How To Match Bed Linen With Your Wallpaper


January 9, 2024

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Ever spent hours searching for the perfect bed linen, only to find that it does not go with your wallpaper? 

Well, you're not the only one.  When it comes to choosing bed linen, there are endless possibilities - colours, patterns, and fabrics. So, it can be tricky to select the right pieces for your bedroom. 

However, one easy way to narrow down your choices is to consider your wallpaper. By matching the bed linen to your wallpaper, you can create a coordinated look that pulls the whole room together.

So, here’s an informative guide on how to match your bed linen with the wallpaper for a chic look!

How To Match Bed Linen With Your Wallpaper

We've put together a few tips to help you select the perfect pairing. First, consider the style of your wallpaper. This will help to create a sense of balance in your room. 

1. Wallpaper In Neutral Patterns 

If you have a neutral-toned wallpaper, there are a few different ways you can match the bed linen. For example, you can choose any other neutral colour for your bed linen. This will create a calming and relaxed look in your bedroom. 

Alternatively, you could choose bed linen with a pattern or design that picks out one of the colours in your wallpaper. This can help to add more depth to the room.

One option is to select bed linens in a similar colour family as your wallpaper. For example, if your wallpaper is light beige, you could choose a creamy white or pale grey duvet cover. If your wallpaper has more of a yellow undertone, consider using bedding with warm hues such as goldenrod or apricot. 

You can also create contrast by choosing bed linens in colours opposite to your wallpaper on the colour wheel. For instance, if your wallpaper is tan, you might select sheet sets in navy blue or lavender.

Another factor to consider is the pattern of your wallpaper. If it is busy or has a lot of visual interest, you might want to choose solid-colour bedding. This will help to create a restful oasis in your bedroom. 

On the other hand, if your wallpaper is fairly simple, you could use patterned bedding to brighten the room. Small geometric prints can work well with minimalist wallpapers, while large florals can add drama to a more traditional space. 

No matter what look you are going for; there are endless possibilities for matching bed linen with your neutral-toned wallpaper.

2. Wallpaper with Floral Design

The use of floral patterns in wallpaper can create a stunning effect. However, it can make a space feel cluttered if the patterns are too large. Let this kind of wallpaper take centre stage by accessorising your bed with muted tones that complement the wallpaper colour.

If you prefer a more muted colour scheme, you can add visual interest with embossed designs or metallic embellishments. Contrasting stripes, polka dots, or other repeated patterns on the bed would look great with solid-coloured walls.

If you'd rather not stick with neutrals, at least match the intensity of the wallpaper by selecting a colour that's similar to one of the shades already there. After all, it is easier to create a harmonious atmosphere when the wallpaper, bedding, and blanket covers all have something in common. It has an air of effortless sophistication. 

And you can always add bright colour patches by using contrasting colours for your cushions and pillows. 

3. Stripes

If you have striped wallpaper, you will want to consider similar colours and patterns when selecting sheets, silk pillowcases, and duvets. For example, if your wallpaper has blue and white stripes, consider opting for bedding in a powder blue shade. 

You can also use stripes to create a cohesive look by matching the width of the stripes on your wallpaper to the width of the stripes on the bedding. Another thing to keep in mind is texture. If your wallpaper is smooth, you might want to choose bedding with a bit of texture, such as ruffles or embroidery. 

You could go for a classic look with white sheets and pillowcases or add a pop of colour with striped accent pillows. If you want to keep the focus on the wallpaper, choose a solid-coloured duvet cover and keep the rest of the bedding simple.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different patterns. For example, you could pair a striped duvet cover with a floral pillowcase. The key is to create a look that is pleasing to the eye and that reflects your personal style.

4. Textured Wallpaper 

Bedrooms with textured wallpaper have more character, style, and personality. If you utilise a muted colour palette, the effect can be almost indistinguishable and may not stand out. For this reason, it is recommended to use bedding with bold colours or patterns to provide personality and warmth to the area.

Alternatively, you may make your bedroom look more refined by sticking to simple furniture and selecting bedding in muted tones. Any wallpaper with light grey bedding makes a serene, elegant, and lovely space.

When designing a themed bedroom, bed linens and wallpaper are vital accessories. But you should always take in the shades of the rugs, cushions, furniture, lamps, and even wall paintings before deciding on bed linen. Everything needs to be in coordination in order to achieve the perfect effect. 

Bottom Line

So, how do you choose the right bed linen to pair with your wallpaper? 

The best way to start is by considering the colour palette of your room. Once you know which colours are featured in your wallpaper, it will be much easier to find bedding that compliments. 

And if you are renovating a room from scratch, we recommend selecting the wallpaper before choosing your bed linen. Make sure you do not opt for a clustered wallpaper design for a small room, as that can make it look uncoordinated. Instead, choose a cleaner wallpaper with light colours and minimal designs, and pair up the bedding accordingly. 

Remember - balance is key!