Wanderer Self Inflating Mattress Review 


January 9, 2024

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In this wanderer self inflating mattress review, we cover all the best features of the top mattresses they offer. Plus, we cover if they are any good and worth the money?  

The Wanderer self-inflating mattresses are great for quick setups. These self-inflating mattresses deflate automatically, and the mattresses are made with durable materials like PVC and polyfoam. They offer excellent comfort and are also affordable.

Why would you get one?

If you’re tired of constantly blowing up an air mattress during camping or outdoors, then maybe you should consider investing in a self inflating mattress. These mattresses are easy to set up, convenient, and are super comfortable. Self-inflating mattresses from Wanderer can improve your outdoor experience.

Here are some of the wanderer self inflating mattresses:

Wanderer Tourer Extreme 4x4

This self-inflatable tourer extreme 4x4 mattress from wanderer is a thick 12 cm mattress that comes in multiple sizes. It is an excellent self inflating mattress for outdoors, travelling, or camping. It is made with heavy PVC for durability and a soft fabric on top to give you comfort. It has four ports for automatic deflation, which comes in handy when you need a quick setup. 

Although its thickness adds weight to 9.5 kg, it provides excellent comfort making it super comfortable for a peaceful sleep. It also comes with a heavy-duty carry bag for secure storage and to carry easily. Additionally, it also includes a repair kit and comes with a 1-year warranty. But if its weight is a concern, other sizes, including double and single king size, for you to choose.

Wanderer Camp 50 Self Inflating Mat

This wanderer camp 50 self inflating mat is made with high-density foam for a comfortable sleep. It is layered with a high duty 280T ripstop polyester for durability and topped with a TPU water-resistant coating for protection which provides softness. It also features a durable oxford base with an anti-slide grip, which prevents you from sliding while sleeping. It’s easy to set up and comfortable making it an excellent choice for your adventure. It is a soft mattress weighing 1.810 kg and includes a repair kit.

It measures L66 x W15 x H15cm when packed, and when inflated, it measures L198cm x W63cm x H5cm.

Wanderer Camp 50 Self Inflating Mat King

This wanderer camp 50 self inflating mat king is one of the most comfortable mattresses. With its 30D stretch fabric, it provides excellent comfort for you to sleep. It features a 3D high-density foam that changes the pressure around your body, providing maximum support and comfort. It is also coated with TPU for water resistance to keep it dry and a durable oxford base with anti side grip to prevent you from sliding while sleeping. It comes with a repair kit and weighs 3.2 kg.

When packed, it measures L81 x W42 x H42cm, and when inflated, it measures L198 x W76 x H10cm. 

Wanderer Premium 4x4 Mat Single

This wanderer premium 4x4 mat single is an excellent choice for tours, travelling, or camping as it comes with a carry bag that you can conveniently carry. This premium mat is a comfortable sleeping solution topped with a soft 30D fabric and TPU for water resistance. And its base material has 230T peach-brusher polyester. This self inflating mat has two valves for easy inflating and deflating when you need a quick setup. Its heavy-duty carry bag is an excellent addition for ease of usage and storage. It also includes a repair kit and weighs 3.6 kg. 

When packed, it measures L83cm x W31cm x 21cm, and when inflated, it measures L198 x W76 x H10cm. 

Camping mattresses and mattresses for 4wd

If you’re an ardent adventurer, a camper, or a 4wder, you will agree that having a comfortable bed is essential after a tiring day. And so, it calls for sound sleep for an energised activity the next day. That being the case, these are the best camping mattresses that come in great handy due to their lightweight and portability. 

Self-inflating mattresses are popular for their compact design, giving you a good sleep while sleeping on the ground. You will often find a lot of air mattresses without the features and high-quality materials the Wander mattresses have.

How to choose the best self inflating mattress?

When it comes to choosing a self inflating mattress, there are a few things that you should consider, such as its size, durability, insulation, weight, etc.

Size of the mattress 

The size of the mattress is the first thing that you need to check. When it comes to self inflating mattresses, their sizes differ from regular beds, so it is essential to check their dimensions. Their sizes also vary according to brand. And it is also crucial to check the size of your tent before purchasing a mattress.


The mattress’s durability will depend on the mattress you choose, which also includes the amount you’re willing to spend. Generally, if it costs more, it will also last longer due to the materials. But it also depends on how you utilise them. For self inflating mattresses, thick materials tend to last longer.


Insulation is also important because the ground temperatures drop at night, and it can prevent you from getting a night of good sleep. During summer it may be of less importance but during winter paying attention to it can help you. Without proper insulation, the cold ground will take away your night’s sleep. You can look for the R-value in the product description because a higher R-value provides more warmth.


You’ll want to carry a mattress that doesn’t take up all the space, or if it’s heavy, it can be challenging to carry. So you should also consider the size of the mattress. Self inflating mattresses weigh more than air beds, so you should consider these things before buying a mattress.