the Ecosa mattress is close behind with 4.1/5. Sleeping Duck has also received similar support from buyers, with 4.1/5 stars to show for it.

Final Verdict 

We have tried to objectively look at the positives and downsides of each premium-quality product so that you can choose a good mattress. Research indicates that Koala is the more popular mattress, but the other two options are not far behind.

Whenever in doubt, you can refer to our guide for choosing a new mattress based on firmness level, body contouring, sleeping habits and other factors. Trust us; you won’t go wrong.