1. Smart Speaker + Smart Alarm + Smart Home System

A smart bedroom is incomplete without an intelligent system that plays your favourite music, makes doubts vanish, responsibly wakes you up every morning, and simply makes life easier and relaxing. People who have already experienced the multi-dimensional benefits of smart home systems can vouch for the extraordinary comfort they provide with their smart features.

So, if you haven’t welcomed the goodness of such systems, it’s your call to do so. Below we have highlighted some of the best smart alarms, speakers, and home systems that users just can’t get enough of.

Alexa or Google?

When it comes to smart speakers and voice assistants, folks are usually confused between Alexa and Google. That's why we've done a little comparison between both. 

After careful analysis of both voice assistants, we found out that both performed well in terms of voice recognition, music, video, and hands-free calls. Though when it comes to smart home devices, we found that Alexa is compatible with more home devices than Google Assistant, although the latter is compatible with popular brands. Regardless, Google Assistant was one step ahead of Alexa in offering directions and proper short-cut routes.

Conclusively, we can say that Alexa moves a step ahead when it comes to compatibility with your smart home devices as it supports more. However, Google Assistant has its fair share of features where it excels too. Depending on the kind of smart devices and your expectations, you can get either of the devices where these voice assistants are available, like Google Nest or Echo Dot. 

Echo Dot 4th Gen Smart Speaker

Meet Echo Dot, a smart speaker with Alexa as your all-weather companion. You can use it to set the alarm, stream songs, connect with others, and much more! Its sleek and compact design is perfect for the bedside table, especially Echo Dot with a clock. 

You can leisurely voice control every smart device from the comfort of the room, and it's a cost-effective value addition to your smart home. 


One significant drawback of this dot version of Echo is the speaker quality as it has a weaker bass. 


Echo Dot 4th gen is a fine choice for a device with a smart alarm and smart speaker, and you pay less than the full-size Echo for it. With this, you have various smart home functions at your disposal, like an intercom and a ready-to-help Alexa, which is just perfect! 

Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini is your best mate in the body of a speaker, whereby just a simple "Hey Google" will get most of the work done. You can control your smart home devices, listen to music, news, podcasts, and much more. 

The simple and sleek design can fit anywhere in your bedroom, and the best part? It's made with eco-friendly and sustainable materials and comes in four different colours. Furthermore, the bass is 2× the Home Mini. So, if you've had a Google Home Mini before, you'd surely like this Nest Mini too. 


The Nest Mini doesn't have a digital display clock like the Echo Dot, and it can't be connected with a prominent speaker through auxiliary cables. 


This smart speaker cum smart home device comes in four different colours, has an inbuilt Chromecast, and can be attached anywhere in your smart bedroom without standing out too much. It’s also compatible with other smart home devices, a must-have feature. 

2. Smart Curtains and Blinds

Automation is bliss for lazy heads! Who wants to wake up with a whining alarm clock when one has the alternative of waking up with warm rays of run? Smart curtains and blinds will provide you just that with automatic opening and closing of curtains whenever you feel like it.

Just a click, and your curtains will automatically open or close. Below are some of the most popular and customers’ first choices when it comes to smart curtains and blinds. 

SwitchBot Smart Curtain

If your curtains have been placed high-up and it becomes a drag opening and closing them every morning, then the SwitchBot smart curtain will do the hard work with ease. Be it U or I-rail or rod type curtains - the SwitchBot smart curtain device will work on all.

Moreover, it is compatible with Siri, IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Home, and you can control it with a voice command or a simple tap on your phone with the SwitchBot app. 


It makes a squeaky, whiny noise while opening curtains and requires a SwitchBot hub to make it compatible with Alexa. 


SwitchBot is a decent choice for smart curtains, but we'd suggest getting the upgraded SwitchBot Rod 2 version as it's improved and the better version of the earlier one. Moreover, it's inexpensive and does the job well. 

NIM Textile Blackout Curtain

NIM Textile Black Out Curtains are thermal insulated and provide 100% privacy while blocking out sunlight. These are energy-saving drapes with three layers of fabric that are designed to look sophisticated and serve the ultimate purpose of maintaining your privacy. 

Unlike other blackout curtains, which are chemically coated and appear stiff, these drape beautifully and ensure your room's ambience isn't compromised. 


Light colour options don't blackout well. 


These thermally insulated blackouts are available in 16 colours, and if you've long wanted to install drapes over your windows, these are perfect. 

