1. Jodoao Recliner Chair

If you are looking for a fabric recliner for ultimate comfort, the Jodoao Recliner Chair will be a great choice. It sports an ergonomic design with a highly elastic headrest along with lumbar support. The wide armrests are streamlined so that your hands, waist, and head get proper support. Moreover, it is incredibly comfortable to rest on as high-density padding has been used. 

That is not all; the sofa surface can tilt up to 160 degrees, so, you can snuggle on it and catch a nap between work hours. The reclining chair is also perfect for relaxing, watching TV, and enjoying a night in with your loved one. Additionally, it works as a massage chair with five massage modes along with two speeds to choose from. 


This sleeping recliner can take up some space, and it may be difficult to fit it in a small living room. 


Powered by a TUV and electric motor, this product with a sturdy metal frame provides an ergonomic option to rest your body and foot. Moreover, you can lie down and relax or work on a laptop comfortably while sipping coffee, thanks to the cup holders provided on the side.

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2. Advwin Recliner Chair

One of the most comfortable recliner chairs on our list is from the brand Advwin. It comes with five massage modes and a 360-degrees swivel making it the perfect option for relaxation. You can also get a full body massage or a thigh, lower back, lumbar or upper back massage which releases stress and allows your body to rest. As for construction, this product is made with a wooden frame and bonded leather cover. 

Extra thick padding has been used to provide rest to the back, arms and legs. So, if you recently had back surgery, then this can be beneficial. Unsurprisingly, like the other top recliner chairs, this one can tilt up to 160 degrees, making it possible to sleep on. And the footrest can be folded while sitting, adding to the comfort. 


The installation process can be slightly difficult for elderly people, and it is best if someone assists them with it. 


This is an excellent reclining chair that offers quality sleep, leg rest, and back support, along with an eight-point massage system. It also has an in-built heating system, which will help your body relax.

3. Artiss Electric Recliner Chair

Equipped with an adjustable backrest and footrest, the Artiss Electric Recliner Chair is an incredible option. It will help you settle in any desired position while enjoying all the benefits provided by this stylish recliner. Made with PU black leather, it is plush and comes with luxurious padding. Moreover, it has two side pockets and two front pockets to keep your essentials. 

That is not all, it offers assisted rising, helping you get up from the chair without any hassle. To add to it, you can enjoy a whole-body massage while sleeping as the supportive recliner will offer you an eight-point heated massage system. Plus, the padded armrests will provide you with a comfortable place to keep your hands. 


We found that the chair will not vibrate very fast during massages, which might be a negative for some. 


This fully automated sofa with an ultra-wide seat and ample storage will let you settle in comfortably while you catch the late-night Friday movie. You can tilt it to achieve the correct position and rest peacefully.

4. Advwin Electric Lift Recliner Chair

The Advwin Electric Lift Recliner Chair has some of the most advanced recliner features and will always ensure that you are in a perfect position. This chair features an ergonomic design with eight massage nodes. Additionally, it can tilt from 45 to 140 degrees easily, and you can manually control it. This helps the entire body relax and avoid fatigue without having to move at all. 

Moreover, there are two side pockets along with two cup holders, which allow you to keep all your essentials in one place. On top of it, the recliner chair is made of premium-quality, durable upholstery fabric and the high-density foam will keep you protected and safe at all times. 


The product came with no instruction manual, which made it slightly difficult to understand how to operate it.


This Advwin Electric Lift Recliner Chair will help you relax deeply in any position you want. It will let your feet rest and help in case of swelling.

5. Artiss PU Leather Lounge Recliner

The Artiss PU Leather Lounge Recliner is well padded to provide you with luxurious sleep and comfort whenever needed. It has three padded zones to support the head and back separately. Plus, you can adjust the tilt of the footrest and the backrest to achieve the most comfortable position. Now watch your favourite shows curled up in your comforter and in the recliner. 

The product has a strong and durable steel base with up to 150 kg capacity, which ensures that you can use it for a long time to come. Moreover, the chair is designed to fit in any room and will allow you to recline up to 135 degrees, making it a perfect place to rest in. 


While the recliner works fine, we found a few threads coming out from here and there. 


We found the construction to be very attractive and well padded. It is sturdy and durable, giving you a wholesome experience.

