Do you leave the baby monitor on all night?

Yes, you can leave the baby monitor on the whole night. Most baby monitors come with an infrared night vision view that lets you keep an eye on your baby even when sleeping. 

Baby monitors come with motion sensors that notify you when your baby makes sudden movements or when it cries. This way, you can tend to your baby quickly.

Do you need WiFi for a baby monitor?

WiFi is not necessary for a baby monitor. However, it is more convenient to use a monitor which has WiFi features. You can talk and listen to your baby remotely from anywhere with its two-way wireless talk feature. You can also have multiple camera views from one single device with a WiFi baby monitor.

You will need a minimum of two cameras and one monitor to use a non-WiFi baby monitor. Some parents prefer to use non-WiFi baby monitors because of privacy concerns.

Can you use a phone as a monitor?

You will have to download an app to use your phone as a monitor. If you do not have the standard baby monitor, then you can use two phones or two devices as a baby monitor. Make sure that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network. 

You can pair most baby monitors with your phone or tablet and compatible with iOS and Android. For iOS users, Cloud Baby Monitor can work on any WiFi network, over LTE, 3G, or even Bluetooth.

At what age can you start using a baby monitor?

You can use a baby monitor even if the baby is just a few days old. If you are leaving your baby unattended when she or he is sleeping, then keeping a baby monitor is a good idea. This will ensure that you know your baby's whereabouts when you are not in the room.

When your baby starts to sleep for longer durations peacefully, you can turn it off at night or leaving it at a low volume so that you only have to get up when the baby is agitated.

Is it okay to let a baby cry if nothing is wrong?

As long as they don't appear sick and you've already tried feeding or changing them, it's not harmful to let your baby cry for one or two hours. Since most infants have to learn how to sleep independently, they are left alone to fall asleep by themselves.

However, it is not advisable to let a newborn baby cry through the night as they usually cry when they need something. Learn how to know when to use the "cry it out" method and when to intervene to make sure of your baby's well-being.

What should I look for in a baby monitor?

Some of the main features you should look for in a baby monitor are:

Night vision:

Having the ability to check on your baby at any time of the day or night is crucial to a baby monitor.

Multiple camera support:

If you have more than one baby, your baby monitor needs to support multi-camera access. This allows you to pair multiple cameras to one monitor and keep an eye on them through one screen.


This feature helps you monitor the baby's room temperature.

Microphone and speakers

It helps you talk to your baby and play lullabies and melodies that will help your baby go to sleep.

Luxury Choice: Cübo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

The Cübo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor uses AI to send you notifications for alerts like covered face, danger zone, rollover alert, etc. It even has an auto-photo capture feature that takes pictures of your baby for keepsake.

It also has sleep analytics that tracks daily sleeping cycles with 18 hours of video playback and even marked events, for example, waking and nursing events. It also allows multi-camera access for up to 7 people.

VTech VM350-2 Baby Monitor

This baby monitor lets you see your baby's every movement in high definition. This baby monitor also comes with advanced night vision that allows you to keep an eye on your baby even in the dark.

The two-way intercom system on this monitor allows you to speak to your baby from afar. With the VTech VM350-2 Baby Monitor, you even get five melodies of ambient white noise to help your baby go to sleep peacefully.

iBaby WiFi Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is an apple company certified product that uses a unique MFI connection that is faster than any other WiFi connection. The iBaby WiFi Baby Monitor can keep an eye on your baby with instant smart alerts that notify you through PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors).

It comes with speakers, a microphone, a camera, and temperature sensors that help you nurse your baby in the most efficient way possible. This baby monitor's video quality is at 1080p HD with crystal resolution and night vision with LEDs.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is lightweight, fast, and easy to set up. It comes with a bendable tail that you can quickly wrap around anywhere. The Lollipop app also has a multi-streaming feature that lets you check up on more than one kid at a time.

One of the best features of this baby monitor is the crying and crossing detection which allows you to get notified every time your baby cries or is trying to climb out of the crib.