Latex Mattress Australia Review: 4 Mattresses Examined

Latex Mattress Australia Review: 4 Mattresses Examined


October 25, 2022

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The quality of our day starts the night prior, so it’s important to rest and recuperate to stay healthy and be productive at work.

After a hard day’s work , we deserve a quality night’s sleep to reduce our  stress, anxiety and tension. However, your hopes of a good night’s sleep can be easily shattered if the mattress you own is subpar in terms of support and comfort.

Luckily, the Australian market has some of the best latex mattresses for all sleepers, with many of the highest quality  products being offered by Latex Mattress Australia. Latex Mattress Australia  has been around since 1955, and over the years, it has perfected the art of manufacturing  luxurious and premium-quality latex mattresses.

Read on to discover why a latex mattress from Latex Mattress Australia is a good choice. 

Latex Mattress Review


Latex Mattress Australia has been manufacturing latex mattresses in Brisbane, Australia since 1955. A family-owned and operated business, although they  primarily sell latex mattresses, you can purchase other complementary  products such as latex toppers, latex pillows, sheets, and protectors. 

At a brief glance, the brand may not look that interesting, but when it comes to choosing a natural latex mattress, there’s more to this brand than meets the eye. It is held in high regard by Australian consumers and some of the best features of this brand are:

  • Mattresses developed with over 65 years of research
  • Uses high-quality natural materials 
  • Mattresses crafted to order, according to your individual requirements
  • Mattresses feature 7-zoned latex mattresses for optimal back support
  • May assist with hip and shoulder pain
  • Integrates natural cooling properties 
  • The mattresses are highly durable
  • Offers superior support 
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Tried-and-tested natural Dunlop latex



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Hand-crafted in Brisbane - Australian made
  • No chemicals or toxins
  • 21-year guarantee 
  • Delivers all over Australia


  • Quality costs. You'll pay more than the price of a budget mattress

What Are The Latex Mattress Australia Products Made?

Instead of using synthetic latex, the brand uses pure and natural latex as the primary component in all its mattresses. The liquid latex is sourced organically from rubber trees grown in sustainable plantations in Malaysia. The latex is certainly a healthy choice, as it is free from harmful chemicals and polyurethanes. 

The overall firmness levels range from soft to medium-firm, depending on each individuals’ requirements. Each mattress is manufactured to order, ensuring each customer achieves optimal spinal support and quality sleep. 

None of the mattresses is of hybrid design, ensuring  that no other material apart from latex has been used. Moreover, all the materials have been handcrafted which ensures the highest attention to detail. 

Only the finest natural materials are used -  free from toxins and polyurethane foam, allowing you to sleep healthy by reducing exposure to harmful substances. 

The latex used is certified by Eco-Institute as 100% pure and natural.

Featured Brands


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$759 $607



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Emma Mattress

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$1,149 $574.50



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What Are They Like To Sleep On?

Latex Mattress Australia makes four different mattresses, which are:

  • Pure Indulgence
  • Pure Comfort 
  • Pure Support
  • Pure Trio

The Pure Trio features a removable and washable Tencel™ cover,  while the Pure Support mattress is encased  with soft bamboo cover.. The Pure Trio and Pure Support are the entry point mattresses offered by the brand. The brand’s most popular Pure Comfort and Pure Indulgence mattresses feature Eden Quilting but the former has sustainably-sourced Tencel™ while the latter features luxurious pure silk.

All the mattresses deliver optimum comfort due to high-quality, pure, and natural latex in the core layers. The brand manufactures the latex using the time-tested and traditional Dunlop method for supreme comfort, pain relief, and proper spinal alignment.



King Single




What is the Investment?

We have arrived at one of the most important aspects, which is the cost. The cost of a Latex Mattress Australia mattress are slightly higher than other companies, mainly because of two reasons.

It is a known fact that mattresses made from latex are considerably more expensive than memory foam mattresses or innerspring mattresses. This can be attributed to the complex procedure that is used for extracting latex from a rubber tree and forming latex into a mould for a latex mattress.

Another reason for such high prices is the brand reputation and that all mattresses are handcrafted in Australia. Latex Mattress Australia is considered one of the oldest and best latex mattress manufacturers in the country. With that in mind, we have discussed the price ranges for the different latex mattresses offered by the brand below.

  • Pure Trio: $2,093 - $3,633
  • Pure Support: $3,497 - $6,997
  • Pure Comfort: $4,897 - $9,797
  • Pure Indulgence: $7,797 - $16,497



King single




Bonus Features

1. Double-sided and reversible 

The Pure Indulgence, Pure Comfort and Pure Support mattresses are all double-sided and reversible, ensuring even wear and tear over the lifespan. The Pure Comfort and Pure Indulgence feature handles on each side, ensuring flipping and rotating is a breeze. 

2. White Glove Service

This brand provides white glove services to its customers in many locations, which means that two people are assigned to deliver and install your new mattress quickly. What’s more, they will remove the mattress packaging and dispose of your old mattress for greater convenience.

3. 21-Year Guarantee 

With every mattress, you get a full 21-year guarantee. So, if you notice any kind of damage or defect in the mattress during this time, the mattress will be repaired or replaced.

Is a Latex Mattress The Right Choice For You?

If you look at the latex mattress reviews of the brand, you will see that consumers are experiencing a comfortable sleep, and enjoy the customisable options despite the slightly higher prices. Furthermore, the customer service offered sets Latex Mattress Australia apart from the rest. This makes the brand’s latex mattresses good for a long-term investment in your health and wellbeing. 

The mattresses are neither too firm nor too soft and keep you cool even during the hot summer months.

Final Words

In short, the mattresses offered by Latex Mattress Australia are definitely worth the investment. Yes, we admit that the prices can be a bit steep but if you can afford it, then you should go for it due to the superior comfort and long-lasting support. 

Likewise, with the supportive quality of pure and natural latex, you won’t have to worry about allergies or waking up with a backache the next morning. The advantages we have discussed highlight many positives when sleeping on a mattress from Latex Mattress Australia, ensuring you will achieve a quality night’s sleep for many years to come. You can check it out here.