Andoo Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Will an Andoo Australia mattresses help you sleep? It's the secret to a healthy and happy life, and a quality mattress can make all the difference, guaranteeing heavenly sleep.

They soothe tired muscles and contour your body so that you wake up rejuvenated for the new day. There was a time when getting a new mattress was stressful, but now, it's all at your fingertips. 

Online stores have cut down on the cost of mattresses since they don't have to maintain a physical store. Even the assembly has now been made easier by stores like Andoo, as they prioritise holistic customer support. 

If you are thinking about changing your mattress, this article discusses whether it would be prudent to opt for brands available on Andoo.

Are Andoo Mattresses Any Good?

Benefits Of Andoo Mattresses

Andoo is a premier brand in the area of home furnishings and appliances. They have a wide range of products to suit all your remodelling needs and a Feel Good value promise that ensures only the best quality for customers.

Andoo stands out due to its customer service and promises 1-day delivery, absolutely free of cost. You don't even need to worry about assembly because that service is also included in the price itself. 

It even does free removal of old products and promises sustainable management of discarded items. Another highlight of shopping from Andoo is the 24*7 customer support for a quick response to your queries via email, chat, or call.  


Even with impeccable customer service, there are certain pitfalls. The website doesn't offer any warranty from its end or provide specifics about the quality check process apart from the brand names of the offered mattresses. 

Further, the mattresses offered are not supplied in a box, which can be problematic during product delivery. And although the website promises competitive pricing for the mattresses, a comparison with other online stores shows that Andoo prices are on the higher side. 

Andoo Vs. Emma Mattresses

The main reason it’s best to choose mattresses from online stores is due to the availability of box mattresses. The ease in manoeuvrability just adds to the ease of installation, all the while ensuring that the mattress stays fresh through the delivery process. 

This issue is solved with Emma Mattresses, undisputedly the top mattress on the market right now. The Emma Comfort mattress has been awarded Australia's Top Scoring Mattress for the second year in a row now, having replaced Emma original from its 2020 win. 

Quality-wise the comfort that Emma offers is unmatched. With standout features like Zero motion technology, supportive HRX foam, and a temperature-regulating cover, you will have no complaints or sleepless nights.

From quick delivery to free installation, mattresses from Emma check all the boxes. Emma's online store also offers great deals and offers on their sales, making the products an absolute steal deal. 

Moreover, Emma mattresses have a 100 nights trial period offer. If by the end of this period you don't find a mattress suiting you, the brand promises a free return and a full refund.

But Andoo mattresses are available in several sizes, combined with fast delivery and a responsive customer support team to help consumers. It even offers returns, in certain instances, within 14 days but charges a restocking fee of 20% when you have opened the packaging.

The Mattresses On Andoo 

Let's take a look at the top mattress brands offered on Andoo:

1. A.H. Beard Mattresses

These premium-quality mattresses are made with Climlux technology that dissipates heat, while the wool/silk covering enhances breathability for perfect sleep. 

Another standout feature of the A.H. Beard Mattresses is the National Asthma Council of Australia's Sensitive Choice Approval. This means that the mattress is dust and allergens-resistant, making the brand one of a kind. 

The price for these mattresses varies between $649 and $1,265.

2. Sealy Mattresses

If you are looking for a mattress that prioritises back support, Sealy is the one for you, creating the perfect mattresses for optimum orthopaedic health since the 1950s. 

At Sealy, research and development take centre stage. They have collaborated with specialists to curate the most comfortable and rejuvenating mattresses for their customers.

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress range offered on Andoo are designed with premium foam comfort layers and the brand's patented technology, maximising support and balance. However, Sealy is not a budget buy, as the price ranges from $769-$2,000.

3. SleepMaker Mattresses

An Australian brand that has specialised in research to develop the perfect mattress, SleepMaker understands the unique sleeping requirements of people. 

SleepMaker has won customer satisfaction with its Dreamfoam technology and ultra-fresh innovation that makes the mattresses bacteria-resistant, odour-free, and hygienic. The brand has value-for-money products, priced below $1,000, for those who want the best on a limited budget.

Bed Bases And Sheets on Andoo

Andoo also offers a good range of bed bases and sheets with full installation support, including removing your furniture. 

1. A.H Beard Bed Base

It's available in 5 sizes ranging from single to king, complete with a charcoal finish colour and a 4-inch glide. The manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty and free delivery at $299.

2. Bedgear Sheet

This bedsheet costs $436 and has moisture wicking technology for a comfortable experience. It also promotes 10x more airflow while the powerband feature grips the mattress firmly for more smoothness. Moreover, the surface is hypoallergenic and best for use in all seasons.

Final Thoughts

Andoo, with its free 1-day delivery, free installation services, and an impressive range of brands, is a great option to consider.

But if you still aren't convinced about its mattresses, Emma Comfort is the one you should pick. It's everything you would want from a mattress, and that too at a budget price. Quick delivery and free installation are an added bonus, but the best of it all is that you can get to try it out for 100 nights. 

If you still don't find the right mattress for your needs, you can return it for free and get a full refund. Moreover, Emma offers mattresses in a box that are easier to manoeuvre through doorways, staircases, and hallways for easy installation.

Considering these features, Emma Comfort Mattress is our top pick for you.