Bed in a Box Shop Review


January 9, 2024

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Getting the right amount of rest is crucial for your productivity, focus, and overall health, both mentally and physically. A big part of nailing that restful sleep is picking out a good bed, and let's not forget, the mattress is the star of the show here.

While traditional spring mattresses are still pretty popular, there's been a growing buzz around mattresses from the Bed in a Box Shop. Now, don't get it twisted – the Bed in a Box Shop is an actual company, not to be confused with the general concept of a 'mattress in a box'. These guys offer mattresses that come with a trial period, which is super handy. But even with that trial, it's smart to shop around and compare different brands to find the most comfortable fit for you. Testing every brand out there can get a bit much, so doing your homework by reading up on the details and customer reviews is key. And remember, stick to buying from reputable, official sites.

Buying a mattress from the Bed in a Box Shop has its perks, but there are also a few downsides to consider.

So, let's break down some of the pros and cons of these mattresses to help you make an informed decision.

Are Bed in a Box Shop mattresses any good?

Benefits of Bed in a Box Shop


These mattresses are convenient since you don't have to leave your home to get one. You save on gas since you can press a few buttons and the manufacturer will deliver your mattress.

Bed in a Box Shop manufacturers use technology that helps them shrink the mattress to manageable sizes, reducing their size and weight and making them easy to move and set up. If you live in an apartment building with narrow hallways, a mattress in a box would be much easier to carry than a traditional mattress.

Since they come in a box, all you have to do is open it up and break the airtight bag that contains the mattress. The memory foam will allow air to move in, giving the mattress its proper shape.

Great Prices

A Bed in a Box Shop mattress is an excellent purchase since its manufacturers offer fantastic discounts. The mattress is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your home, eliminating the middleman, which gives the manufacturers some leeway when offering discounts.

You also save on any transportation charges that moving a traditional mattress might have incurred. This includes saving on gas and the time you might have spent visiting stores to find an ideal mattress for your bed.

Though some of these mattresses can get quite pricey, they're still a lot more affordable when compared to traditional mattresses of the same quality. The high reliance on online transactions goes a long way in giving you options for great prices.


If you suffer from dust and pollen allergies, Bed in a Box Shop has the mattress you should consider. The memory foam used to make them doesn't let allergens attach to it and will give you a great, peaceful sleep throughout the night.

This is an excellent benefit since allergies can significantly prevent you from getting a night's sleep. Bed in a Box Shop hypoallergenic mattresses are manufactured with dense structures and other hypoallergenic properties.

Free Delivery

Bed in a Box Shop offers free delivery of your mattress in a box to anywhere in Australia. Delivery is free anywhere in Australia if their delivery vendors have a route through your area. However, it is vital to confirm through their website to ensure that your city is covered. Delivery takes between 7 - 21 business days, depending on your city.

Wide Variety

Bed in a Box Shop mattresses come in a wide variety of options for your benefit. The manufacturers only offer you enough options for choice, but not many that can confuse you. These varieties address the different needs of each customer. Their mattress ranges cater to side, back, and stomach sleepers, hot and cool sleepers, and others. In addition, their ranges have various bed sizes and hardness levels.

It would help if you looked at other features, such as cooling gel layers for hot sleepers and copper-infused layers that help regulate heat as you sleep. In addition, the manufacturers focus on configuring foam layers to help improve comfort and support.

Free Trials

Given that it's impossible to try out a Bed in a Box Shop mattress before purchasing it, you can make a good decision. Bed in a Box Shop offers trial periods of either 70 or 100 days. If you don't like the mattress, you can return it for a full refund before the warranty period is up. Since getting the mattress back in the box can be tricky, you'll need to contact the manufacturer and come up with a pickup date. Though the risk-free trial is advantageous for you as a consumer, it also improves sales since it's appealing.

Moreso, Bed in a Box Shop donates all returned mattresses to a local charity. However, they should be in prime condition, and you should use a mattress cover during the trial phase.

Memory Foam

Bed in a Box Shop mattress design uses memory foam, making them ideal for improved posture while sleeping. The memory foam helps support your spine and neck as you sleep to ensure perfect relaxation.

Memory foam uses your body's pressure and heat to create a mold of your body when you're sleeping. This will improve your comfort and result in sound sleep. Once you wake up, the mattress automatically returns to its original shape.

They also make these mattresses using latex, making them bouncy and firmer than those made with memory foam. Latex Bed in Box mattresses are a fantastic option for hot sleepers since they don't trap heat, and you can even opt for a hybrid mattress to enjoy both benefits.

Drawbacks of a Bed in a Box


Most Bed in a Box Shop mattresses have a peculiar smell, especially when they're new. The scent is quite strong when you unbox your mattress. Manufacturers refer to this as off-gassing, a temporary problem that will fade.

