Ecosa Align Firm Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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In a world filled with distractions and demands, a restful night's sleep is invaluable.

A comfortable mattress is a crucial component of achieving this. Today, we're here to examine the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress. Ecosa is renowned for its mattress offerings, and this particular hybrid mattress boasts a firm yet inviting feel.

Join us as we closely scrutinise its features and performance, offering an unbiased assessment of what the Ecosa Align Firm has to offer.

Ecosa Align Firm Mattress Review


Before moving on to the finer details, let us share some salient features of the Align Firm hybrid mattress that help it stand out in the mattress industry. 

  • High-density latex foam and pocket springs for extra-firm comfort
  • Moisture-wicking cover
  • Ultra-breathable materials 
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Fast Delivery
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • 100-night free trial

How Does The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress Feel To Sleep On?

The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress offers a distinct feel that sets it apart from options like the Koala mattress. With four layers and a breathable cover, this mattress delivers comfort and support.

Starting from the top, the Dunlop latex layer provides motion isolation and pressure relief. This layer's pincore holes enhance breathability, another of its cooling features that provide restful sleep. 

As you lay down, the convoluted wave foam layer comes into play, evenly distributing weight and alleviating pressure on critical areas like the hips and shoulders. This feature adds to your overall comfort and makes it ideal for back, stomach and side sleepers.

The support layer is made up of thicker pocket springs, which provide pressure-relieving support and a firm feel while helping reduce motion transfer. Below the springs, the Hard Felt foam layer protects the pocket springs and provides additional support for a well-balanced sleep experience irrespective of different sleeping positions.

Notably, all the foams used in this mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, making it better than other memory foam mattresses. The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress blends different foam layers and pocket springs to offer a unique feel that balances comfort and support and comes with reinforced edge support for better sleep.

What's The Ecosa Mattress Made From?

Compared to other hybrid mattresses, the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress is meticulously designed, incorporating various layers to provide a tailored sleep experience. Here's an overview of the mattress's composition, layer by layer:

1. Tencel Blend Mattress Cover

The topmost layer is a Tencel blend mattress cover, which is moisture-wicking and breathable. It promotes airflow, ensuring a cool sleep environment, ideal for those who sleep hot.

2. Dunlop Latex Foam Layer

Beneath the cover, the mattress features a hypoallergenic Dunlop latex foam layer. This layer isolates motion and offers pressure relief, with the added benefit of pincore holes for enhanced breathability.

3. Convoluted Wave Foam Layer

The convoluted wave foam layer excels at weight distribution, evenly dispersing body weight and alleviating pressure on critical areas, such as the hips and shoulders.

4. Pocket Springs Layer

The mattress incorporates a layer of heavy-duty pocket springs, delivering robust support to the body. These springs make it a very firm mattress, ensuring stability and support.

5. Hard-Felt Foam Layer

Situated below the pocket springs, the hard-felt foam layer serves a protective and supportive role, safeguarding the pocket springs while enhancing overall support.

Weight And Thickness

The dimensions of a mattress are crucial considerations as they directly impact comfort, suitability for your sleeping space and compatibility with bed frames or room layout. Choosing the right mattress size ensures a restful sleep experience and a well-fitted, aesthetically pleasing bedroom arrangement.

Additionally, the weight of a mattress matters because it affects the ease of handling, manoeuvrability, and stability of your bed frame. Here are the weight and thickness specifications for the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress in different sizes:

  • Single: 188 x 92 x 20cm
  • King Single: 203 x 107 x 20cm
  • Double: 188 x 138 x 20cm
  • Queen: 203 x 153 x 20cm
  • King: 203 x 183 x 20cm
  • Super King: 203 x 203 x 20cm

For most people, the queen mattress strikes a balance between spaciousness and manageability, making it a suitable choice for many bedrooms.

How Much Does It Cost?

Compared to other options, like Tempur Pedic mattresses, the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress offers a competitive and affordable choice however compared to other mattress in a box brands its on the pricer side. Its range of sizes and reasonable pricing make it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers looking for firm mattresses.

  • Single: $700
  • King Single: $825
  • Double: $925
  • Queen: $1,025
  • King: $1,175
  • Super King: $1,475

Bonus Features

The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress has bonus features designed to enhance the customer experience. With a generous 100-night free trial, you have ample time to ensure it's the right fit for you. Additionally, the offer of free returns ensures peace of mind if your expectations aren't met.

The mattress also includes a substantial warranty period, providing long-term protection for your investment. These added benefits make choosing the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress a reassuring decision for a restful night's sleep.

Other Ecosa Mattresses

You may want to look at other online mattresses from the brand before making a choice, such as:

1. Ecosa Mattress

The original Ecosa Mattress is a really firm mattress offering a three-layer construction featuring G-7 memory foam and ECO-Tex Foam with open cell technology. It includes CertiPUR-US certified foams, an OEKO-TEX® washable cover, and a waterproof protector.

2. Ecosa Pure Mattress

Another option, the Ecosa Pure Mattress, offers an extra-firm sleep surface thanks to high-gauge pocket springs and high-density latex foam. Its breathable materials and eco-friendly construction make it an environmentally conscious choice.

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress may be ideal if you desire a mattress with customisable firmness levels, thanks to features like the latex foam layer. Its breathability, coupled with eco-friendly materials, sets it apart from options like the Emma Comfort mattress.

Final Verdict

The Ecosa Align Firm Mattress is the best firm mattress for those seeking improved sleep quality and reduced discomfort. Its customisable firmness levels, including the supportive latex foam layer, offer tailored support for various sleeping preferences.

Additionally, the mattress's breathability, facilitated by a well-ventilated design and eco-friendly materials, helps regulate temperature and moisture, making it an excellent cooling mattress. These features collectively contribute to a restful night's sleep, making the Ecosa Align Firm Mattress a compelling option.