3. Smart Table Lamp or Smart Bulbs

A smart bedroom is incomplete without smart table lamps or smart bulbs that add a broad spectrum of colours to bedrooms. We never know when urgent work might come knocking on our door while we're peacefully tucked in bed. In that case, physically turning on the switches is a complete drag when everything in our system screams for fast completion of work with minimum movement. 

Although we can't say the same about actual work, the time can be cut short with smart lamps, which can turn on with a command on your smart home device.

Philips Hue Go Portable Smart Table Lamp

Philips Hue Go offers millions of hues and acts as your little portable lamp that you can carry anywhere. You can use it to enhance the ambience of your bedroom or simply as a light lamp with smart functions, and the lighting will not disappoint!

The most excellent feature of this portable smart lamp is that it can be synced to your favourite music, movies, or games. Also, it is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. Now, as it produces 540 lumens of brightness, you can't accept it to brighten up your whole bedroom. Nevertheless, it's quite useful for children's nightlight or bedtime reading. 


One significant drawback of the Philips Hue Go lamp is that it's not waterproof and can get damaged easily if exposed to water. 


This ambient light lamp is an excellent piece of portable light that can be carried anywhere as it can run on a battery too. Its affordability and Bluetooth compatibility make it an ideal addition to your smart bedroom. 

Meross Smart Table Lamp

If you aren't a fan of Philips Hue Go's small design, then you'll surely love this Meross Smart Table Lamp with its sturdy build and 360° bright lighting. Like our previous pick, this smart lamp can change colours according to your mood too, and the best part? You can even schedule the on/off timings.

Furthermore, this lamp is compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant, and you can control the lamp from anywhere via Meross or the Home app. 


The brightness is only 400 lumens or so, which isn't enough to brighten up the whole bedroom, and it would only be suitable as a bedside or nightstand lamp. 


The Meross smart table lamp is affordable and offers excellent features at a low price, which is commendable. Although the plastic design might not seem pleasing to some, it's still decent with millions of colours. 

4. Smart Downlights

Smart lighting without smart downlights is a sin! Traditional or regular lighting solutions are nothing when innovative solutions are just in sight. You can turn them on/off, change colours, change intensity, and much more with a voice command or a touch of your phone. 

We have mentioned our best picks on smart downlights below.

Freshin Multicolor Downlight

The Freshin Multicolor Downlight will illuminate your bedroom with a spectrum of colours whose brightness can be dimmed from 1% to 100%. This smart downlight can be easily configured with your Alexa. And once it's done, you can control the lights with voice control and let Alexa handle all the tasks of turning on, off, or dimming them. 

Moreover, you can also music-sync these lights according to a particular setting, and they'll adjust right away to every beat or clap. Besides that, you can set a timer to never be greeted by darkness after a hectic day at work. 


You might face certain glitches with the Freshin Smart Life app while adjusting the brightness. 


These downlights are simply amazing when it comes to affordability, easy setup, and value and are a must-have to pop on your bedroom walls. 

Nue LED Downlight

Nue LED downlights are designed to transform your bedroom into a smart one with smart lighting solutions. There are two options available, namely 12.0 Watts and 15.0 Watts, and just like our previous pick, it's compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Also, you can voice-control them via the app. 

You can access myriad functions like on/off, colours, and brightness control from anywhere through the app, which is just perfect. 


These downlights won't work unless you have a Zigbee Hub. 


These RGB LED downlights are pretty easy to set up and do the work they're designed for, i.e. illuminating your bedroom. But the best part is how compatible it is with other Zigbee Hubs like Habitat Hub, ST Hub, Tuya Zigbee Hub, Amazon Echo Plus, etc.

3A Nue Smart Downlight

The drawback of our previous pick is met by 3A Nue Smart Downlights, which can be directly connected with your wifi without the need for any extra Zigbee Hub. Moreover, you can access a spectrum of colours via app or voice control as it's compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and the Smart Life app. 

So, be it changing colours or controlling the lights altogether, everything can be done with simple voice control commands.


There might be some glitches with Alexa voice commands in these downlights. 


Wi-Fi downlights are a must-have for your smart bedroom, and these 3A Nue downlights won't disappoint you in that regard. These can be voice controlled for brightness, colour, or on/off and are extremely easy to set up, so you should definitely try these out. 

5. Smart Light Strip

If you want to change the ambience of your bedroom, smart light strips on the ceilings or around the bed will add a glow to an otherwise gloomy decor. We have highlighted some of the best smart light strips, greatly preferred by customers below. 

Philips Hue Gradient Light Strip

There's no doubt that Philips Hue Gradient light strips are one of the most famous among people wanting to upgrade their standard bedrooms to smart ones. These light strips come in different sizes and are Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. 

