Do Most People Put A Towel On The Bed When Having Sex?


January 9, 2024

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Sex towels are underrated. Period.

Adult sex, just like an adult relationship, is extremely messy- more than the clothes-lying-around kind of messy - typical of movies and TV series. That’s because biology works in its own way, leaving your sheets with wet spots and stains from all the different body fluid discharges after or during intercourse. 

But that’s where a sex towel can come in handy. 

Do Most People Put A Towel On The Bed When Having Sex?

No- neither do we (nor do you) think that. Even people who plan the “perfect night” (or day) well in advance get everything from candles to flowers (and the script for role play, too) but don’t generally consider getting a sex towel. And don’t even get us started on those sudden lovemaking sessions! 

But you will agree that unless you’re dry humping, there’s every possibility of staining the sheets, especially during situations like a period. Aside from that, you may end up spilling the bottle of lube, or the “pearl necklace” may miss its target and get on the sheet below (men, please don’t take any offence!).

Now, we know- clean sheets aren’t the biggest of your concerns after a steamy lovemaking session. So, many people simply prefer rolling to the comparatively cleaner side of the bed, or leave the stains or wet spots to dry on their own. 

Even those who change the sheet don’t usually do it just the day after. Moreover, you’d need a pretty full linen closet if your frequency of lovemaking beats your frequency of doing the laundry.

So, isn’t it better to invest in something (read, a sex towel) that will save you a lot of effort later? Trust us- getting a quality towel that protects your bed without pricking your skin won’t break the bank.

How To Pick The Best Sex Towel?

Many people who get the noble idea of protecting their sheets from the wanted mess end up using old rags, t-shirts, or other pieces of worn-out clothing. This is primarily because they don’t know what to look for in a sex towel, so they end up not getting one.

However, let us tell you that deciding on the right sex towel isn’t nearly as difficult as deciding on the best position or style to spice things up. And whatever little challenges you may face for the former, you can easily overcome them by reading this section.

Firstly, you can completely avoid those high-tech towels that promise an “out of the world” experience. That’s something you should be promising to your partner(s) and vice-versa. Similarly, you don’t need to invest in a sex blanket either, as it can be unnecessarily expensive unless you’re planning something extremely crazy for the show.

Sex towels are specifically designed for, well, having sex on. So, don’t even think of making your regular bath towel, beach towel, hand towel, or worse, dish towel a multi-purpose one! 

The compulsorily right thing to do is purchase a new one or turn one of your regular towels into a “for sex-only” towel. In both cases, the fabric should be comfortable enough for your skin to brush against continuously without scratching or developing any rashes.

As for the colour, it should make the towel stand out from the other towels you use regularly.  Also, don’t go for light colours. No one needs hints to imagine your reenactment of the best stories on adult websites! Patterns or other designs on dark colours will be the ideal choice to go for.

What Do Married Couples Do After Sex On Bed?

We don’t happen to know a lot of married couples who put a towel underneath before having sex. In most cases, they cuddle for a bit after finishing, go to the bathroom to pee, clean up and go to sleep on the same sheet. Or, if they prefer sleeping immediately after, they just roll over to the (comparatively) clean side. 

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How To Maintain Your Sex Towel?

Just because you don’t need any preparation for jumping into action, doesn’t mean your towel will follow suit. That’s why the first thing to do after getting a new towel is wash and dry it before use.

New towels can sometimes shed fabric, leaving you with towel fuzz where you don’t want it. Besides, the site of towel fuzz mixed with lube or semen doesn’t make for a pretty sight. But washing it beforehand can get rid of the fuzz.

Another thing to take note of is washing the towel every time you’re done. Do not reuse your unwashed sex towel- hygiene is a real thing. And washing a towel is any day easier than spot-cleaning your sheets. But if you don’t do laundry that often, get an entire pack with 3 or more towels to have a fresh one to lay on the sheets every time you’re having sex.

What Are Some Sex Or Cum Towel Etiquettes?

You can consider keeping a couple of extra sex towels near your bed, which won’t look weird at all. If your partner wants to clean up immediately after sex, it’d be a nice gesture to hand over a towel first. This way, he or she can wipe off all the extra fluid before heading to the bathroom. Besides, being thoughtful never hurts.

And always ensure that the towels are stored in your closet, especially if you share the house with other people. There’s nothing worse than someone mistaking them to be regular towels, no matter how clean they are.

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Final Words

We hope we have motivated you to get a sex towel for your own good.

But before we leave you to the job, here’s a pro tip: go for a size slightly bigger than what you think is required. This way, you can protect a larger portion of your sheet from being messed up.

Till next time!