Bedzy Reviews: Are They Any Good?


January 9, 2024

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Wondering what Bedzy Australia offers for a blissful night's sleep? If you're done with the annoying lumps and bumps of your old mattress, here's a solution. Sure, you can't buy sleep, but a top-quality mattress? That's a game-changer for restful nights. There's been quite a buzz about Bedzy lately – a 100% Australian-owned online bedroom store.

Bedzy's not just about mattresses, though. Alongside their range, you'll find a whole bunch of bedroom essentials like bed sheets, frames, quilts, toppers, and furniture. But with Bedzy being relatively new to the scene, you might wonder about the quality.

That's where our guide comes in handy. We've got the lowdown on Bedzy Australia reviews, giving you insights into what customers think. Plus, we'll dive into a detailed Bedzy review to help you figure out if their products are the right fit for you.

Before you splash your cash at the Bedzy store, let's unravel all there is to know about their mattresses.

Bedzy Review: Is Bedzy Legit

Bedzy, a family-owned business, was launched in 2020 with a dedication to assisting Aussies in achieving the ideal balance of functionality, innovation, and elegance in the bedroom. 

As previously mentioned, Bedzy offers mattresses, bed frames and bases, bed sheet sets, quilts, mattress toppers, weighted blankets, blankets, and bedroom furniture– so it’s a one-stop shop for bedroom essentials. Let’s find out the benefits and drawbacks of Bedzy mattresses. 

Benefits Of Bedzy Mattresses

1. Huge Range Of Mattresses

Is there a one-size-fits solution when it comes to mattresses? Certainly not! Bedzy understands that, and that is why it sells mattresses of all kinds. 

That is to say, it sells mattresses in five sizes– single, king single, double, queen, and king. Besides, it offers mattresses of all firmness levels, ranging from medium or 5/10 to extra firm or 9/10. 

And if you’re looking for something more comfortable, its inflatable mattresses will come to your rescue. Delivering the right amount of comfort, they exert pressure on points where it’s needed, so you won’t wake up with a sore back. 

Furthermore, the brand doesn’t fall short of providing you with the type of mattress you need for a peaceful slumber. Pocket spring, cool gel memory foam, hybrid, pillow top, or euro top– no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to come across one on its website. 

2. Compatible With A Variety Of Bed Frames

All mattresses sold by Bedzy are compatible with bed frames of almost any company. As such, you won’t have to purchase a bed frame separately for the mattress you order from the brand. 

However, if you’re looking to upgrade to a new bed, Bedzy has got you covered with tons of headboards and bed heads and frames. What’s more, you’re spoilt for choices because they are available in three colours– grey, charcoal, and beige– which goes well with almost every decor. 

3. Eligible For Free Shipping

Irrespective of whichever mattress you opt for, Bedzy offers a free and fast shipping policy to most metro and regional postcodes. As soon as the order is confirmed, your mattress will be dispatched the next day, which might take up to four to five days to reach your doorstep. 

And if your mattress gets damaged or lost in transit, Bedzy promises to replace or offer a full refund– now that’s a new one! 

4. Covered By A Seven-Day Return Window

Whether you changed your mind or ordered the wrong mattress, Bedzy offers a seven-day return window to all its customers. As long as the product is unassembled and unused, the brand will happily take its mattress back and return your full money. 


1. No Trial Period

One of the first things we noticed was that Bedzy mattresses don’t come with a trial period as offered by other mattress brands. So, in case you order a mattress of the wrong size or firmness, you may not be able to return it to the brand. Of course, the lack of a trial period puts you at risk of losing your money. 

2. Every Mattress Isn’t Available In Every Firmness Level

While the brand offers mattresses from medium to extra firm options, chances are your favourite one may not come in the firmness level you need to sleep well. That’s because every mattress is available at different firmness levels; hardly will you come across a mattress that comes in all firmness levels. 

Bedzy Australia Vs Emma Sleep

Bedzy vs. Emma is a tough choice, especially when both have plenty to offer customers. However, we’ve identified a few key differences between the two to help you determine which one you should opt for. 

1. Trial Period

As previously mentioned, Bedzy doesn’t offer a trial period on its mattresses, so you won’t be eligible for refunds or replacements if you order the wrong mattress. 