6. AUSWAY Recliner Massage Chair

Do you have a baby who you want to rock gently up and down and sing to sleep? The AUSWAY Recliner Massage Chair is one of the best full length recliner options that will allow you to do just that with the least amount of movement. It will rock up and down, helping you and the baby relax and sleep at the same time. 

Additionally, the leg and back of the unit can be adjusted easily, allowing you to achieve the preferred position and relax comfortably. Apart from that, the PU leather construction and resilient sponge padding provide a comfortable experience. And the eight points of heated massage are sufficient to soothe the thigh, lower and middle back after a long and tiring day. 


Very tall people may find it a little short, but once the sofa is reclined, they should be able to fit in. 


This recliner is equipped with all the features needed, including cup holders, storage spaces and remote control to handle the movements. On top of it, the chair allows 360 degrees swivel, and you can turn it in any direction you want.

7. Smarcute Waterproof Recliner Chair Covers

The next product we have for you is not a recliner but rather an accessory. The Smarcute Waterproof Recliner Chair Cover fits almost all kinds of recliners, providing a rich, soft, faux textured material. This cover is made with microfibre and has a velvety feeling to it. It even has two-inch-wide elastic straps that are adjustable and come with a metal locker. 

These straps are long-lasting and strong, which makes the cover perfect for houses with children and pets. It protects the cover from wear and tear marks, stains and accidental spills. It even stops pet hair or dander from sticking to the recliner surface and ensures that your furniture is neat and clean. 


The product is not waterproof, and it is best to remove it from the sofa within three minutes of any accidents.


We found this to be a plush and soft addition to our leather recliner. Also, the wide range of colours it comes in allows you to change the look of your recliner and make it more aesthetically appealing.


Now that you know about our top picks among recliners for sleep in Australia, it’s natural that you’re ready to order the one best suited to your tastes. After all, who wouldn’t want to sleep on such a plush piece of furniture or watch a movie after a tiring day?

However, while purchasing a recliner, ensure that you don’t go with the first model that catches your fancy. Just because a recliner looks great and costs a lot doesn’t mean it’s the best one for your needs.

So, how do you decide on which recliner is best for you? To better understand that, please go through the following questions that you need to ask and answer before getting a recliner. These are questions that have been asked by actual buyers, and we’ve tried our best to provide suitable answers to them.

Let’s dive right in then!

1. Is it alright to sleep on a recliner? 

Sleeping on a recliner for short periods of time is not harmful and will not cause any major damage to the body. However, if you sleep on a recliner for long periods of time, then that could lead to hip and knee contractures. Also, you may sometimes wake up with stiff joints if you sleep for multiple nights on recliners. 

In a nutshell, while sleeping on a recliner is not an issue, just do not replace your bed with it. However, this is not true in some cases where one has medical problems that do not allow them to sleep peacefully horizontally. 

Doctors in such cases recommend sleeping in a semi-reclining position, and that is where recliners are useful. A recliner will allow these people to rest peacefully without facing any breathing or muscular issues. 

2. Can recliners help with back pain? 

When you are in a reclined position, the pressure is taken off from the spine, and your core muscles can rest. This will help them become stronger, and you can get relief from back pain. Also, a cushioned footrest allows better blood flow and takes the pressure off the spine. This again helps people sleep and get relief from back pain. 

Other than back pain, many also suffer from spinal problems that include osteoarthritis and lumbar spinal stenosis. You can get relief from these conditions by lying down on a recliner. This keeps the head and the knees elevated, providing a comfortable position for the body. 

3. Does a recliner help in dealing with respiratory problems? 

Yes, a traditional recliner may help in reducing respiratory problems, which include sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heartburn. We will discuss each of the issues in detail here. 

A. Heartburn 

The main reason behind heartburn is acid releasing from the stomach and moving into the oesophagus. If you have a weak esophageal sphincter, then that could lead to acid reflux. Now, if you sleep on a bed in a horizontal position, the condition can get worse.

Heartburn or GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is best treated by being in a semi-reclined position where the stomach acid is prevented from moving upwards. A recliner chair will keep you in a sitting position or in a semi-horizontal position which will help in dealing with the problem. 

B. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

This is a respiratory problem that develops over a long time. It may be terminal and, in many cases, cannot be reversed. And the person might cough continuously and face shortness of breath. For these people, sleeping on a traditional recliner may provide better rest. 

