Home Republic bamboo cotton (best hybrid)

If you are looking for a versatile bed sheet that can easily tackle the hotter seasons, this Home Republic set with natural fibres might be ideal. In fact, these might be the best bamboo sheets available, and they offer ultimate comfort to sleepers even on hot Aussie nights. 

The bamboo and cotton sheet set is a hybrid of the two fibres and comes in all mattress fitting options. This combination is for sleepers who appreciate quality, function and bedroom style. 

What You Get

If you select the Home Republic sheet set, you get a fitted sheet, flat sheet and standard set of two pillowcases. The construction of this range is 600 thread count sateen, with a bias towards bamboo. The result is a silky smooth and unique surface sheen fabric. 

There's a variety of modern colours, with a new and updated selection of neutral tones. And generous sizing to fit any size of the bed.


There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the fabric choices this brand has decided to make. Don’t get us wrong; we are loving every bit of the unique hybrid that contains a blend of cotton and bamboo. Because the majority of the structure is bamboo, the sheet is soft and light, breathable, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and temperature regulating. 

This also makes the bamboo sheet resistant to odour, mould, and bacteria, thus, protecting your skin from developing allergic reactions due to sweat. Apart from being naturally hypoallergenic, the organic bamboo fibre is eco-friendly and yields up to 10 times more fibre than cotton per acre. It needs less than 1/10 of the water cotton needs to grow. 

Its sustainable manufacturing system recycles and reuses water to minimise waste and does not use harmful chemicals.

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

Shipping is free for all standard orders above $150, and the company also has a policy if you’d like to return the bed sheets. Whether you purchase the product online or in-store, you get a window period of 60 days to request for returns. There are massive discounts online, so click the 'Get Discount Code' to see the updated prices.

Adairs fresh cotton sheet (best cotton)

Adairs cotton sheets come in 12 different colours and fun designs that merge into their fitted sheets. The cotton sheets are a fine percale weave made of pure cotton with a tight, crispy finish that is smooth upon touch. Plus, the natural qualities of cotton absorb moisture and balance body temperature, guaranteeing a delightful night's sleep. 

Adairs fresh cotton sheets are tumble dry-friendly and machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, and get softer with each wash allowing for refreshed sleep each night. Customers who have previously purchased from this brand swear by the fibre quality and sensory appeal. They also liked that the colours represented on the website were fairly accurate.

What You Get

Similar to other brands, purchasing one set will give you one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and standard pillowcase/s. Besides, there is no shortage of sizing options available in this store. Customers can find all the standard mattress sizes in one concise place with a few unusual sizes like Super Queen too.


The materials used to make these bed sheets are crisp and smooth to touch. The percale weave cotton fabric usually feels tighter instead of its flowy counterparts. One can say that the bed sheet feels like a piece of cloth that has been freshly ironed. Due to this property, these bed sheets are great for use as hotel sheets.

The good thing about selecting this option is the decent colour and design range to choose from. You can select from neutrals like stem, sand, white, fleck grey, cloud grey, coal, and blue tile. If the room needs a bit more colour, you can always go for dusty blue and lotus, which is a pale pink bed sheet. 

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

If you become a member of this website, you can avail of several benefits that are not available to non-members. For instance, if regular customers get free shipping over $150 worth of purchases, members do not have a budget limit for receiving free deliveries. 

Other than that, joining the community of the “Linen Lovers Rewards Program” gives you the advantage of saving more through discounts. While regular customers get a 60-day window to return products, “Linen Lovers” get 90 days.

Hibertex French linen sheet (best linen)

Linen is a textile made from the fibres from the flax plant. France and Belgium are regarded to have the best climates for growing the flax plant, and Hibertex linen uses the purest flax fibre from France. The fabric appears more relaxed and drapes perfectly over the bed giving a premium feel.

Hibertex further focuses on the intersection of modern design, affordability and community. Everything they sell has one goal in mind- to help customers express their style at home and in the world. You can currently choose from eight different colours in the linen section.

What You Get

Making a purchase from this brand guarantees the best sheets for hot summer nights. The European flax linen material keeps the body cool and prevents overheating when the room gets too hot. The four-piece set, including fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases, have a luxurious texture that can only manifest in genuine flax.

