Zeek Hybrid Mattress Review

Zeek Hybrid Mattress Review


November 17, 2022

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Sleep is an essential part of the daily routine as it directly influences physical and mental well-being. As such, it’s safe to say that getting sufficient sleep holds a lot of significance.

For context, sleep is important for humans as the body releases various enzymes during the process and consolidates memories created earlier. However, an uncomfortable mattress can compromise the quality of your sleep and have an adverse effect on your posture.

Zeek provides premium quality mattresses with simple layers designed to ensure customer comfort. The brand’s hybrid mattress is an award-winner for its compact style and innovative design.

Zeek has a team of sleep experts who invest their time and effort into combining layers that provide pressure relief and make for a restful night. Correspondingly, the Zeek Hybrid Mattress pairs a pocket-spring layer with a foam layer to ensure comfort and provide support.

In this article, we have assessed the Zeek Hybrid Mattress from various aspects for a detailed review of its qualities and what you can expect.



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction



  • 10-year warranty period
  • Available in various sizes
  • Premium quality layers that ensure comfort
  • Reasonable price range
  • Hypo-allergenic, antiparasitic, and antimicrobial
  • Free delivery and returns
  • 100-night trial period



  • Customer service is slow

What Are the Different Parts of a Zeek Mattress?

Unlike usual bed-in-box mattresses, which only have foam, the Zeek Hybrid Mattress creates more support because of its six-layer design. In addition, the brand’s team of sleep enthusiasts carefully layers the mattress with necessary materials that should help improve customers’ sleep quality.

Correspondingly, each layer of the Zeek Hybrid Mattress has a specific function. Understanding the function of these layers is essential in helping you determine if the mattress suits your needs.

Here are the details of each individual layer that is present in the Zeek Hybrid Mattress:

Soft Tencel Cover

The top cover of the mattress is made from soft Tencel. The quilted material has a luxurious appearance, and it aids in the pressure-relieving properties of the mattress. Not to mention, the fabric is perfect for Aussie weather as the breathable material helps keep you cool during summers and warm in winters. Additionally, the soft fabric of the cover is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Air Foam

Air foam makes the second layer of the mattress, and it is a fancy foam that allows airflow to keep you cool all night long. Also, it has advanced properties like temperature regulation which supports normal body temperature and creates the ideal temperature for you to sleep comfortably. 

Cool-Gel Memory Foam

Zeek Hybrid Mattress also has a layer consisting of cool-gel memory foam. Primarily, this layer regulates the body temperature using the HyperCool technology. Not to mention, the manufacturing tech is the same as that used in premium quality sports gear. Additionally, this layer also plays a part in relieving pressure and isolating movements.

Pocket Spring Layer

Deep within the Zeek Hybrid Mattress is a pocket spring layer consisting of hundreds of ErgoCoil springs that perfectly cradle your body. These wrapped coils are lab-designed to provide edge support and minimise motion transfer, making the mattress an ideal choice for co-sleepers.

High-Density Base

The Zeek Hybrid Mattress has a high-density core foundation because of an open cell foam. The base foam gives shape and strength to the mattress. Additionally, it adds durability and makes your mattress remain firm for a long time.

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How Does the Zeek Hybrid Mattress Feel?

Zeek is a West Australian company run by a hardworking team of sleep experts who design mattresses to suit the climatic conditions of Australia. The brand avoids unnecessary complexity in favour of straightforward, effective design.

Instead of bundling various fancy layers, Zeek Hybrid Mattress features a unique spring and foam layer pairing to provide support and adequately relieve pressure points. Zeek is an innovative brand. Instead of shipping bulky bedding, they ship their product in compact sizes.

The compressed size of the Zeek Hybrid Mattress makes it easy to transport and set up. This bed-in-a-box mattress is made using six layers that give a luxurious feel. While the Zeek Hybrid Mattress is suitable for all sleepers, it is the perfect choice for people who sleep on their sides.

While the pocket spring layer of the mattress has various advantages, one of them is minimum partner disturbance, as the coils embedded within the mattress prevent motion transfer. Also, the soft Tencel material of the mattress cover makes it warm in winter and cool in summer, adapting to the changes in the weather.