C. Sleep apnea 

Sleep apnea is a problem that involves difficulty in breathing while sleeping. Here, the tongue falls back and blocks the windpipe. This can happen easily if you are lying down in a horizontal position. 

But if your head is elevated, then there is a lesser chance of the tongue falling back. The right recliner will allow one to be in a semi-reclined position while sleeping and may mitigate the harmful effects of sleep apnea. 

4. Do recliners provide good blood circulation? 

Blood circulation is what helps a body stay healthy, and it promotes restorative sleep. Now, you can only achieve proper blood circulation if you let the spine, along with the other surrounding muscles, relax. Recliners will help with this and will prevent any heart conditions from developing in the long run. 

They can also serve as a great place to sit and nurse your newborn. However, you will have to make sure that you do not fall asleep while at it. It may give you the comfort zone but falling asleep could be fatal for the newborn. 

So, if you are feeling tired or sleepy, then shift to a normal bed 

5. Can recliners help with symptom control? 

We will answer this question in parts to make it easier to understand. 

A. Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other types of dementia, often causes one to wake up in the middle of the night. The sleep cycle is disturbed in this process because of the loss of mental abilities. 

However, the correlation is not very clear; some researchers have said that lying down in lateral positions can aid in eliminating waste from the brain. Hence, people with this problem may find it more relaxing to curl up on a recliner for maximum comfort. 

B. Meniere’s Disease

This generally impacts the inside of the ear. It can cause dizziness and hearing loss. Also, sometimes people can feel pressure inside the ear. It can lead to roaring, hissing, buzzing and whistling inside, which are sporadic. 

Now people suffering from this problem need to get in and out of bed very carefully and slowly. Sleeping with the head in an elevated position is beneficial in this case. A recliner chair does just that, keeping you safe. Hence, recliners can be a great addition to the room in such cases. 

C. Surgical healing 

For those who have had surgeries in the recent past, you may be advised to sleep in an inclined position till the body heals. Specifically, if you have had shoulder surgery, then you will not be allowed to sleep in a horizontal position for more than one and a half months. 

Now, you can try working with pillows behind the back, but the pillows may fall off in the middle of the night, and that can be dangerous. So, a reclining sofa bed can be of great help to you.

6. How to choose the right size for a recliner? 

The best recliner chair should be able to fit you well. Otherwise, you will have negative impacts from it. Now you can be short, thin, stout, or tall, and the recliner should match your body type. So, first, consider the height of the recliner. You will want to purchase a shorter one if you are short. Otherwise, it might be difficult to sit on it and relax.

On the other hand, if you are tall, you would not want to bend down too much. Hence, a taller reclining chair will be needed. 

Then measure the depth of the seat. It is best if you sit on it and make sure that your knees can be bent. The feet should touch the floor, and then you will know that the width is right. 

Once that is decided, lie down on the sofa and see if your shoulders are resting on the back cushions. In case they do not fit in well, purchase a different size. 

The middle padding of the reclining chair should provide your back with lumbar support and this padding should be able to naturally curve behind you, letting you snuggle in. 

Then try resting your head on the back cushion and see if your neck and head get proper support. The neck should align with the spine and be able to relax completely. 

Also, the heels should be near the edge of the footrest. This will give you the right position and allow you to relax and fall asleep better. 

7. Are recliners expensive? 

If you are looking for a premium quality comfortable recliner, then that could be expensive. The best recliners will provide your body relief and will allow you to customize them in multiple ways. Some even come with remote controls for easy adjustments. All of these features do come at a price, but once you purchase a recliner, it will last for a long time. 

8. Can recliners help people with mobility issues? 

For people with mobility issues and bodily limitations, a power recliner would be a perfect choice. It can recline back and move forward when needed at a preferred angle which will help you stand up easily.

And the movement of the recliner can be controlled with a remote; you just need to learn how to use it before sitting on the sofa. 

9. How to clean a fabric recliner? 

Multiple fabrics are used to make recliners, and they include materials like nylon, cotton, acetate, velour, and linen. These attract a lot of dust and debris, which needs to be cleaned. Now, if the recliner is water-safe, then you can scrub out stains and spots with a brush. 

Use the cloth to wipe off and rinse the soap. Then absorb the rest of the water in a towel. You can let it air dry after that. If the weather is very humid, try using a hairdryer to quicken the process. 

