Top 5 Camping Mattress Reviews

1. Coleman Quick Bed - best self inflating mattress

Our next recommendation is the Coleman quick bed, which is an extremely comfortable camping mattress. It has a puncture-guard-bonded top that adjusts according to your body shape, making it a valuable piece of outdoor gear. Moreover, the fabric is extremely soft and feels great against the skin.

Be it car camping or on the ground, this spacious mattress acts as an extra bed. Its strong coil construction allows two people to sleep comfortably and withstands up to 800 lbs of weight without straining itself.

You will also love its reliable performance, thanks to its airtight, leak-free construction. What's more, it is possible to inflate the sleeping mat using its double-lock valve securely; there is no need for a repair kit or any other fancy hardware.

Finally, it is easy to use, and users can wrap and roll it into storage without much effort. So, rest assured that it is worth the investment, it's great the best camping mattress for couples Australia.

2. Wanderer Tourer Extreme queen mattress - best camping mattress for family

Consumers looking for the best camping mattress for their backpacking adventures will love the performance of this unit. It is a camping inflatable mattress that acts as the perfect camping bed in the wilderness. All you need to do is use an air pump to blow it up with its PVC base, offering durability.

The top of the sleeping mat is extremely soft and uses memory foam technology to keep you cosy. Moreover, the installation is easy, thanks to its four ports, ensuring that it functions like a self-inflating mattress. Long story short, you can fill it up or let the air out without any hassle.

It is also lightweight and portable, in keeping with the best camping mattresses. But that does not mean it compromises sturdiness, as the designers added a 12 cm thick cushioning. On top of that, it comes with its own carry bag for smooth transportation.

3. XTM Self Inflatable mattress - best camping mattress for bad back

When it comes to the best camping mattress choices, you will love what this product offers. To get a good night's sleep, you can blow it up with your outdoor gear in no time before lying down on its soft flocked top. It is also a self-inflating camping mattress that allows you to rest in comfort even on the cold ground.

What's more, while looking at the stars on your comfortable camping bed, the PVC base supports your weight and provides stability. This is because it has three ports that allow consumers to inflate or deflate the camping mattress without any difficulty quickly.

We also found that it is one of the most compact mattresses and has an overall thickness of 8 cm. You can quickly fold it into its own carry bag for easy transportation. In addition, its robust design reduces wear and tear, thereby making it the best camping air mattress for many people.

4. Wanderer Tourer Extreme King Mattress

Another fantastic memory foam camping mattress is this unit from BCF. Although it acts like a self-inflating sleeping pad, you will need to inflate the air mattress manually. Now, before you dismiss our review as contradictory, you must know that it has three ports that automatically inflate and deflate the camping mat.

Moving on, it is 12 cm thick and offers enough cushioning to help you sleep comfortably without losing body heat even in the outdoors. It is also available in various sizes, and each model upholds quality standards without compromising on performance. But especially pleasing is the fact that consumers can conveniently fold it into the carry bag.

Speaking of heavy-duty, you will love its PVC base that supports substantial weight. Plus, its surface features a soft flocked design suitable for car camping and other outdoor purposes. Naturally, it is one of the best inflatable mats available right now.

5. Trekology ALUFT-UL80V2

If you are looking for a comfortable inflatable mattress, we suggest giving this model a try. It is ideal for staying warm, thanks to its curved design that prevents campers from rolling off the sleeping pad. In fact, it is quite similar to resting on a sleeping bag with the added advantage of having the freedom of movement.

Compared to other compact mattresses, you will find that its enlarged air valve makes inflating it easy. All you need is an electronic pump, and it will be ready in seconds. And for deflating it, you can just open the valves and let the pressure out.

Once deflated, it is easy to carry as it weighs merely 750 g and fits into a backpack irrespective of the mattress size. That said, despite its lightweight nature, it is still highly durable and features a 40D material that prevents the fabric from ripping.

Buying Guide For Camping Mattresses 

Are you still a bit confused about choosing the best overall camping mattress that would be suitable for your trip? There's no need to worry, as we have gathered some important points about getting a suitable mattress. Remember to thoroughly go through the buying guide to have a mattress that makes your camping trips even more comfortable. 

