Giselle Mattress Review: are Giselle mattresses any good?


January 9, 2024

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This is our Giselle mattress review, Giselle Bedding, popular in Australia, offers a diverse range of mattresses catering to different sleeping needs. They're known for tailoring their products to individual preferences, including size, thickness, firmness, and spring type options like bonell and pocket springs. Their range extends from Single to King sizes with up to 36 cm thickness, providing ample support.

In our exploration of giselle bedding reviews, we've found that customers can choose between medium-firm and extra firm options, with euro top, pillow top, and tight top mattresses available for varied comfort levels. This versatility makes Giselle Bedding a standout in the mattress market. But the question is, are giselle mattresses any good?

Let’s delve deeper.

Giselle mattress review 

When shopping for mattresses, having multiple options is essential because people often have different preferences regarding firmness, thickness, and even quilting provided in mattresses. Most mattress brands tend to provide a few generic options, making it harder for people to find one based on their sleeping needs. 

However, things are quite different with Giselle mattresses as the brand specialises in designing products suited to your customised sleeping needs. It allows you to choose mattresses based on factors like their size, thickness, firmness, spring type, as well as the design of the top layer. 

Giselle Bedding stocks mattresses ranging in size from Single to King, so you'll definitely find one that fits your bed frame. And you can even get mattresses with a thickness of up to 36 cm for adequate support. 

One of the striking aspects of a Giselle mattress has to be their firmness. The brand lets you choose between medium-firm and extra firm options, which are available in most mattress designs. 

You won't need to worry about support as all the mattresses come with superior support technology, thanks to their well-designed spring systems. On that note, we would like to add that Giselle Bedding has two spring options, bonell and pocket. While bonell improves the performance of traditional springs, the latter encases the springs in individual pockets for increased support. 

Other key choices provided by Giselle Bedding are in the form of euro, pillow, and tight mattresses. The pillow top mattresses have a plush quilted layer stitched to the top for extra comfort, while those with tight tops have a thinner fabric layer. In the euro top mattresses, an extra layer of padding is placed under the mattress cover for additional support. 

Benefits of Giselle mattresses 

1. Wide range of options

What's impressive about Giselle Bedding is its availability of options. You can find almost all kinds of mattresses, including innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam variants. We were especially impressed by the popular hybrid options as the brand has tried its best to create several designs to deliver a soothing night of sleep for all types of sleepers. 

Giselle Bedding carries more than 20 mattress series' on its website, which vary in spring choice, thickness, firmness, and size options. You'll surely be spoiled with choices, but don't worry, as the brand does a good job of providing suitable filters to narrow down mattresses based on your preferred features. 

2. High-quality materials

One of the best things in all Giselle mattresses, irrespective of their price or design choices, is the use of high-quality materials. As the brand prioritises the experience of each customer, it designs mattresses with superior materials like knitted jacquard, high-carbon steel springs, and Belgium knitted fabric, to name a few. 

That's not all, as many of the mattresses are built with the best available hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial materials to care for your health. Each mattress is treated with dust and mould resistance to make them long-lasting, while maintaining their quality even in a hot and humid environment. 

Giselle Bedding also restricts the use of harmful chemicals to ensure that your children and pets enjoy using the mattresses without any worries. 

3. Comfortable sleeping experience 

There's no use in investing in an expensive mattress if it doesn't provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience. Thankfully, that isn't true for Giselle mattresses, as the brand does its best to integrate comfort into each product. All the top options available from the brand are extremely comfortable and don't sag over time. 

Each layer of materials is stacked in a way to hug and adjust to your body while sleeping. At the same time, some mattresses come with technologies like zonal weight distribution and zero partner disturbance for interruption-free sleep. We also need to mention that temperature regulation is excellent in almost all variants of Giselle mattresses, thanks to breathable foam and fabric materials. 

Drawbacks of Giselle mattresses 

1. Medium-firm mattresses tend to be softer 

By going through the customer experiences of the brand, we realised that the medium-firm mattresses of Giselle Bedding tend to be on the softer side. This isn't necessarily bad, as the brand offers multiple firmness options for most mattress models. The medium-firm mattress would suit those who like a softer sleeping surface and don't mind a bit of sinkage. 

2. Lacks trial period  

One feature that's missing with Giselle mattresses is the presence of a trial period. It's not uncommon for brands to provide a 100-day trial period for consumers to test a mattress to its full potential before committing to it. However, Giselle Bedding encourages customers to contact them if the mattress cannot provide the expected sleeping experience. 

Giselle bedding review

Giselle Bedding Queen Size 800GSM Goose Down Feather Quilt:This luxurious quilt, priced at $158.99, is designed for ultimate comfort. The 800GSM rating indicates a high density of goose down feathers, ensuring a plush and cozy feel. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a warm and sumptuous quilt for cooler nights​​.

Giselle Bedding Queen Size 500GSM Goose Down Feather Quilt:A slightly lighter option, this quilt has a 500GSM rating and costs $124.99. It's filled with goose down feathers, providing a comfortable balance of warmth and breathability. This quilt would be suitable for moderate climates or for those who prefer a quilt that is warm yet not too heavy​​.

Giselle Bedding Duck Down Feather Quilt 500GSM Queen Size:Also priced at $124.99, this quilt is filled with duck down feathers and has a 500GSM rating. It offers a similar comfort level to the goose down option but with the unique softness and insulation properties of duck down. It's a great alternative for those who enjoy the feel of down but are looking for a more cost-effective option​​.

There are a few other quilts from Giselle Bedding provides different levels of warmth and comfort, catering to a variety of preferences and needs.

Final words 

We can say that it's definitely worth getting a Giselle mattress for a comfortable sleeping experience. Thanks to the use of innovative sleeping technology, mattresses are able to cater to the diverse needs of sleepers by providing head-to-toe body support. 

And the numerous reviews left by customers support the claims made by the brand and its goal to provide undisturbed rest to everyone. Giselle Bedding further provides impeccable service through its responsive customer support and can even help you choose a suitable mattress for your bed. 

However, in their price range, it definitely worth checking our Emma comfort mattress review, or even checking out the Zinus on Amazon.