Evopia Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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We always recommend consumers spend a little extra when buying bedroom accessories because there's no substitute for quality.

But what if we said you could purchase premium mattresses and bed frames at affordable prices without compromising comfort or decor? It's a little difficult to believe, even more so when we tell you that the brand in question was established only in 2016.

Before you jump to conclusions, let us clarify that this is by no means a promotional post. We came across Evopia's products online and thought their selections were unique, despite being a new company.

In this guide, we dissect the major points about Evopia mattress to determine whether their products can satisfy the needs of most Australian shoppers.

Why Is Evopia Popular?

The main reason why people prefer Evopia is its selection of affordable mattresses and bed frames. Despite the lower costs, there are multiple choices for shoppers, which makes this 100% Australian-run online shopping website the go-to option for consumers’ home furniture needs.

As per customer reviews, 3 things that stand out when buying from the official Evopia website include -

  • Customer service 
  • Fast delivery
  • Advice related to the product

Although it isn't the largest brand in the online Australian shopping market, Evopia prioritises customer satisfaction, giving it the edge. And thanks to its excellent service, the company has expanded since its inception, offering pocket-friendly box mattresses throughout the continent.

You will also notice that the website doesn't have many categories to make navigation easier for discount-hungry shoppers. 

The brand believes online shopping should be fun, and consumers can reach out via mail or social media. Plus, the customer support team replies quickly when you have a question. 

But this isn't a description of the company, so let's check out the products and policies on offer to determine if Evopia is worth investing in.


A. Mattresses

The Evopia mattress from the brand is its Cloud Hybrid Mattress, which is available in the Queen size and comes with a cooling heat-regulating fabric. There are 7 layers in total, with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th layers made up of 40 mm, 16 mm and 25 mm foam, respectively. 

Below the triple foam support layers lies 5-zone support coils measuring 200 mm, while the penultimate layer is again made up of 25 mm foam. And at the bottom lies an anti-slip base for greater stability and comfort.

But this is just one option, and you can also pick from…

  • Firm hybrid mattresses
  • Hybrid plush products
  • Giselle mattresses
  • Premier Euro cloud top mattress
  • Luxury hotel Euro top mattresses
  • Hotel mattresses
  • Pillow top mattresses

Some of these products are available at a discount of 30%, which proves extra convenient for potential buyers.

B. Beds

Apart from mattresses, beds, frames, and other accessories are in high demand on the Evopia website. So, if you wish to decorate the bedroom, try out…

  • LED bed frames
  • Gas lift beds
  • Beds with built-in storage drawers
  • Leather beds
  • White beds
  • Bedside table 
  • Ottoman storage

To give you an idea about its products, we analysed the bed types and frames on offer. 

The striking aspect is that Evopia helps consumers make the right choice by providing purchasing tips. It recommends people opt for a spacious bed for optimum comfort so they can stretch out from head to toe or curl up inside a blanket. 

Most importantly, your personal preferences should take precedence when choosing a bed frame, and the brand has options in various sizes to leave all consumers satisfied. Best of all are the innumerable designs available in eye-catching materials, like natural fabrics, to easily match the interior decor of your home. 

Its upholstered fabric comes in leather or linen and works well with different bed colours, including -

  • Black
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Charcoal
  • White

You will even find an extensive bed frame collection, ranging from minimalist and iconic designs to DIY bed options. We have narrowed down some of the more popular bed frames here -

  • Toki
  • Flio
  • Lissa
  • Avio
  • Vila
  • Issa 
  • Neo 
  • Pola
  • Mila
  • Roca
  • Lumi
  • Nino


The shipping, returns and warranty deals from Evopia are transparent and easy to understand for consumers. You will enjoy free shipping on most orders, but bulk purchases come with a shipping charge. This ensures that despite being a new company, the brand can deliver across Australia without charging consumers exorbitant amounts.

In most cases, it takes between 3 and 5 days to deliver orders, but sometimes it can take up to 8 days.


Refunds and cancellations depend on whether the order has been processed. Evopia is known for quickly dispatching most orders, as you can tell by the expected delivery time, so you must be proactive when opting for cancellations.

Send a mail to the company's registered account, and they will get back to you with the order details. You will only be eligible for a refund if the order hasn't been processed.


All returns are processed and eligible for 14 days from delivery, covering damaged or faulty items. However, the company doesn't accept returns for most mattresses, including the bedding, unless the product delivered was faulty.

You will have to rely on the manufacturer's warranty in such instances, which is usually a year for mattresses. But note that all "faulty product" claims are valid only for 3 months after delivery.


Taking into account the multiple choices on offer and the low price of its products, Evopia's mattresses and bed frames should be on your shopping list. Plus, the various designs and colours go well with most bedrooms to amplify your interior decor.

But the return and warranty policy could have been better, especially considering consumers won't have sufficient time to test the products. Other brands offer a longer trial period and even process refunds if you return the product after using it.

That said, comparing Evopia with some of the bigger names in the Australian market is slightly unfair. As a new brand with limited resources, its range of products and customer policies are good enough for small to medium purchases, if not bulk orders.

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