Nothing's more relaxing than a full-body massage after a stressful day at work. But, not everyone has the time to visit a professional masseuse. 

That's why massage chairs are such lifesavers because you can get a relaxing massage right at home. Massage chairs come with different massage techniques and can offer a massage as relaxing as an expert therapist. 

They are quite common in airports and shopping malls, but you can also get your very own massage chair. In that way, you can avoid spending tons of money on getting an expensive spa treatment every time you need a massage. It can take care of those sore muscles and body joints without a hassle while you simply lie back and enjoy. 

Today, we'll review five of the best massage chairs (and one alternative if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable). We’ll also answer some of the common questions that you might have while purchasing a massage chair.

So, sit back, relax, and read on!

6 Best Massage Chairs In Australia (And One Alternative) 

1. HOMASA Black Full-Body Massage Chair

First up on our list is the Homasa black full-body massage chair that has 24 airbags to offer the most relaxing massage. It comes with excellent massage techniques that offer tapping, kneading, and rolling functions to massage your head, back, legs, and feet. Moreover, it offers a full-body shiatsu massage, thanks to the 22 built-in nodes. Forget those expensive massage therapists and spa treatments because this chair can be your new masseuse. 

On top of this, the 12 shiatsu massage nodes offer deep tissue massage and shiatsu healing to relieve tension and relax body aches by enhancing blood flow. It also has a zero-gravity feature, allowing you to relax at a 180-degree position to reduce the pressure on your spinal cord and improve back pains. You can also customise the functions of this massage chair using the smart LCD remote control. 


Setting the head and neck pillow in the right position can be a bit tricky. 


This zero-gravity massage chair from Homasa can be the ultimate massaging solution to get rid of persistent backaches because it offers excellent full-body massage. Whether it's your head, shoulder, arms, back, hip, waist, calf, leg, or feet, you can trust this chair to relax and relieve tense muscles using different massage techniques.

2. Livemor Electric Massage Chair

If you're looking for the best massage chair with different massage options, the Livemor electric massage chair can be a great pick. It has 44 airbags to support your entire body from head to toe, and 36 massage nodes to offer the ultimate full-body massage. The 12 different massage programs also allow you to choose the type of massage as per your preference. 

Furthermore, the zero-gravity function of this massage chair can offer you the most refreshing and comforting full-body massage at the simple touch of a button. It also offers a sleep mode that helps you enjoy a peaceful slumber as the chair offers gentle tapping massages while cradling you. In addition to this, the chair has a heated massage function for excellent shiatsu healing to relax your tight muscles. 


This electric massage chair has a bulky design, and it's quite heavy, so installing it in your home can take some extensive muscle work. 


Livemor's electric massage chair can be perfect for offering a relaxing full-body massage experience, thanks to its different massage programs that are easily adjustable using a remote control. If you are looking for an advanced massage therapy and healing session, trust this massage chair to work like magic.

3. Artiss Fabric-Heated Massage Recliner Chair

If you want to lounge on the patio on a Saturday afternoon while enjoying a refreshing massage, the Artiss fabric-heated massage chair has got your back. This recliner offers advanced pain relief thanks to its superb heat therapy and two-point heating function. Its eight-point massage function also offers an excellent full-body massage that's in no way inferior to a massage therapist. What’s more, its advanced heat function can be excellent at relieving stress. 

The chair even comes with an adjustable footrest and backrest to help you enjoy a relaxing and soothing massage in any desired position. It has a solid steel construction with a maximum capacity of 180 kg, so you need not worry about the recliner breaking down. Furthermore, the plush upholstery of linen fabric and the luxuriously padded seat add to its aesthetic appeal. 


This massage chair from Artiss has a manual recliner with no remote control options, which can be troublesome. 


When it comes to top massage chairs, the fabric-heated recliner from Artiss offers the ultimate tension-relieving massage that you can enjoy while spending a relaxing afternoon at your house. So, if you are looking for a new massage chair for the patio or deck to lounge and relax after a tiring day, this recliner won't disappoint you.

4. Artiss Electric Lounge Leather Recliner

The electric massage chair comes with different massage features that offer relaxing and comforting electric massage to relieve stress and alleviate tension. It comes with a two-point heated massage function that allows deep muscle therapy by enhancing blood circulation and relieving blood pressure to help you enjoy a refreshing and calming massage.

On top of this, this massage chair's posh black leather upholstery offers a luxurious appeal. But, it's not just about the looks because the recliner is extremely durable and has a sturdy steel base that can easily hold up to 180 kg. It also comes with two large side pockets and double cup-holders. So, now you can enjoy a relaxing massage while sipping a glass of iced tea. 


