How Often Should You Wash Your Mattress Protector?


January 9, 2024

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Do you know how often you should wash your mattress protector? We've got you covered! Additionally, this article will help you understand:

Wash your mattress protector at least once every two months. However, if you have allergies, have pets in bed, or have any spills, you may need to wash your cover more frequently. 

How often do you replace mattress protectors?

A mattress protector should be replaced every one to two years, or if there are any holes or tears in it, you should undeniably replace it. 

Your protector keeps your mattress free of dirt and spills, so it is essential to clean and replace it often. Additionally, it prevents the buildup of allergens, bed bugs, and dust mites. Knowing when to replace it can extend your mattress’s life and prevent premature deterioration.

How to protect a mattress with a mattress protector?

Mattress protectors that are worn out cannot effectively protect your mattress. The mattress can be ruined if there is an open seam, a stain, or an odour. To keep your it and mattress in good shape, make sure you wash them along with your sheets regularly. 

Are you wondering how long a mattress protector lasts? The average protector lasts for one to two years. This is dependent on its maintenance and quality. Protectors tend to lose their effectiveness after a certain amount of time because dead skin cells, body oils, etc., get absorbed. 

How to make a mattress protector last longer?

Several ways can extend a protectors lifespan. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding its care and washing. Keep your mattress protector as clean as possible by frequently washing it. When spills occur on it, you should immediately wash it. If you allow pets to sleep in your bed, you may need to wash it more often. If you keep it clean and take proper care of it, it can last longer. Therefore, you can learn how to take good care of it to last a long time. 

What makes a good mattress protector?

A good mattress protector should cover the whole surface of your mattress and not move around. If a zippered cover isn't available, an elastic strap that grabs all four corners can keep the protector in place. Having a breathable cover that allows air to flow through can help you stay comfortable and relaxed. 

Check to see if the protector is waterproof, easy to clean, or machine washable. If you're allergic to multiple fabrics or materials, a hypoallergenic protector can protect you. You should have both comfort and protection for your bed; check out our mattress protector review for some recommendations.