They offer a wide spectrum of colours while watching movies or listening to your favourite songs. And the most fantastic thing about them is that they can effortlessly sync according to movies and TV. 


One significant drawback of these smart light strips is that they're costly, and the price goes up according to size. 


If you don't mind digging a little deep into your pockets, then light strips are perfect to spruce up any room or even the entire house. These have multiple RGB colours that can adjust according to the look of your room, but you can also adjust the light settings. 

Philips Hue Light strip Plus

Enhance your experience with these smart Philips Hue light strips, which can be easily mounted to your headboard or a sofa for enhanced ambience. Unlike our previous pick, which was ideal for placing behind the TV and was a little expensive, these are perfect to level up your smart room decor to new heights. 

Moreover, these are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, and can be automated with your Nest or Samsung SmartThings system for better control. 


Like any other Philip Hue product, these light strips won't be functional without a Hub Bridge, and you'd have to buy that separately. 


These Philips Hue light strips are an affordable alternative to our previous Hue Go one. They are flexible and easy to install and have a spectrum of RGB colours that perfectly illuminate your room like nothing else and provide an immersive experience.

6. Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker is a must for night owls who lose track of their must-have beauty sleep when on a back-to-back Netflix watching spree. Besides, a tracker will be a nice addition to monitoring your health, too, as they perform a lot more functions than just sleep tracking. 

Our top recommendation among sleep tracking watches is mentioned below.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch

The Fitbit Sense Advanced Health Watch is exactly what its name suggests, an excellent health tracker watch that is great for assessing sleep cycles and stress management. The skin temperature sensor detects and logs your temperature every night for comparison with previous nights. 

Also, other metrics like heart rate, REM sleep cycle, restlessness, and overall sleep score are available once you wake up in the morning. Apart from that, it's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and works as a smart device to control your other smart devices. 


Heart rate sensors can sometimes provide wrong reading, which needs to be worked on. 


This sleep tracking watch has an excellent battery life and is pretty affordable, unlike other costlier alternatives in the market. It does what it stays and provides a reliable sleep track assessment every morning. 

7. Sleep Tracking Mat

If sleep-tracking watches aren't your cup of tea, then you have an alternative in the form of sleep-tracking mats. You can comfortably sleep on top of these while they perform their healthy function of tracking your beauty sleep. 

After careful analysis, below is our top recommendation among the sleep tracking mats available online. 

Withings Sleep Analyser

Withings Sleep Analyser is an apnea detection device that analyses your sleep quality without the need to wear any device. You just have to place the analyser under the mattress, and every morning a sleep score will be available on the app, which shows the quality of your sleep. Metrics like snore detection and heart rate tracking duration show an in-depth sleep analysis like depth, interruptions, and regularity.  

It also highlights apneic scores, and depending on that; you can consult your doctor for better treatment. And the best thing is that it's compatible with Apple Health, IFTTT, and Google Fit. 


Some discrepancies in metrics can occur, which provides an inaccurate analysis sometimes. 


As a sleep analyser, this is a great device, especially with sleep apnea detection, which not only shows its presence but also its severity. Other than that, the metrics are immediately shown on the app, which can be later analysed and compared. 

8. E-Reader (aka Amazon Kindle)

Cosy nights, smart lights, and a favourite book in sight! That's the definition of a perfect night for bibliophiles. If you are fond of reading in bed, then having an e-reader is ideal. Long gone are days when physical books were our only option. 

Now, you can have an e-reader without the need to have large storage space and not only that, they also serve various other functions. If you’re wondering what e-reader should you buy, then look at our recommendation below.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Experience the richness of a smart e-reader in the form of Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, which feels like a real book with functions that aren't otherwise available in a physical copy. 

The 6.8" display, thin borders, and long battery life is perfect for late-night reading and let's not forget it has 8GB storage which is enough to store your favourite books. Another great thing about it is that it's waterproof with light adjustment qualities and has a large library of ebooks with Kindle Unlimited. 


It doesn't support wireless charging. 


Kindle Paperwhite is an intelligent choice for your bibliophilic mind, and it surely won't disappoint you with its slim design, which is quite handy. Contrary to physical copies, it's waterproof, and you don't have to worry about torn or wrinkly pages. 

9. Smart Plug

Smart plugs are gadgets that add value to all the smart devices that are connected to them. Once attached with smart plugs, all smart devices can be conveniently controlled through an app or voice control. 

If you don't know the use of a smart plug, then know that fans, air conditioners, lamps, and more can be easily controlled through them via app or voice control. 

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug

TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug is a smart device for your smart home with which you can control all the connected devices directly from a phone. On top of that, it shows real-time and historical power usage of connected devices so you can better monitor their functioning and save on electricity. 