These French flax linen sheets have a comfortable texture and are easy to machine wash. The fabric allows effortless maintenance, and it can withstand everyday wear and tear. But, be gentle while cleaning because linen is somewhat delicate, so stick to using lukewarm water in the washing machine.


Linen is a natural fibre that is super absorbent, and it can absorb the moisture of 20 times its weight. Linen sheets have hygroscopicity that is 50 times stronger than ordinary cotton fibre, which can actively help to keep the skin dry and comfortable.

Finally, there is no comparison to sleeping in linen. Cool in the summer and cosy in winter, this linen fabric has a super soft handle that only gets better with age. 

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

The best linen sheets are delivered to you packed in reusable and environmentally-friendly packaging. Customers were pretty satisfied with the product they received, and several said that it exceeded their expectations. 

Since the bed sheet comes with a beautiful cover, you can gift this item to family and friends over the holidays without hesitation.

Sheet set by Wake In Cloud (best budget)

Wake In Cloud sheets come in a range of colours and are under $50. What's great is that it's not just the sheet you get, but the set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The sheets are made of soft microfibre, and the fitted sheet is elastic around the edges with a depth of 35cm. Hence, the bed sheet is sure to fit the thickest hybrid mattress. 

Maintenance for the sheets is also pretty easy; just machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, and do not bleach. Because of the price and functionality, these sheets are a bestseller on most third-party websites.

What You Get

Upon purchase, you get a complete set of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases in microfibre fabric. Getting the right size should not be a problem because the company creates most standard sizes - twin, full, queen, and king. 

Thoughtful details like all-around elastic ensure the sheets never slip off the mattress while you’re using it. Plus, it also has deep pockets which will fit most mattress sizes. 


Unlike cotton, which is a naturally occurring fibre, microfibre is made of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon or wood pulp. Because this company uses synthetic fibres, the bed sheet costs are pretty low, but they are still soft like any other sheet.

Finely woven for creating comfortable sheets, microfibre bed sheets are less likely to wrinkle and shrink as compared to cotton counterparts. The fabric is also much more durable, resistant to wear, and to some extent, stain proof. Yet, the fabric feels soft upon touch even though it is not as breathable as cotton.

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

If you purchase bed sheets directly from the website, you get additional discounts, so check that out to compare prices. Signing up for the newsletter alone gives you 10% off on the first order. In case you change your mind about the bed sheet, a period of 30 days is allotted to request for return.

However, the company only accepts returned items if they are in the original packing, unused, and unwashed. The shipping fee will not be refunded, but the product amount should be returned to the customer.

Daniel Brighton cotton sheet

Imagine sleeping in luxury cotton bed sheets that cost no more than $50. No, you’re not dreaming; Daniel Brighton sheets have exceptional quality control on their cotton blends while remaining affordable on the market. Essentially, Daniel Brighton sheets are designed with the perfect balance of softness and durability.

The 1,000 thread count of the cotton sheets gives a feather-soft feel like the kind you'd see in upmarket hotels. The sheets also come in a variety of modern colours that will match any bedroom. We made this pick for customers who love value for money, and at this affordable price, they should be on everyone's list. 

What You Get

With some of the softest sheets you’ll find, this brand offers the typical flat sheet, fitter sheet and pillowcase offerings. All standard sizes are available and are compatible with most modern mattresses. 


This bed sheet is made of a fabric known as polycotton which is a blend of polyester and cotton. Different companies like to use varying ratios, but cotton is on the higher side for most polycotton fabrics. Since the material is quite strong and comparable to plastic, it is not likely to tear easily over the years.

Thus, you can use this bed sheet in bedrooms that need frequent changing, like kids' bedrooms. Plus, this fabric is low maintenance and handles washing in machines and dryers effectively. To keep the fabric looking the same for a longer time, make sure to follow the company instructions. Good care will delay the pilling of the fabric, something that is often seen in polycotton blends. 

