Where To Buy A Bed Bug Mattress Cover


June 25, 2021

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Is it hard for you to sleep because of bed bugs? There's no need to worry; we’ve got the answer to all your woes. Simply follow through our article on where to buy a bed bug mattress cover.

You can purchase a bed bug mattress cover online from various sites such as Amazon, Kogan, and Pillow Talk.

What is a bed bug mattress cover?

In simple terms, a bed bug mattress cover is a protective layer of fabric that you place over the mattress. These layers have zippers inside them.

The purpose of these zippers is to contain and lock the pests and other particles. Unfortunately, when the pests enter the zipper, they have no way out of these mattress encasements for bed bugs. As a result, they're not able to reach you.

In that way, these mattress encasements for bed bugs prevent the pests from reaching their host. Therefore, bed bugs eventually starve and pass away. At the same time, the cover prevents new pests from entering the mattress.

What does a bed bug mattress cover do? 

The spot where these bed bugs hide decreases significantly if you use encasements such as bed bug mattress covers. On top of that, you can spot the pests pretty quickly if you're making use of white covers.

Furthermore, covers offer a cheaper alternative since you don't have to throw away the mattress itself.

Most of the time, these covers also offer a resistant membrane to these pests. With these mattress covers, you don't have to worry about pests biting through the sheets. You can use these covers even if your mattress has bed bugs in it or not.

At the same time, you can prevent your mattress from getting bombarded with pests. Also, for these covers to work efficiently, you need to use them for over six months.

Besides, it's advised that you clean your covers regularly and give them a hot wash. This step is vital in case your mattress cover has bed bug infestations already. Also, you don't have to worry about destroying the mattress covers because of these cleaning methods.

Bed bug proof covers

There are a lot of varieties of bed bug proof mattress covers that you can go for. In this section, we will list some products with detailed reviews.


The first product related to protective covers is for babies' cribs. This particular product boasts a large-sized zipper to contain bed bugs. In addition, it covers the entire mattress for the crib. The encasement will ensure that no bed bugs will find their way into the mattress.

On top of that, the mattress cover is resistant to water. That is, all six sides of the cover prevent sweat or moisture from entering the mattress. Additionally, the cover offers good breathability through the membranes.

Thus, if you're looking for a bed bug protector for your baby's crib, Guardmax is a safe choice.

Not only does it ward off bed bugs, but it also keeps away bacteria, dust, and other types of pests. At the same time, it doesn't produce any type of crinkling sound if your child rolls around while sleeping.


The Forcheer cover is a natural choice for families with children and pets. It not only prevents bed bugs but also prevents allergies by keeping away dust and pollen. In addition, you can easily wash and dry using a washing machine.

The cover offers protection from bacteria, allergens, sweat, and urine. Also, it prevents all types of pests and dust mites from calling your mattress their home.

Furthermore, the cover boasts good ventilation via its deep pockets that offer efficient breathability.

Mattress protectors

You will find most modern mattress protectors to be bed bug proof or resistant. We did an entire mattress protector review which covers our top picks and what they excel at. Mattress protectors are also waterproof, so they will stop spills and stains on your new mattress.

Best bed bug mattress encasement

As we mentioned earlier, encasements are the best if you're dealing with bed bugs. And in the world of mattress encasements for bed bugs, there are a few that stand out.

Bed bug mattress encasements by utopia

The encasements by Utopia certainly have a niche when it comes to keeping the growth of bed bugs in check.

Firstly, you can be sure that the cover will fit your mattress like magic! The encasement is made of knitted polyester that increases the shelf life of your mattress. In addition, it boasts pockets that are 15 inches deep which provide ample ventilation.

The bedding cover has zippers that go all the way around the mattress, maximising protection from bed bugs. Because of that, bed bugs can't enter through it, and once they enter, there's no escaping the membrane.

The encasement is especially useful for those who have underlying respiratory illnesses. It keeps away allergens and dust mites and is resistant to spills.

Furthermore, you can easily wash it by tossing it inside the machine and using regular detergent. In that way, the encasement requires very minimal maintenance.

How to treat bed bugs on a mattress?

Before you begin thinking about getting rid of bed bugs from your mattress, you need to find where the infestation spot is. Once you do that, follow these easy tricks.

  • Collect the clothing, take off the curtains, linens, and clothing. Once you do that, dip them in hot water. After that, simply dry them on the highest setting.
  • Also, with regards to items that you cannot wash, simply throw them in the dryer for half an hour. Then, again, use the highest dryer settings.
  • Use bed bug mattress covers and encasements. Also, give them a hot wash to clear infestations and dead pests.