Meanwhile, Emma allows you to try its mattresses for 100 nights, after which you can either keep it or return it. So, there’s no fear of losing money or ordering the wrong mattress from Emma. 

2. Warranty

Most mattresses we checked in Bedzy are only covered by a 12-month Australian warranty; none of them is covered by the brand warranty. However, Emma stands by its mattresses and offers customers a ten-year warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality of its products. 

3. Hypoallergenic

One area where Bedzy is a cut above Emma is that its mattresses are dust-resistant, meaning dust mites won’t thrive on its surfaces. On top of that, they are hypoallergenic, so you won’t spend the night coughing and sneezing.

Though free from harmful substances, Emma isn’t proven to be hypoallergenic. Hence, you’ll have to invest in the Emma Hypoallergenic Cover. However, we’d like to point out that Emma mattresses are OEKO-TEX Standard 100-certified, while Bedzy mattresses aren’t. 

Bedzy Mattresses Brands

Some of the brands you’ll come across on Bedzy websites are as follows:

1. Giselle Bedding

Giselle Bedding manufactures high-quality mattresses that provide ample support, superior comfort and undisturbed slumber. At Bedzy, you’ll find a plethora of mattresses that vary in thickness–Wendell, Alanya, Lotus, Rocco, Bonita, Rumba, and many more. 

The mattresses of Giselle Bedding are easy on the pockets, ranging between $189 and $399.95. While most are pocket spring mattresses, some are cool-gel spring or pillow-top mattresses. Best of all, these luxurious mattresses are hypoallergenic and are usually available in 6 or 6.5/10 firmness levels.

2. Dreamz mattress review

Looking for pocket spring mattresses that keep you cool and dry throughout the night? We suggest taking a look at Dreamz mattresses sold by Bedzy. 

Dreamz offers sleep solutions that are infused with cool-gel memory foam and pocket springs. Not only do its mattresses are super breezy, but they also minimise partner disturbance. Its mattress prices are slightly on the steeper side, ranging from $729.95 to $719.95. However, they are available at a huge discount, so you might as well grab the offer.

3. Bestway

Are you scouring for mattresses that come with adjustable firmness? Inflatable beds are the way to go in this case. Bestway is one of the leading brands whose beds are designed with a sturdy I-beam construction. 

As they are lightweight, you can take them wherever you go. Bestway beds are relatively affordable, starting from $159.95 to $229.95; at present, they are available at discounts, so check them out! 

Bedzy Bed Frames Brands

1. Gibson

Gibson bed frames are compatible with most Australian-sized mattresses and are perfect for people of all ages. Strong and sturdy, its frames are available for double, single, king single, and queen mattresses. Though the starting price is $299.95, you can get good discounts.

2. Leo

Want to add a stylish touch to your bedroom? Leo bed frames would be a perfect addition to your space. 

Their powder-coating finish adds an elegant touch to your room and complements the decor. Thanks to the metal frame, they are highly durable and will last for the coming years. 

Leo bed frames are sold from $299.95 to $679.95, but again, you’ll get good discounts.

Bedzy Bed Sheets Brands

1. Royal Comfort Bed Sheet Sets

Hunting for a bed sheet set that matches your bed frame while complementing your bedroom decor? In that case, check out Royal Comfort bed sheet sets on Bedzy. Charcoal, white, lilac grey, indigo, and sage green, to name a few, are some eye-catching colours that you can order from Bedzy. 

Each set comes with two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a flat sheet and is soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, and super-breathable. Most Royal Comfort bed sheets are easy on the pockets, starting from $99.95. 

2. Kensington

Made from long-stape, premium-grade 100% Egyptian cotton, Kensington bed sheet sets are exceptionally soft and highly breathable. From plain to stripes, they are available in various designs, so you’re spoilt for choices. However, they are slightly more expensive than Royal Comfort.

Final Thoughts

Though Bedzy has many options on offer, its mattresses aren’t covered by a trial period, as are Emma Mattresses. If you’re afraid of losing your hard-earned money on the wrong mattress, investing in the Emma Comfort Mattress would be the best decision.

This bed-in-a-box is cheaper compared to the mattresses offered by Bedzy because there are no middlemen involved. What’s more, it’s covered by a generous trial period and a longer warranty period of 10 years, which speaks volumes about its quality.