1. Types Of Camping Mattresses 

It might be surprising news to you that there are different types of camping mattresses. But that's the truth, and the various mattresses actually help find something specifically comfortable for you. Here are some of the common camping mattresses we have come across: 

A. Self-Inflating Mattresses 

As you might have guessed, self-inflating mattresses eliminate the need to fill it with air. Instead, you just need to open a valve that fills up the open cells of the foam with air for expansion. We have to agree that self-inflating mattresses are one of the most comfortable variants available on the market. 

But, they are known to be on the heavier side, which can be limiting if you're already carrying around many things. 

B. Air Mattresses

Air mattresses or inflatable mattresses are quite commonly used for camping. These might even be suggested to you as a beginner as they are pretty easy to carry and take up little to no space. These mattresses require you to either blow air through a valve or attach to an air pump to achieve the full size. 

Most models of air mattresses come in a compact size allowing you to roll them up for transportation quite easily. Having said that, these mattresses usually lack back support, which may not be suitable for those with back or shoulder pain. 

C. Foam Pads 

If you ask a traditional camper to recommend you a camping mattress, they will typically suggest the practical foam pad. These are pretty similar to your yoga pads, albeit a bit thicker. Hence, they don't require any inflating, and you can just unroll it before calling it a night. 

Unlike the other two options we mentioned, foam pads aren't great at adapting to the surroundings. So, you'll need to place them on flat ground and take good care of the pads to avoid any cracks. 

D. Air Beds 

Are you okay with spending a little more money on your camping mattress? If yes, air beds can be an excellent option as they are much more comfortable and provide better support. They often have a height similar to your usual mattress, letting you sleep peacefully even in the lap of nature. 

Plus, those who prefer to travel with tents like air beds even more as they are often available in sizes apt for couples and families. 

2. Thickness Of Mattress 

Similar to buying the typical mattress for your bed, the camping mattress also needs to have a proper thickness. Mattresses that are too thin or thick can turn out to be quite uncomfortable, especially while sleeping on rocky grounds. The good news is that most brands work hard to make camping mattresses as comfortable as possible irrespective of the type.

An easy way to decide the thickness is to analyse your sleep position. If you're a side sleeper, then a mattress with a minimum height of three inches might work better as it will provide better support to your shoulder and hips. However, back sleepers might choose a thinner mattress, as they seldom need additional support. 

One of the reasons people are quick to grab a thin mattress is due to the low price. But, we suggest checking the comfort level of a mattress before purchasing it, especially if you're going to camp frequently. Those who are a bit picky with mattresses and move a lot during sleep may do well with a pad height of four to five inches. 

3. Mattress Sizing 

Are you worried about not being able to fit in your camping mattress? There's no need for it as these days mattresses are available in a number of size options. We recommend looking at the size of a mattress closely so that you aren't uncomfortable while camping. 

While choosing the best camping mattress in Australia, we found that the common length was 75-77 inches. Similarly, the width of choice is around 30-35 inches. It's supposed to be pretty comfortable for a single adult for a great night's sleep. You don't need to worry, as some mattresses are available in lengths around 80-85 inches, making them suitable for taller people. 

For those who are looking for wider options, it's best to opt for a king or queen camping mattress. They are pricier, but you'll definitely appreciate the extra room, especially if you frequently toss and turn while sleeping. 

4. Mattress Insulation

Another feature to look for in a camping mattress is proper insulation. This helps make you feel comfortable and protects your body from getting cold during winter. Usually denoted by an 'R-value', the feature of insulation is yet to become common in camping mattresses. 

If you're looking forward to purchasing an insulated mattress, make sure it has a rating of between three and five for use in all seasons. We recommend going for a mattress with an R-value higher than five for those who plan on camping on snow-covered grounds. 

In case you don't have the budget to purchase an insulated item, look for an inflatable mattress with a foam layer. Or, you can combine inflatable mattresses with foam sleeping pads for better insulation.

5. Mattress Weight And Packed Size

Those who regularly camp know that a good camping mattress needs to have an ideal packing size and total weight to ensure portability. A mattress with a massive weight can make the journey uncomfortable and may even injure your back. 

Now, the perfect packing size and weight of a mattress will differ between people based on their carrying capacity. However, we found inflatable mattresses to be one of the lightest options, and they also take up much less space. 

On the contrary, sleeping pads tend to be much larger and have a higher weight. But, they do provide more comfort, especially to those who prefer sleeping on thicker mattresses. We suggest looking for an ultralight mattress if the weight is an important factor for you or splurging on a high-quality air bed. 