Zeek Hybrid Mattress – Weight & Thickness

Ready to place an order? Consider the different size options that the company offers before ordering. Measure the dimensions of the bed frame you have and compare them to the sizes that are available.

While the length and width change across different models, the height of all Zeek Hybrid Mattress is 25cm. Thus, it is suitable for most people and safe for kids. The thickness also provides sufficient support to be ideal for older individuals as well.

The Zeek Hybrid Mattress is a compressed bed in a box. Hence, it is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. However, the weight varies in different models. Zeek Hybrid Mattress is available in the following sizes:

Single: 92 x 188 x 25 cm

King Single: 106 x 203 x 25 cm

Long Single: 92 x 203 x 25

Double: 137 x 188 x 25 cm

Queen: 152 x 203 x 25 cm

King: 183 x 203 x 25 cm



King Single




Zeek Hybrid Mattress – Cost

Most people consider hybrid mattresses to be on the expensive side. However, the Zeek Hybrid Mattress has a fairly reasonable price. Not to mention, the product offers great value for money with its durability and premium features. Apart from their affordable prices, the brand also offers free shipping and does not charge for returns.

The prices of the different sizes of Zeek Hybrid Mattress are:

Single: $749

King Single: $899

Long Single: $799

Double: $999

Queen: $1,099

King: $1,299




King single




Features of a Zeek Mattress

Apart from a well-thought structure and the advanced technology the team uses to assemble the layers, the Zeek Hybrid Mattress has many other features. Some of them include the following: 

100-Day Free Trial

Zeek is a brand that strives to provide its customers with premium quality products and 100% satisfaction. Therefore, the company offers a risk-free trial for 100 nights. Customers can order their Zeek mattress and try it for 100 nights, at the end of which, if the customer finds the experience unsatisfactory, the brand promises to give a full refund.

10-Year Warranty

Another stand-out quality of the Zeek Hybrid Mattress is its 10-year warranty. The brand takes responsibility for any structural or manufacturing defect like stitching faults, physical flaws, tears, and rips, or any fault that can lead to the foam materials of the mattress splitting. 

However, the warranty does not cover any damage to the mattress that an inappropriate bed foundation causes. Moreover, the softening of the mattress with time is also not included. The warranty does not apply if you change your mind or because of the off-gassing smell that usually takes a few hours to dissipate.

No Fillers and Dust Mite Resistance

Instead of adding complex layers, Zeek keeps its mattresses simple and minimalistic. Nevertheless, the brand uses high-quality materials and only the necessary layers to ensure restful sleep. Additionally, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep on the Zeek Hybrid Mattress, which has lower allergens and irritants and resists dust and mites.


Zeeks provides free shipment to customers. You can place an order online, and the company dispatches the product in 2-3 days after receiving the order. Furthermore, it takes 5-7 days for delivery. Not to mention, delivery time can be longer for rural areas.

OEKO-TEX® Certified and CertiPUR-US Standards

Zeek Hybrid Mattress has OEKO-TEX certification that verifies the absence of any harmful substance and validates its safety for use. Moreover, the mattress only contains foams with CertiPUR-US certifications, which is a rating standard to verify that they are free from chemicals. The brand uses technology to reduce its carbon footprints and avoids using Ozone depleters, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and VOCs in its products.

Final Thoughts: Is the Zeek Hybrid Mattress the Right Choice?

The Zeek Hybrid Mattress provides value for money with its compact size, firm structure, and premium quality layers. Moreover, the mattress is suitable for people of all ages.

If you wish to upgrade and switch to a plush, comfortable mattress that provides pressure relief, support, comfort, and temperature regulation, the Zeek Hybrid Mattress is ideal.

The five high-tech layers of the mattress work in harmony to provide these features. In addition, the low motion transfer that minimises partner disturbance makes the Zeek Hybrid mattress suitable for co-sleepers.

Furthermore, the mattress has high durability and comes with a 10-year warranty. Unlike other mattresses, Zeek Hybrid is specifically built to help you endure Australian temperatures and has the ability to adapt.

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