You can also schedule on/off whenever necessary and voice control your devices. This smart plug is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung Bixby, so all you have to do is give the command, and your work is done! 


Discrepancies in energy usage monitoring might occur. 


TP-Link Kasa has a compact design, and no hub is required while setting up. It can be controlled from anywhere from your phone and acts as a great energy monitoring device - certainly a must-have for a smart bedroom. 

10. Window Sensor

Window sensors are a must for the security of your home, especially if you're too forgetful when it comes to locking windows. Besides, if you have naughty kids in the house who have the habit of sneaking out, then a window sensor will inform you of all such activities.

SONOFF Wireless Sensor

SONOFF Wireless Sensor is an affordable motion sensor that can be installed in your bedroom door or window to detect any kind of movement. It's a safety device that sends notification alerts directly to your phone, and you can even see who enters or exits any room by enabling the camera feature. 


Battery life isn't good. 


You can seamlessly enhance the security of your room as this sensor is easy to install and quite a great pick with its affordable price. 

11. Smart TV Stick

With a smart TV stick, you will have a stack of apps on your system, which can be lazily scrolled when a night in seems more pleasing than a night out. And the best part? You don't have to buy a whole new smart TV just to enjoy the multiple benefits that accompany them. 

Just having a reliable smart TV stick does the job here. 

Fire TV Stick

Nothing beats Fire TV Stick when it comes to smart TV sticks for your bedroom with its voice control and endless entertainment. It has a remote with which you can manually navigate to your favourite shows or just command Alexa to do the job. 

Furthermore, you can view 4K ultra HD movies or shows, and the setup is effortless to install. 


It isn't compatible with Echo Dot and won't load free-to-air Australian channels. 


This smart TV stick is ideal for your bedroom or house TV, and you can scroll through multiple channels via remote or command Alexa to play a particular show or movie. 

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is another smart TV stick that is trendy among customers for its hands-free control with Google Nest Speakers and easy setup. You can scroll through multiple channels and make your TV smart in a matter of seconds without paying much. 

All Cast-enabled apps can work on it, and you can watch films, shows, YouTube, live TV, or photos directly from your device. 


Not compatible with HotSpot. 


Streaming channels on Chromecast is a breeze, and you can set up the device easily with the HDMI port of your TV, connect to wifi and start streaming. Although it doesn't come with a remote like our earlier pick, it can be voice controlled easily with Google Nest Speakers. 

12. Smart Air Purifier

Pollution is everywhere, and we've accepted it like a norm when we shouldn't, at least not in our homes. That's why you must have smart air purifiers to ensure polluted air doesn't taint the purity of your home.

That's why, keeping your health in mind, we have highlighted the best smart air purifier that you should seriously consider. 

Proscenic Smart Air Purifier

Proscenic Smart Air Purifier will purify the air you breathe with app and touchscreen controls. Its filter system has an activated carbon filter, silver ion sterilisation filter and H-13 HEPA filter with an ozone-free humidifier that effectively cleans pollutants. 

It has four cleaning modes and differentiates air quality into three levels with different colours, which makes it easier to detect the quality of your air and do a comparison. And the best part? It's Alexa and Google Assistant compatible! 


Filter replacement can be a hassle after constant usage. 


This smart filter is a must for healthy air with its 4-stage filter system and works perfectly with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control. Moreover, you can schedule it anytime and anywhere via the app. 

13. Star Projector

You can't possibly catch a glimpse of the starry sky amidst skyscrapers and the city’s pollution. Thankfully, star projectors give us a moment of bliss by projecting a beautiful night sky in the comfort of our bedroom. Now, just lying on your bed will be enough to catch a breathtaking sight of glowing stars on the bedroom ceiling. 

Look at our best pick for a smart star projector below.

CEUCAL Aurora Projector

The CEUCAL Aurora projector will show a multicoloured star show on your bedroom ceiling and give you a chance to enjoy polar lights without stepping out. It has a timing function and eight songs that enhance the experience to another level. 

Also, being a smart projector, it can be voice controlled through Alexa or remote-controlled via app or Bluetooth. 


It doesn't support 5GHz Wi-Fi. 


This star projector is ideal for kids' bedrooms and helps them sleep peacefully. Its multicolour projections have patterns that can be adjusted according to brightness. 

14. Smart Baby Monitor

A smart baby monitor is a must-have to check up on your little one while you're cosily lying in the bedroom. It's like having a silent companion who notifies everything going on in the baby's room so you can be ready for anything.

Look at our recommendation for the best smart baby monitor below.

