Sleeping Duck Dog Bed Review


January 9, 2024

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Owning a pet comes with its responsibilities, the biggest one being a concern for their comfort. In that event, you might be looking for the perfect dog bed. 

Just like us, our dogs need to take a nap and recharge because, truth be told, running around in circles while wagging your tail can be exhausting!

Sleeping Duck is a popular name throughout Australia, and rightfully so. They offer well-made mattresses that help you sleep soundly, and their dog bed is no exception. So, here we are to review it and help you decide if it’s with purchasing.

Sleeping Duck Dog Bed Review


Just like us, our canine companions deserve a comfortable, soft bed to sleep on. But before we begin telling you why the Sleeping Duck dog bed is preferred by many pet owners in Australia, let's take a look at its primary features: 

  • Pressure expansion rather than chemical reactions 
  • Dog-safe foam
  • Water-resistant 
  • Easy to wash
  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Hyper-adaptive foam 
  • Available in multiple sizes 

How Does It Feel To Sleep On? 

Sleep is what keeps all of us running, even our furry friends. As such, Sleeping Duck dog beds are engineered to give your dog a great nap, which they deserve after digging that big hole in your garden. 

Firstly, Sleeping Duck uses innovative and unique hyper-adaptive foam that can be found in thier mattress meant for humans. This technology promises maximum optimum comfort for your pet so that they can nap better. 

Unlike many dog beds that are made from foam manufactured after a lot of chemical processes, this dog bed is made with only pet safe foam that uses little to no harmful chemicals. In hindsight, it is made with pressure foaming, which is a method used to create foams without using any harsh chemical reactions. 

What Is The Sleeping Duck Dog Bed Made From? 

1. Water Resistant Materials

The Sleeping Duck dog bed is made of antigravity foam same as whats in the SD mach II mattress, which makes it nice and soft for your dog to lay on. Not only that, but it’s also designed to be water-resistant. Hence, if your pet is an active drooler in their sleep, the foam won’t become gross to deal with! 

All you have to do is to move the bed to a spot that is dry and open the outer cover. Place it in a nice sunny area for it to dry. The Sleeping "Duck" part of the name makes sense now, doesn't it? (Ducks are waterproof, apparently.) 

2. Easily Washable Layers

Washing a Sleeping Duck dog bed is easy not only because it won't run away like your dog at the sight of water! It is because the bed is made with high-quality foam that can be washed in simple steps. 

Simply unzip the outer cover at the bed’s base and detach the foamy part. You can wash the dog bed cover by hand in warm and soapy water to remove any stains or fur. Hang it up in your garden under the shade so it can air dry.

3. Scratch-Free Zippers

The Sleeping Duck dog bed is also made with anti-scratch properties. Many dog beds tend to have a zipper at the bottom which can end up causing scratches on your floor or worse, poke your puppy when they try to bite it. With Sleeping Duck dog beds, you won't have to worry about this because the zippers always point inwards.


The weight and thickness of a dog bed can be a significant tell of their quality. The fluffy foam is what makes the bed very comfortable to sleep on. But if the foam is too thick, it can be hard for your pet to sleep on it. 

However, Sleeping Duck claims that its dog bed has just the right thickness for your dog to rest well. Since the foam is extremely lightweight, the dog bed is easily transportable. You can lift, push, or move it anywhere without trouble.

The dimensions of the beds are: 

  • Small: 66cm x 48cm x 15cm
  • Medium: 84cm x 64cm x 15cm 
  • Large: 115cm x 90cm x 15cm

The size you should get depends on the size of your dog. A medium would suffice if you own a smaller breed, and a small bed would fit right if you own a puppy. We suggest the medium size as it will fit most dog breeds, except the larger ones. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

The pricing of Sleeping Duck dog beds is slightly on the higher side when compared to other dog beds in the market. We’ve listed the different sizes and their prices below:

  • Small: $200
  • Medium: $250
  • Large: $350

Is This The Right Bed For Your Dog? 

In terms of build quality, the Sleeping Duck dog bed scores a 7 out of 10 for us. The pressure foaming mechanism makes this bed much safer when compared to other dog beds in the market. Besides, its antigravity foam ensures that your beloved pet is always well-rested. 

Lastly, in terms of comfort, the Sleeping Duck dog bed appears to and feels like a foamy and soft bed. Apart from being comfortable to lay on, it is easily washable, which is a feature most dog owners require in a dog bed. 

The only potential con would be the pricing. However, if you're willing to spend a few bucks extra on a good quality dog bed, you may consider purchasing one. 

Final Verdict 

Considering its user-friendly features, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Sleeping Duck dog bed is considered worth the premium price by many pet owners. Thanks to its well-made foam, your furry friend can take a good nap daily without the risk of any allergic reactions. Just ensure you wash the bed regularly to keep debris and moisture away should you choose to get one.

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See you again!