6. Material And Durability 

The durability of a camping mattress often depends on the material that has been used for its construction. In the case of foam sleeping pads, the material used is usually high-density foam known for being quite durable. In contrast, the material of choice for inflatable mattresses is PVC or a mix of TPU and nylon. 

Before getting the camping mattress, make sure it has enough features for longevity. We prefer brands that choose to make mattresses with waterproofing and tear resistance. A common thing to come across is the denier rating that determines the durability of a sleeping pad or mattress. The rating ranges between 50D and 150D, a higher number stating better tear resistance. 

Other than that, while getting a camping mattress, it's best to look for items with additional layers on the underside. This ensures that your mattress will remain intact even after being dragged on a rocky surface. We prefer mattresses that have a heavy-duty base for extra protection and comfort. 

7. Quality Of Valves And Pump 

A common concern regarding inflatable mattresses is the quality of the valve. Opting for cheap mattresses can often turn out to be a bad decision as they may have leaking valves. That's why before purchasing the mattress, you should be careful about checking the type of valve present in the product. 

Most come with a single plastic valve to fill the mattress with air, but some may have dual valves to decrease the time taken for inflating and deflating. 

Another thing to note is the pump that will be used to fill the inflatable camping mattress with air. While most brands do include pumps with the item, some may use a generic air pump you can get on the market. 

Even though most self-inflating mattresses don't require a pump, you still need to check the quality of valves present in them. Also, learn about how the mattress needs to be inflated, as some require you to press an internal pump to fill it with air. 

We would like to mention that having a repair kit is pretty essential for both inflatable and self-inflating mattresses. The kit usually contains items to heal any tears on your mattress to keep it from leaking. It lets you be prepared for the worst-case scenario while you're out camping, so make sure to get one for your sleeping arrangement. 

Usually, brands provide a repair kit with each product, but you may even look online for a more generic kit. Do check the availability of extra valves as it ensures better repairability and lets you use the same mattress for several years. 

8. Storage 

One of the final features to check in a camping mattress is the presence of a storage bag. Typical low-cost foam sleeping pads may not come with a bag, making them more vulnerable to damage. 

This isn't the case with inflatable mattresses, as they often come with storage bags to avoid accidental punctures. 

Additionally, you want to be more careful about storing your mattresses. Make sure to deflate them properly and avoid dragging the mattress on rugged areas for too long. When not in use, store your camping bed in a safe space to avoid accidental damage. 

When going for backpacking or car camping trips, you may be better off using one of the light camping mats. They are easier to carry and simpler to use than inflatable or self-inflating mattresses. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long does a self-inflating mattress take to inflate?

We cannot deny the fact that self-inflating mattresses have made camping simpler for many people. King and queen-sized self-inflating mattresses take up to twenty minutes to fully get to the intended size. As per our research, most take about five to fifteen minutes to complete inflating. If it’s taking too long, blow into the valve a couple of times, and the mattress should pick up the pace. 

2. Can air mattresses be used for cold camping?

There's no doubt that camping air beds or mattresses are incredibly comfortable compared to foam sleeping pads. But, a common problem faced with them is that of insulation. People complain of feeling too cold when sleeping on an air mattress for camping during winter.

However, you can fix this issue by choosing an air bed that comes with an insulation rating and a reinforced bottom to protect your body from the cold ground. It's also recommended to wear appropriate clothing layers to stay warm while sleeping. 

3. Can you use a mattress on camping beds? 

The usual camping beds can be pretty uncomfortable and stiff for some people. In such a situation, it's best to go for an ultra-thin self-inflating mattress that can be placed on the bed. Just make sure to take note of the dimensions of the camping bed to get an appropriately sized mattress. 

Summing It Up

Feeling ready to pick out the best camping mattress for your next outdoor adventure? Whether it's for a duo, a whole crew, or just you, we've got you covered. We hope our guide has cleared up any confusion and helped you zero in on the perfect camping mat for your needs. And hey, if you're ever unsure, just circle back to our guide for a refresher.

Looking for something specific? Don't forget to check out our recommendations for the best camping mattress for couples, great options for family camping trips, ideal choices for solo trekkers. But if you want something for a van or camper check out the best foam camper van mattress.

On that note, we're signing off. Here's to an epic camping experience! Bye for now!