Now, there are some sofa upholstery materials that are solvent-safe. For such a case, you can spray the solvent-based cleaner on the recliner. Then let it sit for the recommended amount of time. 

It is best to work with a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the surface and remove the marks or embedded dirt. Then you can use a damp cloth to wipe it away. 

10. What is the process of cleaning a leather recliner? 

Before we discuss this, let us tell you that a sofa chair can be made with faux leather or soft leather. We will discuss the cleaning process for both in detail. 

A. Faux Leather Recliner 

Faux leather is basically a synthetic material just like polyamide microfibre or PVC and it always has a soft fabric lining below the top surface. We recommend cleaning this with a mild detergent or soap. 

To clean, mix warm water with the soap and then dip a soft cloth in it and wipe the entire chair with the cloth. Then take another dry cloth and clean the area; no rinsing is required for this process. 

We also believe that engaging in regular protective treatment can help the sofa last longer. This builds a thin layer on top which will prevent stains and marks from appearing. Moreover, never keep these sofas under direct sunlight. That can dry the fabric out, and you will have to purchase new upholstery very soon. 

B. Soft leather recliner 

Soft leather is very delicate, and you should not use harsh ingredients on it. Instead, make a simple cleaning solution at home and use it to clean any stains or discolouration. Take a mild soap with a lower pH balance, and then mix it with white vinegar and water. 

After that, take a damp cloth and dip it in the solution. Use it to wipe the surface of the recliners well and let the layer dry. Once dried, use a soft dry wiper to polish the top and remove the soap as much as possible. It’s alright if you do not rinse the surface after polishing. 

11. Can the headrest be cleaned? 

The headrest can easily have stains and oil marks along with residues left from the skin. Now you must realise that hair touches the headrest constantly, making it dirty; hence, it may need cleaning. We recommend using sofa covers on these areas, which can be washed afterwards. 

But, if you have a leather sofa, then you can follow the cleaning instructions written on the label. For oil and grease stains, it is best to call up professionals for cleaning, as they will ensure that the stain is removed without damaging the leather material. 

12. What do you mean by lumbar support? 

Lumbar support means providing support to the lower back, which is also known as the lumbar region. To give support, the reclining chair will need to have ample padding. Also, most of them will have the top portion of the sofa divided into three parts. 

That would help your stiff muscles relax and will prevent straining any part of the body. If you have major problems with the back, then it’s best to get recliners customised for yourself. 

13. What is the lifespan of recliner motors? 

The lifespan of any recliner depends on how you use it. So, if you are careful with it and maintain it regularly, then it can last for a long time. However, the average lifespan of recliner motors is ten years. If you have a manual model, then it can even last longer depending upon the usage. 

14. How To Secure The Sofa To The Ground? 

Hardwood floors or other smooth variants can make a sofa slip while sitting on it. However, you can secure the sofa in place and prevent such movements. This can be done by the following methods: 

1. Cork

You can attach a cork under the sofa and secure it. This is not a permanent solution as it involves the use of adhesives. However, it will keep the sofa in place for some time if you do not try to move it forcefully. But remember that cork is thick, and it can raise the recliner slightly. 

2. Rubber grippers 

Rubber grippers are very affordable and can be bought from local furniture stores. They can be attached below your new recliner or its metal frame. The grippers increase friction preventing the recliner from moving out of place. Just remember to purchase rubber grippers specially designed for the sofa size that you have in the house. 

3. No-slip mats 

If you are unsure of attaching anything underneath the recliner legs, then you can simply use a non-slip mat which will support the recliner legs and will prevent them from slipping. A mat can also add to the existing decor and aesthetics of the room. You can match it with the floor colour, or you can opt for a different quirky print. 


When buying a recliner, please make sure that you know how to install it. Most options will come with different parts that need to be assembled. The perfect chair will only be in place if you follow all the instructions carefully.

In case of any confusion, call up customer care and ask them to walk you through the process. Also, try using the least amount of water to clean leather sofas. The high resilience foam along with the leather can be affected because of it.

And if you are purchasing for young kids, then the best kids recliner options with plastic frames can fit in well and can be added to the living space easily. You can buy them for kids to enjoy utmost comfort. 

With this, we have reached the end of this guide, and it is time to say goodbye. Before we go this is our top pick Jodoao recliner chair. Have a relaxing experience!