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

Third-party websites create their own rules regarding delivery time and refund policies. So, it is best to check these details on the website you are purchasing from. Most third-party online stores allow for exchange of the items that are unopened and unused. This is especially true for bed sheets so as to maintain hygiene policies. 

However, some websites insist that the packaging should be intact and not damaged in any way. If you change your mind about the mattress, try to return it before opening the packaging. Usually, shipping the product will take two to five business days in metro cities, but it may differ based on availability. Rural and remote area shipping can take three to ten business days.

Pure bamboo sheets (best bamboo)

Bamboo sheets are soft and silky, naturally breathable and comfortable to sleep in. Pure bamboo is made from the highest quality organic, 100% bamboo making it an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic bedding material. So, these sheets are perfect if you want a soft and cosy feel with a cool night’s sleep.

Notably, this sheet set is no less than luxury for the summer seasons since it has a naturally breathable quality that cools you while you sleep. The moisture-wicking property of bamboo keeps moisture away from your body and helps you sleep peacefully without waking up in a pool of sweat.

Interestingly, bamboo has the ability to replenish in three years with less amount of water while avoiding chemical treatments. This eco-friendly nature of the bedding makes it a responsible choice over synthetic fibres.

What You Get

With Pure bamboo sheets, you get a fitted sheet set, including flat sheets and pillowcases. The bamboo sheet has a nice depth and an elastic bottom that ensures the users a perfect fit that stays in place. The sateen weave with 300 thread count provides a softer feel than many other sheets with a higher thread count.

With a multitude of soothing colours, like ivory, charcoal, stone grey, sand, sterling blue, and striped patterns, you can select based on your mood and room space. 


These bed sheets are crafted from 100% organic bamboo and meet the OEKO-TEX standard certification. The bamboo bedding also underwent several checks to determine they are free of harmful chemicals.
This inherently gives the sheets hypoallergenic properties since it is free from pesticides or fertilisers. In addition, bamboo is highly resistant to dust mites and is considered antimicrobial and antibacterial. Thus, one can sleep through the hot nights without disturbance from allergy-causing agents.

Overall, this brand offers the best bamboo sheets, which are pure and never blended with other fabrics so that the quality is maintained to the optimum.

Delivery, Policies And Warranties

Each time you purchase a bamboo sheet set, you get a risk-free lifetime guarantee for the product. Plus, the sheet set comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not absolutely love it. Apart from the shipping fee, you can get a full refund if you request the customer service team.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right kind of bed sheets can entirely alter the appearance of your bedroom. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider your options instead of making a hasty selection. We don’t want you to end up with a bed sheet that you will not like in the long run. This is why we have produced a comprehensive bed sheet buying guide at your disposal.

While most buyers have a working knowledge of fabric types and have a decided budget, there are plenty of other factors that you need to consider. Check this helpful list to figure out the type of bed sheet you need, and you won’t need to visit any other list afterwards-

1. Bedroom Style

This might seem like a strange thing to say, but the bed sheet cannot be separated from the entire room. Essentially, you need to have a theme in mind for the room before you start bed sheet shopping. If you are refurbishing a room for a child, there is no doubt that the fabric should be more durable and resistant to tears. 

Since children are likely to make messes, the sheets should be able to withstand frequent machine washing. It goes without saying that the bed sheet size should be adequate enough to spread comfortably on the bed. However, we’ll discuss more about bed sheet sizes later. We want you to visualise the room, its colours, and textures which will make the selection process a breeze.

If you are remodelling the room and getting a fresh piece of everything, consider buying the bed sheets, pillow cases, and quilt covers as a set. This way, you will get a set of matches, and it will turn out to save on money too. 

2. Fabric Type/ Material

a) Cotton

The go-to fabric for most homes is cotton, and it's hard to beat the comfort and familiarity of using freshly washed cotton bed sheets. Cotton bed sheets are also pretty durable and easy to maintain, making them a popular option for most beds. 

Using cotton for bed sheets makes sense because the fibres are soft and warm to the touch and suit all skin types. People with sensitive skin and allergies can use cotton sheets without breaking into a rash. Its breathable qualities allow air to flow through the sheets and prevent sweat accumulation on a hot night. 

b) Polycotton

The blend of cotton with polyester gives you a comfortable and durable fabric- polycotton. This cotton blend gives you a lightweight fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. 

