Adjustable beds have quickly found a way into our homes, rather than being exclusively used in hospitals.

While this may be a bittersweet transition considering how more and more people are prone to back pain, an adjustable bed frame is a convenient addition to your space. Adjustable beds can be lifted and reclined according to the user's comfort and health requirements, and some even offer advanced technological features.

For instance, the zero gravity position in some adjustable beds allows you to relax with your legs raised higher than the head. This sleeping position can do wonders for those suffering from lower back pain.

Alternatively, if you are in the mood to splurge, you can opt for an adjustable bed base with massage features or an inbuilt alarm that can be adjusted with a wireless remote.

Thus, considering the different preferences of our readers, we have compiled a list of the best adjustable beds. So, without further ado, let's get started...

Best Adjustable Beds Review

1. Zinus Smartbase Double Bed Base Frame

Best Overall Adjustable Bed Frame

Kickstarting the list with a stylish and affordable option from the Zinus Store, this adjustable bed frame is available in three solid shades and five sizes. But don't let its low price fool you, as it boasts a durable stainless steel construction with a squeak-free SmartBase.

Product Review

As you might have already guessed, the USP of this product is the noise-free SmartBase with multiple support legs. Each of the legs is equipped with plastic caps to prevent unnecessary screeching and scratching. Also, the centre legs are foam-padded to protect your feet while shifting the bed.

The brand has further enhanced the adjustable frame with a multi-slat construction, providing optimum support to the mattress. Plus, the base features a non-slip tape that prevents your mattress from sliding and sagging. So, not only will your head and foot feel at ease, but your mattress will last longer.

We also appreciate how the bed frame is 35 cm high, leaving a clearance of 33 cm to accommodate any type of under-bed storage. You can also check out Zinus' wide range of brackets and headboards to complete your dream space.

With such a robust framework, you might be wondering if this adjustable bed is difficult to assemble. However, all of the parts will be delivered together in a single box, allowing quick and hassle-free assembly. In fact, the brand claims that the hardest part about the assembly is "opening the box!"

And if all of that wasn't enough, you get a 5-year warranty on the adjustable bed frame and base.


  • Noise-frebed
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Sufficient under-bed clearance
  • Capped legs and taped frame for better protection


  • No electrical functions

2. Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame

Best Bed With Adjustable Leg Height

If the previous option is out of your budget, try this adjustable bed from Onebed. It offers smooth transitioning between various preset positions, operated by remote control. And apart from the bed frame, you can even adjust the height of the legs.

Product Review

Affordable and adjustable, this product is easily one of the best adjustable beds available on the market. Thanks to its remote-controlled options, you can effortlessly shift from zero gravity to anti-snore.

However, you can also personalise a sleeping position by adjusting the height and slant of the head and foot. We think this feature is especially beneficial for those suffering from body aches and cramps, so they can choose according to their positional preferences.

Interestingly, these customisation features may alleviate chronic pain, improve blood circulation and heart function, relax muscles, and more. Plus, the height-adjustable legs make this bed all the more comfortable and versatile.

Speaking of versatility, Onebed offers adjustable bed frames in different sizes, namely, long single, king single, double, queen, king, and split king. We recommend their mattresses and pillows, too, for all-around comfort and aesthetics.

Finally, all of the products are backed by a limited five-year warranty. You can even reach out to the customer care team via call, email, or live chat in case of any queries.


  • Affordable adjustable bed
  • Multiple features and customisable positions
  • Height adjustable
  • Built to last


  • Lacks under-bed space

3. Peace lily Adjustable Bed

Best Adjustable Features And Massage Modes

Peace lily is among the best bed and mattress brands out there, so there was no way we could leave it out of this list. The brand has packed quite a punch with this adjustable bed with multiple positions, massage modes, and an under-bed LED lighting option.

Product Review

For starters, this product guarantees unlimited full-body adjustment. This is possible with the six adjustable positions: flat, anti-snore, reading, TV, zero gravity, and acid reflux. Thus, with this electronically adjustable base, discomfort and sleeplessness will never be an issue.

We recommend trying the anti-snore position if you are struggling with sleep apnea. Basically, this setting elevates the head, supports the neck, and allows unrestricted breathing. On the other hand, the acid reflux position slightly lifts the upper body, thereby soothing heartburn symptoms.

Further, the brand offers nine head and foot massage features. From the intensity to the pulse speed, choose your preferred vibration setting and relieve all sorts of stress and body pain.

You will also appreciate that this adjustable bed is made of 100% natural latex and organic cotton, and thus, contains no synthetic and toxic materials. This negates any possibility of skin irritation and chemical odour. Plus, the cotton fabric has been certified by GOTS, which speaks volumes about its quality.

Overall, this adjustable bed from Peacelily is anything but basic! Its under-bed lighting, wireless remote, and split king synchronicity make it a class apart.

Also, you get a limited warranty of two years which can be extended with additional payment.