BT Smart Video Baby Monitor

The BT Smart Video Baby Monitor is smart in every sense and supports iOS and Android devices alike. It has a 2.8" colour screen with night vision and can be remote-controlled.

You can remotely listen to and view your baby's activities from the bedroom, and this device is extremely easy to set up with wifi. Moreover, it's compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 


Battery life on the parent unit isn't great. 


This product is a must-have for your baby's room for constant monitoring, and the best part is that it comes with a 2-year warranty. You can check on your baby at night as it has night vision as well, and the audio notifies that the baby has woken up, which is quite feasible. 

Check out our 5 best baby monitors in Australia.

15. Wireless Charger

A Qi wireless charger won't be considered a smart device for your bedroom, but it's surely a must-have if you're fed with up cords. So, even if the smart bedroom doesn't call for a wireless charger, your smartphone surely does. 

We have mentioned our best wireless charger recommendation below, which has solely stood above all others in the market.

GEEKERA Wireless Charging Stand

GEEKERA Wireless Charging stand smartly charges multiple devices simultaneously and has a sleek design that can fit anywhere. Its silicone coating is extremely smooth to touch and doesn't scratch your devices, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Also, it has temperature control and over-current protection to ensure your devices aren't damaged while charging. 


It doesn't charge the iPad. 


This wireless charger comes with a 24-month warranty and charges multiple devices at the same time. Even if you don't take off the cover, this charger will do its job and effectively charge the devices, which is perfect in case you forget to put them back on again. 

16. Smart Electric Heater

A smart electric heater in chilling winters is undoubtedly something you'll need in your room. When the temperature starts getting low and staying in bed sounds better than stepping out to turn on the heater, smart heaters will come to your aid. 

In such an environment, having a smart electric heater helps. All you need to do is ask Alexa to turn on the heater to cosy up the room, and voila - it's all done. 

The Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater

The Princess Smart Glass Panel Heater is a perfect child-safe heater with overheat protection for your bedroom. Its sleek design can either be mounted on a wall or stand on its own and comes in two colours, black and white.

Aside from its appearance, it has two heat settings, an adjustable thermostat and a timer. You can either control it through your smartphone or via voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant. 


Wifi connectivity problems might occur. 


This glass panel heater is a smart addition to your bedroom with its excellent functionality and affordable price. Besides, you can control it remotely from anywhere with the HomeWizard app, which is like a cherry on top! 

17. Smart Air Conditioning

Let's do a silent nod over how important smart air conditioning is in the burning heat of summers. Just remember how many times you've been welcomed by a hot as a furnace room after a long tiring day at work.

Fortunately, this situation can be remedied and never to be repeated with a smart air conditioning system that can be automatically controlled through your device. 

Sensibo Sky Smart Home Air Conditioner System

If you want a modern smart AC experience, check out the Sensibo Sky Smart Home Air Conditioner System, which is compatible with almost all AC models. Its smart features help save electricity costs while ensuring the temperature is just right by scanning the temperature and humidity for better comfort. 

The setup is easy to install, and once it's done, you can control your AC through a phone or desktop app. Besides that, it also works with Alexa, Google, and Siri. 


Some of the best automation features on the app are premium and require extra payment. 


The Sensibo Sky smart AC system works with all kinds of ACs, be it mini-split or window. You can set the optimal temperature, save energy, and opt for comfort by installing this in your smart bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why are smart speakers important for a smart bedroom?

Smart speakers are essential because they help you control your other smart home devices efficiently with voice control. 

2. What’s the purpose of a smart light bulb?

Smart light bulbs can be configured according to colours and intensity. They can also be scheduled via app or smart speakers.

3. What is a smart sleep tracking device?

Just like a smart alarm clock, there’s also a smart sleep tracking device like sleep analyser watches or mats, which have inbuilt sleep tracking features. These devices help you track your sleep quality by monitoring heart rate, temperature, and other metrics. 

Verdict on the best tech for bedroom

Smart home devices make life easier and more fulfilling. You no longer have to worry about every single thing and let your virtual voice assistants handle tasks that the forgetful mind just can’t remember!

Be it turning on AC or changing the intensity of light; these smart gadgets can do almost anything we configure them to do. So, why not adopt this goodness and enjoy it without worrying about every single thing. 

Smart up-gradation doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and all our recommendations have been made keeping costs in mind. As such, adopting smart gadgets like smart speakers, air purifiers, baby monitors, sleep analysers, and ingenious air conditioning systems is highly recommended. 

After all, comfort is the first and foremost requirement in any home, and these devices have been made keeping that in mind.