If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you should be wary of this. You can air it out for a couple of days before using it to be on the safe side. Once your mattress has fully inflated in a few days, this odour will gradually fade away. Off-gassing results from the materials used in making the Bed in a Box Shop mattress.

Not for Hot Sleepers

Some Bed in a Box Shop mattresses are designed to trap heat to help with increasing support and comfort. However, if you're a hot sleeper, you might not enjoy using this mattress. Since their design restricts air circulation and traps heat, this mattress will have you turning and tossing all night long. Though these mattresses might be affordable, some are not worth the hassle if you're a hot sleeper.

Bed in a Box Shop vs Emma Sleep

The Bed in a Box Shop and Emma mattresses may have some similarities but many distinguishing features. The former stocks mattresses in a box, whereas Emma stocks traditional mattresses. Both brands feature award-winning mattresses in their ranges. Bed in a Box Shop offers customers various options, such as And Sleep, Slumbr, and Sleep Firm. The Sleep Prime mattress has won an award for the best premium mattress in a box.

However, Emma Comfort is the top, award-winning product from the Emma brand. The Emma mattresses have zero motion transfer, as they use the best of Geran technology to manufacture them. Their durability, cool sleeping, and OEKO-TEX certification give them an edge over other brands.

Other Mattress Brands to Consider


Koala is one of Australia's most famous mattress brands, mainly due to how they introduced their new bed-in-a-box mattresses. However, apart from selling mattresses, they also sell office, dining room, and other bedroom furniture.

For the past few years, the company has pulled out new mattress designs to choose from. What’s common in all three mattresses is the perfect firm and durable foam. The foam design is of their own – namely Kloudcell foam. This foam is great for temperature regulation, sturdy support, and foam springs.

Generally, mattresses have a cover layer and two internal layers. The cover layer rids the mattress of moisture to keep it dry and temperature regulated for you. Koala Calm As mattress uses the Coolmax fibre innovation for heat regulation. On the other hand, the Koala Soul Mate mattress uses Sensapole fibre to regulate the sleeper’s body temperature.

The first inner layer maintains the overall firmness of the mattress as it gives medium-firm and firm options depending on which flip side you sleep on.

The second inner layer adds support for your back, providing pressure relief for your shoulders and hips while keeping your core firm around the spine.

Koala Soul Mate mattress has a third and fourth layer as well. The third layer has a soft charcoal bamboo memory foam to help regulate air through the mattress while having antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. At the same time, the fourth layer follows a ‘zero disturbance’ rule which prevents body pain by adapting the springs to your body shape and stature. It also reduces side dipping, thus helping you maintain a steady posture.

Nearly 95% of Koala’s mattress users gave it a stellar rating of four or five stars out of five. The mattresses are perfect for front and back sleepers, given the mattress’s firm nature. However, since Koala’s mattresses are firm, some rare reviews were about the mattress being a bit hard.


Emma is a very popular mattress brand in the Australian furniture sector. Emma won the top mattress by CHOICE for 2021 and 2022. They offer three kinds of mattresses. Emma mattresses include comfort premium, all-form comfort, and diamond hybrid mattresses. All these mattresses include cooling and heat regulation. Furthermore, they include back support for people with back problems. Overall, Emma’s customers are generally very satisfied with the products and their price worth.

Emma’s comfort mattress has a breathable fibre cover to help keep your body in a comfortable, dry temperature range. The first layer uses Airgocell foam, so the mattress adapts to your body curves and causes low partner disturbance. The second layer provides pressure relief and keeps your hips and shoulders relaxed.

The premium comfort mattress is antimicrobial and prevents allergies with its elastic and machine-washable cover. The layer of Airgocell helps ventilate cool air, and the adaptive foam helps cradle your body while offering pressure relief. The next two layers provide you with five ergonomic areas where the springs support your body posture while supporting the above layers.

Hybrid diamond mattress’s graphite foam has diamond and graphite nanoparticles for temperature regulation and heat dissipation. Another layer offers body contouring while spreading your body pressure throughout the foam. The last layer adapts to your body in a way to provide maximum middle-back support.

Emma has overall great reviews with only a few reviews about the delivery system, but no major problem turned up according to the customers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, buying a mattress in a box is an excellent idea since it saves you money and time. With the elimination of the middleman, you can deal directly with the manufacturers, who offer great prices and delivery services.

Emma Comfort and other mattress in a box brands focus on fast delivery processes and producing great quality mattresses. The materials they use help improve the mattress and make it a great place to rest after a long day of hard work.

The availability of an extended trial period is another excellent reason why mattress in a box brands such as Emma Comfort are a great choice. You also have an extended warranty to help you quickly try out your mattress in a box. You can always return it if it doesn't work out as you had hoped, as long as your warranty is still valid.