The manufacturer offers poor customer service, so it might be a problem to get hold of the customer support team if you face any issues while using this massage chair. 


If you are looking for a massage chair with an advanced heating function for relieving tension and stress, this electric leather recliner from Artiss is an excellent option. And it helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home as well, which is definitely a bonus!

5. Advwin Electric Lounge Leather Recliner

Moving on with our list, we bring you the Advwin electric massage chair with a heating system and an eight-point massage function to offer advanced massage therapy to relax your tight muscles and relieve stress. You can use each point individually to stretch your shoulder muscles, address backaches, and alleviate tension. It offers a full-body massage of your upper and lower backs, thighs, and lumbar muscles. 

You can also rotate the chair as you like, thanks to its 360-degree swivel feature. On top of this, its 160-degree recliner offers optimal back and lumbar support. The massage chair also has five different massage modes and two intensity levels that you can easily control using a smart remote. 


The massage chair comes in four pieces, so you need to work on assembling all the parts, which can take some time. 


This product from Advwin offers a comforting and soothing massage to refresh your body after a long and stressful day at work without any hassle. Its advanced heating function and different massage modes are excellent at relieving pressure and loosening stiff muscles.

6. Sotion Vibrating Massage Chair Pad

If a full-fledged massage chair is beyond your budget, then this massage chair pad from Sotion is the next best thing. Place it on any armchair or bed, and get ready to experience a soothing massage that can rival any massage chair. It has two vibrating nodes and multi-layer massaging bags to offer compression and heat functions for massaging your neck, back, waist, hips, and thighs. 

The heat function of the massager offers a soothing massage to relieve tired muscles by improving blood flow. It also comes with a thermostat for overheat protection. The massager offers three massage intensities in as many different zones to relax your body. Depending on your preferences, you can customise these massage intensities and vibrations using a smart remote control.


This Sotion massage chair pad is a vibration and compression massager and doesn't come with a kneading massaging technique or rollerballs. 


If you don't want to purchase a bulky massage chair, this vibrating massage chair pad can be your best alternative that can offer a refreshing and comfortable full-back massage. It's much more affordable than a standard massage chair, and you can simply place it on an armchair/recliner to enjoy a soothing massage at your office or home.


Now that you know all about the massage techniques and qualities of some of the best massage chairs available in Australia, your head must be swarming with millions of questions. So, in this section, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding massage chairs to help clear your doubts. Let's take a look! 

1. How frequently can I use a massage chair? 

You can easily use a massage chair twice a day for around 40 minutes during each massage session. The best way to use a massage chair is to get a full-body massage for 40 minutes in the morning before going to work and then 40 minutes during the evening after coming back from work.

However, if you use the roller component of the massage chair in the morning, make sure to get a full-body air session the next day that'll allow your muscles to rest. Also, you can get stretch sessions in the evening to loosen up tense muscles and relieve stress. Make sure you use different massage modes and intensities to get rid of persistent backaches. 

Furthermore, you can use massage chairs regularly if you suffer from chronic headaches. The head pillow offers excellent support to your head, and you can also adjust massage modes to experience a calming massage ideal for dealing with headaches. 

At the same time, if you suffer from a poor back, you can use the massage chair daily, allowing its heating function to offer some intense muscle therapy. Getting a daily massage on your chair can improve blood circulation and keep your muscles healthy without hiring any professional expert. 

2. What is the exterior material of most massage chairs? 

When you plan to purchase a massage chair for your home, it's essential to check the upholstery and exterior material of the chair. Usually, the exterior of most massage chairs is made from two materials - faux leather and linen fabric. However, some expensive and luxury massage chairs come with a genuine leather exterior. 

The massage chairs with linen fabric exterior are generally more affordable than those with faux leather upholstery. Furthermore, the synthetic faux leather comes with antimicrobial properties so that you don't suffer from any allergic reaction every time you use the massage chair. You can also easily clean the synthetic leather without damaging the upholstery. 

3. What are the different massage techniques of a full-body massage chair? 

If you look closely at the product descriptions you just read, all massage chairs have different massage techniques including kneading, rolling, vibrations, and compression. The various massage nodes target different areas of your body to offer a relaxing full-body massage using a wide range of techniques. 

Furthermore, most massage chairs have air cells and a roller component. The air cells are essentially polyurethane airbags and air pockets that are filled with a small compressor to apply gentle pressure throughout the body. At the same time, the roller component uses rods, knobs, or wheels to mimic the hand movements and techniques of professional therapists to massage your back and relieve pressure from tense muscles. 

4. How can I control the intensity of the body massages? 

Almost all massage chairs come with a smart remote control to adjust the intensities and massage modes to meet your needs. Electric massage chairs like the Advwin leather recliner have multiple massage modes and intensities for overall muscle treatment and light massages. 