  • Impressive adjustment features
  • Soothing vibration modes
  • Natural and organic materials
  • Includes wireless remote control


  • Expensive

4. Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed Package

Best Adjustable Bed And Mattress Combo

For those who want to go all out and invest in a good quality adjustable bed and mattress combo, this option is your best bet. Currently, the brand is offering an adjustable base and mattress together at half the total price. Now, that's what we call a sweet deal!

Product Review

This combo ensures sound sleep to all of its users, thanks to the adjustable therapeutic bed. Health issues like joint pain, insomnia, acid reflux, and asthma will be long gone with its multiple sleeping positions.

The adjustable bed also offers massage vibration therapy wherein you just switch on the dual wave massage to relieve stress and body ache. Notably, such vibrations are known to improve oxygen circulation, blood pressure, and muscle activity. You can further enhance the comfort level by pairing this adjustable bed frame with the memory foam mattress.

Equipped with responsive pocket springs and stretch knit fabric, the mattress adapts to the natural contours of your body while ensuring zero partner disturbance. So, regardless of your partner's snoring, sleep talking, or sleepwalking tendency, you are sure to enjoy a sweet and sound slumber!

Additionally, the wireless remote control ensures convenience and ease of use, as you can use it to switch your bed position while staying snuggled up. Even assembling the bed frame will not take more than 10 minutes.

Although the tough construction rules out any chances of wear and tear, the lack of any warranty makes it a risky option.


  • Memory foam mattress included
  • Customisable and programmable positions
  • Adjustable massage strength
  • No partner disturbance


  • No warranty

5. AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base

Here's another high-end option that's jam-packed with attractive features like remote-controlled preset positions, customisable massage modes, vibrator timer, and LED light. Thought that's all they could offer to ensure a good night's sleep? Wait till you hear about the warranty period. Read on to find out...

Product Review

An adjustable bed is of no use if you need to watch countless tutorials to assemble it and figure out its features. Thankfully, this option from AH Beard ensures ergonomic relief effortlessly with its wireless remote control. The preset positions include flat, zero gravity, TV, and quiet sleep. You can further adjust the head and foot positions according to your liking.

Note that this adjustable bed base can be fitted with your existing headboard, or you can purchase one from the brand.

Moving on, the massage feature offers three options, which can soothe pressure points and ensure faster sleep. You can even turn on the vibration timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and let the electronic bed massage you to sleep.

Besides the under-bed lighting, the floor strip lighting and the remote control with a flashlight are convenient additions. However, the USB port and Bluetooth connectivity are hands down the most hi-tech features in this product, making it one of the best adjustable beds in the Australian market.

Last but not least, unlike most adjustable beds on the list, this modern pick is backed by a massive ten-year warranty. Now, beat that!


  • Impressive warranty offer
  • Customisable positions and massage modes
  • USB ports and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Motorised bed


  • Costly

Buyer's Guide

With each product better than the other, we understand that choosing from the top adjustable bed frames is not an easy task. Besides knowing the best adjustable bed brands, you must be well-versed with certain factors that differentiate one adjustable bed from the other.

But fret not, because we have listed all of the factors you must consider when buying an adjustable bed. Accordingly, you can prioritise the features you would want in the best adjustable bed frame and make a smart choice.

1. Type Of Mattress

Thankfully, many adjustable beds manufactured nowadays are compatible with a variety of mattresses. So, if you already own a mattress and are looking to replace just the bed frame, you need not pay extra for an adjustable mattress.

However, note that only latex, foam, and hybrid mattresses with individually wrapped coils are flexible enough for adjustable bed models. On the other hand, innerspring mattresses are firm and cannot adapt to adjustable bed features.

Moreover, before buying a new mattress, check the weight limit of the adjustable frame. Most of these bed frames offer a maximum limit of 340 kgs approximately.

2. Wireless Remote Controls

Having a remote control with your adjustable bed will allow smooth transitions between various positions and massage functions effortlessly. With a touch of a button, you can prevent sleep apnea, enjoy a spa-like experience at home, or turn on the under-bed lights.

Interestingly, some modern adjustable beds include a remote cradle, USB ports, and Bluetooth connectivity, too!

3. Variety Of Sizes

Adjustable beds were originally designed for single-person use. Hence, most of these adjustable frames are available in single sizes.

But if you sleep with your partner, consider getting a split king adjustable bed. Such bed frames allow different positions and massage modes on each side. So, if your partner prefers the zero gravity position while you need a quick massage to fall asleep, both can enjoy these features without disturbing the other.

4. Assembly Process

Most adjustable bed frames are easy to assemble, so there's nothing to worry about on this aspect. In fact, some products can be put together in merely ten minutes!

Still, if you prefer having the adjustable bed frame assembled by a professional, you can opt for White Glove delivery. Remember to check on the official website of the brand if they have this option.

5. Weight Capacity

As mentioned earlier, adjustable beds offer different weight limits. Thus, get a rough idea about the total weight, including yours, your partner's, and the mattress. Be very cautious if you don't want to end up with a light capacity adjustable bed that snaps on the first night itself!

