Mattress Point Reviews: Are They Good?


January 9, 2024

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Proper sleep is one of the most important factors affecting overall health. 

Sure, getting a good night’s sleep depends upon your schedule, lifestyle choices and type of sleep products. But did you know that your mattress also determines the quality of your sleep? Yes, you heard that right! 

Lying on a bad mattress can cause discomfort and make it difficult to sleep, leading to several health issues. However, choosing the right mattress is easier said than done due to the numerous options on the market. 

Thankfully, companies like Mattress Point make things easier by offering tons of products under one roof. This Australian-owned company offers sleep products like mattresses, bed frames and bed sheets in its online store. In this guide, we’ll review some of the mattresses the brand offers to help you make an informed choice.

So, let’s begin!

Are Mattress Point mattresses any good?

Benefits of Mattress Point mattresses

Mattress Point is a popular brand– one of the reasons is that it offers an impressive selection of products from a plethora of brands. Apart from mattresses, you can find some excellent sheets and bed frames from the brand at the most amazing prices. 

As for mattresses, they are available in multiple options that vary in size, type and other factors. Besides single mattresses, you’ll find mattresses for students, families and people with specific problems like back pain. The large variety of options ensures that you’re bound to find the mattress you’re looking for. 

Whether you are a stomach sleeper, side sleeper or back sleeper, Mattress Point has an option for you. And all of these options are made from the highest-quality materials, including gel-infused memory foam, pocket springs, polyester fibre, knitted fabric and more. For this reason, Mattress Point mattresses are super comfy. 

That’s not all; mattresses available at Mattress Point are compatible with beds from various companies, so you won’t have to buy a separate bed for them. They also deliver exceptional comfort and support to all types of sleepers, so even those with problems like back pain can enjoy a restful slumber. 

The best part, however, is that the brands available on Mattress Point offer excellent guarantees. Not only brands, but Mattress Point also covers its products with a generous warranty, which speaks volumes about the quality of the products it supplies. 

Returns are also easy, and the brand promises a replacement or refund in case the product arrives in unacceptable condition or is of inferior quality. 

Drawbacks of Mattress Point mattresses 

Mattress Point offers a lot of sleep products at its online store to meet the needs of different types of sleepers. However, there is no mention of a trial period, which is an essential factor to consider when buying sleep products. So, make sure to go through its policies on the website to avoid encountering issues later on. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the best bed frames, mattresses, and sheets with the most innovative features are quite pricey. Such products may not be ideal for those on a tight budget. 

As for shipping, Mattress Point does not provide the exact delivery date because delivery is often affected by driver conditions, workloads and other factors. Products are shipped as soon as they are ready, but it may take some time to reach your doorstep.

Mattress Point vs Emma Sleep

Both the Emma and Mattress Point brands are known for their wide range of high-quality sleep products, so comparing them isn’t easy. However, Emma has a slight edge over Mattress Point since it provides free delivery on all orders in Australia. In contrast, Mattress Point charges extra money for delivering its products to customers’ doorsteps. 

Furthermore, Emma provides an estimated delivery time for each order, but Mattress Point does not provide any such information. As for returns and refunds, both brands have reasonable policies and aim to provide a hassle-free experience to all customers. That said, getting a refund from Emma is easier than Mattress Point. 

Apart from that, all Mattress Point mattresses come with an excellent warranty, just like the ones from Emma. As such, you can contact the brand whenever any issue arises with your mattress. If a product is damaged within ten years, Mattress Point will replace it– now that’s a new one!  

Mattress Point brands

Mattress Point offers several products from various brands, and here we’ve mentioned some of the top brands whose mattresses are worth every penny. 

1. Cambridge

Cambridge is among the top brands from Mattress Point and has the largest selection of products available at the online store. Its Luxury Sleep mattress series is available in multiple sizes and firmness options. These include gently firm, plush and firm options, which can be purchased in king, queen, king-single, long-single and double sizes. 

Among the mattress brands owned by Mattress Point, Cambridge offers a multitude of options to choose from. However, their high price is justified because the brand doesn’t compromise on quality. These mattresses are made using high-quality materials to provide maximum comfort while sleeping. 

Such materials include natural Tencel fabric made from eucalyptus and cotton, pocket springs and gel-infused memory foam. The use of natural materials makes these mattresses ideal for a variety of sleepers, so you can order them without thinking twice. 

What’s more, you get a ten-year warranty on each Cambridge mattress, so you can always contact the brand in case any issue arises. 

2. Doncaster   

Doncaster is another brand from Mattress Point that is known for its high-quality offerings that deliver the best sleeping experience. The main factor differentiating Doncaster mattresses from other brands is the price, as they are easy on the pockets. So, finding one that fits your budget won’t be a challenge. 

Even then, the mattresses of Doncaster are made from high-density fibre, and premium felt. Overall, 12 layers of different materials make up Doncaster mattresses, which is why they deliver a luxurious sleeping experience.

Doncaster mattresses are medium mattresses and are perfect for all types of sleepers. Not to forget, they come with a ten-year warranty, so they offer excellent value for money. And like other Mattress Point brands, Doncaster mattresses are available in multiple sizes. 

3. Windsor

Windsor is the third brand that you’ll find on Mattress Point, which offers its mattress in one size, i.e., king-single. It is constructed using several layers of premium foam combined with pocket springs, making this a fantastic hybrid mattress. Those who want a comfortably soft mattress that provides adequate support are going to love this mattress which is neither too firm nor too soft.

There are 15 layers of different materials that make up this mattress; this means that most people are going to find it very comfortable to sleep on. As for its price, this falls between that of Cambridge and Doncaster mattresses, so it is neither very expensive nor very cheap. 

Mattress Point adjustable beds and bed sheets

Mattress Point sells adjustable beds and bedsheets under its own brand name. These are available in multiple sizes, including king split, queen split, double, king single and long single. Adjustable beds are among the latest inventions in the sleep industry and can take your sleeping experience to the next level. 

As the name indicates, these can be adjusted according to your specific requirements and used for other purposes, like watching TV or reading in bed. The Mattress Point adjustable beds come with a ten-year warranty, which is similar to the warranty provided on mattresses. 

What’s more, bed sheets are available in king and queen sizes and are made from Egyptian cotton. They are also eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic while being exceptionally durable. This means that they are designed to take a beating, so you can machine-wash them whenever they get dirty. 

These can be paired with adjustable mattresses or with beds from various brands. And you can get them in two colours– grey and white– which complement almost every bedroom decor. 

While bed sheets are reasonably priced, adjustable beds can be pretty expensive, so keep that in mind when buying. 

Final thoughts

This brief review of the Mattress Point mattresses has now come to an end, and we hope you learned a thing or two about the brand and its offerings. 

To sum it up, purchasing a mattress in a box is always a better option due to several reasons. You get higher quality options, the prices are generally very competitive since there is no middleman, and the products come with an excellent trial period and warranty. 

That said, if you’re planning to purchase a mattress in a box, we recommend the Emma Comfort, which is among the top-rated products and offers several impressive features. It is constructed using the best quality materials, and delivery is also free.

Now, it is time to wrap things up. Until next time!