One benefit of using polycotton over other materials is that it dries incredibly quickly and retains proper shape after washing and drying. This makes it the perfect bed sheet for summer since it absorbs moisture.

c) Linen

Made of flax fibres, linen bed sheets are breathable and absorbent, anti-static, durable, and eco-friendly. Linen bed sheets have a unique texture to them that gives the fabric an elegant drape 

d) Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is regarded as a high-quality fabric that has a tight weave that gives it a polished appearance. The material is soft and light, but it is strong enough to withstand regular use as a bed sheet. According to customers, the best part of using this fabric is the minimal ironing required and the comfort it provides in hot weather.

e) Bamboo Fibre

People love to use bamboo fibres when they are conscious of the environment and trying to introduce sustainable changes in lifestyle. The fabric is breathable and soft yet durable and pliable. The fibres are hypoallergenic, and people with sensitive skin will have no issues using this material.

f) Polyester Or Synthetic

If you are looking for durable, stain-resistant, shrink and wrinkle-free bed sheets, consider buying polyester or synthetic. The fabric might perform better in colder regions because it does not absorb moisture and helps maintain heat. Keep in mind that the material may not be as comfortable, but they are usually cheaper. 

3. Weave Type

a) Flannelette 

Flannelette or flannel is a warm and soft fabric that is created but weaving yarn slightly looser. This gives it a soft touch and retains heat during colder nights.

b) Percale

Essentially, percale is a plain weave that is made using combed cotton. The threads are woven tightly, which forms a finely textured, crisp, and matte bed sheet. Despite the crisp feel, it allows airflow and feels cool on the skin.

c) Jacquard

This weave type raises warp threads to form a pattern and generally involves using more than one colour. The patterns have elegant textures that appeal to the eye more than printed bed sheets. Jacquard may not be an everyday bed sheet since it can get quite expensive.

4. Thread count

In the fabric world, we determine fabric quality by noting the thread count. In simple terms, the higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the sheet will feel. Realistically speaking, bed sheets for daily use will not have a thread count higher than 500. 

A range of 200-300 should be good enough, but don’t worry about this aspect too much. There is no rule that says a higher thread count equals more durability.

5. Fabric Details And Colour

Details like applique, embroidery and print are used to beautify bed sheets. The applique method, for instance, involves adding pieces of fabric in an elegant pattern. Embroidery can be handmade or machine-made, but handmade ones are exclusive and pricey. 

Otherwise, you always have the soothing prints that most regular bed sheets seem to have. In the end, fabric details, texture, and colour are a matter of personal preference. If you have a colour scheme in the bedroom, add a matching bed sheet for a harmonious look.

6. Size

This should be obvious, but we’ll mention it anyway - buy a bed sheet that matches the dimensions of the bed and mattress. It is easy to miss the mark if you eyeball the fitting, and people often get the depth wrong. 

Insufficient depth will pull the bed sheet out of place, and you’ll need to rearrange it repeatedly. Thus, make a note of the mattress length, width, and depth when you buy them and use these dimensions while getting bed sheets.

7. Warranties And Return Policies

Some companies offer limited period warranties for bed sheets, and you need to scan through the online store to find these companies. One or two-year warranties can help you relax knowing that faulty products will be compensated for. 

Trials are not an option for most bed sheets due to hygiene issues, so look for the availability of refund policies. This way, you have the option to get refunds in case the product does not meet your requirements. 

Final Verdict

We’ve reached the end of the list and buying guide for the best bed sheet options in Australia. Here’s hoping that you enjoyed looking at our selection and found a few that you liked. Once other aspects of bedding like mattresses are decided for the new bedroom, selecting a bed sheet should be easier. 

Remember to choose a bed sheet in a size that complements your mattress and carefully consider the fabric. Also note that natural fibres are much more breathable than synthetic fabrics, but synthetic options tend to be more cost-effective and durable. After this, other details like colour and design are entirely up to your taste.

Take a call; we’re sure you’ll make the right choice. Cheers!