6. Noise

Today's stressful lifestyles are enough to drive away a good night's sleep; you don't need a squeaky bed to make it worse! Thus, if you or your partner is a light sleeper, consider investing in a squeak-free adjustable bed. Doing so will allow any of you to make positional adjustments at night without disturbing the other.

7. Additional Features

Besides the ones mentioned earlier, some interesting features in modern adjustable beds include upper and lower body adjustment, customisable height, built-in Bluetooth speakers, wall-hugging technology, and more. However, if you do not require such fancy add-ons, feel free to check out more affordable options like the Zinus Smartbase Double Bed Frame or the Onebed Adjustable Bed Frame.

8. Price

An adjustable bed is not something you see in every household. It could be because not everyone needs specialised comfort features, or you could blame the high cost. Not to mention that some electrical adjustable beds may be quite high-maintenance.

Thus, be prepared to spend around $1,000 on a basic adjustable bed and $2,000 on a model with high-end features. Or, you can dig some shopping sites and brand websites to bag combo offers like the Solace Sleep Adjustable Bed Package.

9. Warranty

Ensure that you check the warranty periods offered by each brand before making your pick. Considering how important this factor is, not many customers pay attention to the warranty period while purchasing adjustable bed frames.

Keep in mind that the warranty of adjustable beds is different from that of regular beds. Plus, the specified period may differ for the adjustable bases and the electrical components.

Also, most brands offer a generous limited lifetime warranty of twenty years. However, among our suggestions, the AH Beard Invigorate Electric Adjustable Base offers maximum warranty coverage of ten years.

10. Durability

No one buys a product expecting it to last just a few months. Hence, opt for robust materials when looking for a good adjustable bed. Stainless steel is a great pick in this aspect. It can be designed according to the adjustability requirements of such beds and ensures long-lasting use.

Further, if the legs of the bed frame are capped or covered, it provides better protection while ensuring a noise-free experience.

11. Health Benefits

Although a brand may make lofty claims about the health benefits provided by its adjustable beds, it is the customer reviews that can testify the same. Using simple logic, an adjustable bed that offers different positioning functions and massage modes would offer the most therapeutic sleeping experience.

But you must go through the customer reviews to get a better understanding. With this research, you might even bag an all-in-one adjustable bed that can prevent snoring, insomnia, fibromyalgia, etc.


Q. Are Adjustable Beds Worth It?

For those dealing with insomnia or other health problems, an adjustable bed, preferably with a memory foam mattress, is a valuable investment. The adjustable base allows easy transition into different sleep positions and alleviates symptoms of acid reflux, sleep apnea, and more.

However, adjustable beds are not worth it if you do not struggle to fall asleep or suffer from any health issues that cause body ache or discomfort.

Q. Do You Need An Adjustable Mattress?

Although an adjustable mattress is ideal for an adjustable bed, you can use regular mattresses that offer some amount of flex. In such a case, memory foam mattresses are your best bet. Latex and hybrid mattresses are suitable as well.

However, innerspring mattresses do not bend, and hence, are not compatible with adjustable bed frames.

Q. How Do You Assemble An Adjustable Bed?

The assembly process of adjustable beds varies for different brands. However, most of them are accompanied by easy instructions, and won't require too much time and effort.

If you still feel stuck while assembling, you can contact the customer care team or watch tutorials online.

Q. How Do You Keep The Bedding Intact On Adjustable Beds?

Since an adjustable bed can be lifted and reclined according to your requirements, the bedding may fall off, creating a mess in the bedroom.

To prevent this, you must check your bedsheet's "pocket depth" and pick an adjustable mattress accordingly. Basically, the pocket depth determines the maximum height of a mattress that the sheet can cover.  

Once you get a suitable bedsheet, ensure that you tuck the corners beneath the mattress. Alternatively, you can get a flat sheet equipped with corner straps, or get your hands on a "sheet suspender" for better grip around the mattress.

Q. Is There A Trial Period On Adjustable Beds?

Most adjustable bed bases are not returnable; hence, you do not get any sleep trial. However, brands that offer a trial period may pose certain terms and conditions or carry a high return fee. So, make sure you go through the policies carefully.

Final Words

With that, we come to the end of this extensive guide on the best adjustable beds available on the Australian market. We hope your search for the perfect product will be a lot easier now.

A good adjustable bed is one that caters to your health requirements, preferences, and budget. So, even though customer reviews help understand the comfort level of the product, don't get too swayed by different opinions.

After all, "comfort" is subjective. What may be comfortable for someone with snoring issues may not be suitable for a sleeper with back pain.

Before we sign off, we'd like to reiterate some of our favourites among the best adjustable beds mentioned above.

Clearly, the overall winner is the Zinus Smartbase Double Bed Base Frame, as it is affordable, durable, and offers noise-free adjustments. Our second pick is the Peacelily Adjustable Bed for its advanced sleeping positions and massage modes.

Let us know which of these is the best adjustable bed according to you. We'll be back with more review-based guides soon.

Until then, sweet dreams!