A.H. Beard Mattress Reviews


January 9, 2024

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Curious about A.H. Beard mattress reviews and wondering if they live up to the hype? Everyone craves that perfect beauty sleep, but toss a bad mattress into the mix, and it's a recipe for restless nights.

The ideal mattress should strike a balance between being cozy and providing the right support. There's a ton of brands out there claiming to offer the best sleep ever, and A.H. Beard is one of them. From the looks of it, and judging by the Beard mattress reviews, they seem to be on the promising side.

In our deep dive into ah beard mattresses, we're looking to see if A.H. Beard mattresses really deliver on comfort and support as they claim. Are they the secret to turning your sleepless nights into a dream?

Let's find out!

Are A.H. Beard mattresses any good?

Benefits of A.H. Mattresses

The company has 123 years of experience in mattress making, and its mattress quality reflects that experience. These mattresses are soft and comfortable. 

The company offers mattresses no matter your size or sleeping position. These mattresses provide enough support to keep your spine aligned while you're asleep. 

Moreover, the mattresses contain breathable materials, so you don't get hot while sleeping. Thus, they dissipate all the heat and moisture from your body. 

They offer those options if you want to furnish the rest of your bedroom. These include bed frames, headboards, pillows, and others. The mattresses come in multiple sizes, so you can find something regardless of your bed size. 

Drawbacks of A.H. Beard Mattresses

It's almost impossible to believe that a company has no flaws. We'll start with the guarantee. A.H. Bread doesn't extend that to mattresses from the Origin collection. 

Furthermore, it doesn't accept stained mattresses. If your mattress has something on it, they won't take it for repairs. You'll have to clean the mattress through a cleaning service, but that doesn't take care of deep stains. 

The mattresses have a smell, but that dissipates in a few hours. Additionally, the brand doesn't let you buy anything online. You can only buy from retailers. 

A.H. Beard vs. Emma Mattresses

It's hard to declare either of these superior over the other because they're both incredible. The mattresses are comfy and come in various sizes. However, Emma Mattresses take the lead in one aspect. 

You can buy their mattresses from the comfort of your home. In contrast, you can only buy A.H. Beard mattresses from a retailer. Also, if these retailers offer online services, they may charge shipping fees.

A.H. Beard Mattress Collections

A. H. Beard has six different mattress collections, each with unique features. 


A.H. Beard has included premium, hand-crafted mattresses in its Origins collection. These mattresses have the trademarked EvoCoil Support System, and this pocket spring system is fully recyclable. 

A.H. Beard crafts these mattresses from Australian wool sourced from Cloven Hills. It also has Tencel and organic cotton, which is breathable and comfy. The mattresses come with a ten-year warranty.

The collection has three ranges; Prosperity, Populace, and Planet. Furthermore, all ranges have recyclable mattresses. The price range starts from $1249 to $8499, depending on the range, size, and firmness.


The most premium collection from the company, the Signature collection features handmade mattresses of the highest quality. These are custom mattresses that are made to order. Each mattress has a fifteen-year warranty. 

The mattresses have luxurious materials like cashmere, wool, mohair, alpaca, and cotton. Furthermore, the support system consists of micro coils arranged in specific configurations to accommodate your body. 

The collection has three ranges; Eminence, Ancestry, and Sovereignty. Since these are custom mattresses, they'll be very expensive. However, the exact price will depend on the range and size.

King's Koil

The King's Koil collection is made to provide you with maximum comfort. As such, it uses the Reflex Support system that adapts to every person. Thus, you can enjoy undisturbed sleep even if you share the bed.

Furthermore, the mattress has the National Chiropractic Association's seal of approval, and it's the only mattress in Australia to have this approval. Moreover, the mattresses come with a ten-year warranty. 

The collection features nine ranges, so you'll find everything from budget to luxury. The prices range from $499 to $21,999, depending on size, material, and more. 


The Domino collection targets athletes. The Australian Institute of Sports has endorsed this collection. Moreover, these mattresses have the Sensitive Choice certification meaning they repel mites and other allergens. 

The mattresses have the Conforma Support System that's best for athletic individuals. It conforms to their bodies and ensures optimal spinal alignment for rest. Moreover, you can choose different comfort levels, from firm to plush, for the best results. 

The collection has mattresses at multiple price levels. The lowest price is $818, and the most expensive mattress costs $3183. Additionally, the Domino collection has a ten-year warranty. 

Body Balance

As the name indicates, the mattresses in this range are perfectly balanced. Everything ranging from firmness to temperature is perfectly balanced. These mattresses have a fifteen-year warranty and are compatible with adjustable bases. 

These memory foam mattresses are the ultimate solution for optimal pressure relief and a cool night's sleep. Moreover, the mattresses are great for heat dissipation, so you don't have to worry about breaking out in a sweat. 

The Body Balance collection has seven ranges. These include Integra Plus, Integra, Nada, Lotus, Maya, Prasada, and Deva. The prices start from $1799 and go up from there.

Nature's Rest

Opt for the Nature's Rest collection if you prefer something more natural. The collection features mattresses made from Talalay latex which is natural and hypoallergenic. The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty. 

The latex conforms to your body and helps you get some well-deserved rest. Moreover, it has a unique structure that allows for proper ventilation, meaning you can enjoy your sleep in a cooler environment. 

The collection only features one bed – the Verde Mattress. However, you can still choose between firmness and size. The pricing starts from $2519.

Final Thoughts

A.H. Beard has great mattresses. However, they cost a lot, plus finding a retailer is always a hassle. Furthermore, they don't offer mattresses in a box, which are easier to transport.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of finding a suitable retailer, opt for Emma Comfort. These mattresses come with a trial period and longer, friendlier warranties. Plus, since you're buying directly from the manufacturer, there's no commission to be paid.