If you suffer from chronic backaches or muscle stiffness, you can enhance the level of massaging intensity and control the massage modes using the smart remote. Whether you want a simple air compression massage or a full-body rolling massage, you can choose the modes using the remote. 

At the same time, you can also lower the massage intensity if you want a gentle neck massage to relieve stress and relax the sensitive neck muscles. Hence, controlling the massage intensity and modes is pretty straightforward by using the smart remote control device with every massage chair. 

5. How can compression on legs and arms help relieve stress? 

The muscles on your legs and arms tend to overwork and become quite stiff and sore after a tiring day. Light compressions on these sore muscles in your legs and arms can greatly help in relieving stress and loosening them. Every massage chair comes with multi-layered airbags and air pockets that have a compressor to lightly put pressure on your arms and legs to relax stiff muscles. 

Moreover, the heating function of the massage chair during compression helps in offering a deep muscle treatment to enhance blood flow and loosen up the muscles and relieve stress. So, if you pair air compression with heat functions, you get the ultimate relaxing and soothing massage experience using a massage chair right at home. 

6. What is a shiatsu massage? 

Most massage chairs offer shiatsu massage to relieve stress and fatigue. Shiatsu is a massaging style that involves applying manual pressure to certain points on your body to relieve tension or remove pain. Professional therapists use their palms, thumbs, and different hand movements while offering a shiatsu massage. 

When it comes to massage chairs, the roller component aims to mimic the hand movements of a therapist through rolling and kneading to offer you a relaxing shiatsu massage. Even though the massaging techniques of a massage chair are mechanical, they are quite effective in relaxing stiff muscles through a soothing shiatsu treatment. 

7. What is the meaning of zero-gravity? 

The concept of zero-gravity was initially developed by NASA to define a position where the pressure and weight will be evenly distributed throughout the body. Hence, if you lie down in the zero-gravity position, the effect of gravity will be equally distributed without putting excess pressure on a particular point of your body.  

Simply speaking, at the zero-gravity position, you lie back at an almost 180-degree angle where your knees are raised slightly higher than the heart. It is the optimal relaxing position where your body feels no gravitational pull and all your muscles are at rest. Massage chairs with zero-gravity ability help relieve stress from your body by putting you in a similar position. 

8. What criteria should I consider while purchasing a massage chair?

Massage chairs are quite expensive, and before you decide to invest in one, it's best to consider some of the factors mentioned below: 

A. Massage Techniques

Even though a massage chair doesn't come with all the advanced massage techniques of a professional massage therapist, the more expensive chairs can offer several options. However, unlike your personal masseuse, a massage chair cannot determine what massage technique will be best suited to your needs. Thus, it's always best to choose a massage chair that offers a variety of massage techniques for you to choose from. 

B. Appearance And Style 

Massage chairs are usually quite bulky and can look a bit out of place if you place them in your living room. However, if you have a large covered patio, it can be an ideal spot to install a massage chair. 

Expensive electric massage chairs have a futuristic design that can go well with the aesthetic of your patio. But, if you are planning to install a massage chair in the living room, you can go for the models that resemble a traditional recliner or armchair. 

C. Heat Function 

Heat can help in offering an intense muscle therapy that's effective in relaxing muscles and relieving stress from your body by promoting blood circulation. Most massage chairs come with an advanced heat function that's paired with different massage techniques. Hence, it's always a good idea to check out the heat function of a massage chair before purchasing it. 

D. Affordability 

Some massage chairs are more expensive than others because of their advanced heat function or massage techniques. Usually, if you purchase an expensive massage chair, you'll most likely get to experience more intense massage therapy. So, it's essential to consider your budget and your needs before investing in a massage chair.

If you have serious back pains or sore muscles that need regular massages, you can choose an expensive massage chair. However, if you are looking to enjoy the occasional massage from time to time, go for a cheaper model without wasting thousands of dollars. Thus, it ultimately comes down to your preferences and budget. 

Final Verdict

And with that we come to the end of our product reviews of the best massage chairs in Australia. After going through our list of products, we hope you better understand the qualities and benefits of using a top massage chair. Now, you can forget those expensive spa visits and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing massage at your own home with the best massage chair. 

If you want to know about our recommendation, we'll strongly suggest you go for the Homasa Full-Body Massage Chair which offers excellent shiatsu massage and has a zero-gravity ability. You can also choose the Livemor Electric Massage Chair if you want to experience an advanced heated massage function. 

However, don't hesitate to look through the other products on our list before making any final purchase decision. And do keep those FAQs in mind before taking the final plunge.Till then, take care and see you next time!