Best Mattress You Can Pay Later (Afterpay, Zip, and Others)


January 9, 2024

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Thinking about snagging a mattress in a box with Afterpay? We totally get how handy it can be to split up payments, especially when you're splashing out on something big. And let's face it, buying a new mattress is a pretty significant investment. You're looking at something that's going to last you a good 10 years, and it's a game-changer for your sleep quality and posture.

In this post, I've rounded up a list of the best mattress you can score in Australia using Afterpay. And if you're wondering, can you use Afterpay for a mattress? Absolutely, you can! It's a breeze to buy a mattress with Afterpay, giving you the flexibility to budget without missing out on a great night's sleep. Oh, and stick around till the end – I've thrown in some handy budgeting tips too.

Emma mattress

So this bed doesn’t actually have Afterpay its Zip, which is the same thing and offers 6 months interest-free, pay nothing today, and all that good stuff to ease the burden of forking out your cash.

Emma is one of the top contents for the best mattress in Australia. It’s currently the most awarded mattress in Europe, and it recently comes to Australia to rival our mattress in a box market.

But is the Emma mattress any good? Well like mentioned it’s proven itself across Europe with over 30+ Awards and with over 400,000 people sleeping on it. Melbourne’s population is 5 million, so that’s nearly 10% having an Emma mattress which is insane. Plus they are always growing as word of mouth spreads, and it helps they are now in over 17 countries and 3 continents.

The bed is made up of 3 layers all-foam design that most people love, the layers are:

Breathable eco-friendly foam- You can rest in comfort knowing that the environment isn’t harmed making your bed. On top of being eco-friendly, the breathable foam wicks away moisture and stops you from overheating.

Pressure-relieving, 7 zone foam- The middle layer is where the magic happens, its a high resilience foam that will distribute pressure across the mattress. It has a zonal cutout design to adapt specifically to different parts of your body. That means your shoulder and hips will get all the support they need when you are sleeping on the bed for 8 hours (maybe more it’s very comfortable)

Supportive point-elastic foam- The base layer is a durable dream; it provides vital counter-pressure to comfort layers above and gives support to your lower back.

We love this bed, and think you will too. It’s the most awarded mattress in Europe for a reason. To sleep on the Emma, it’s slightly firmer than a standard memory foam mattress, but that’s great for anyone who finds the type of bed too soft. And, as mentioned at the start, you can get it on Zip payments. You can find it by clicking here.

Macoda mattress

The first hybrid mattress on the list, if your not a fan of an all-foam bed because of the heat and contouring they are naturally inclined to give. Then a hybrid mattress is best for you. And, the Macoda mattress is a hidden gem in the mattress in a box market.

You can get the Macoda on Afterpay and Zip payments. So you don’t have to worry about forking out the extra dollar right away. But boy, is it worth the money.

The bed pulls out all the stops from the easy to move handles to a plush top cover. The bed is made up of 4 layers (not including the edge support, or cover), let’s have a more in-depth look at them:

Premium Latex- You can’t beat the quality of a latex top layer, the naturally breathable and anti-bacterial properties. Latex is also highly responsive and offers a gently bounce to sleepers.

Gel-infused memory foam- Not your standard memory foam, it’s gel-infused memory foam. That addition of gel adds cooling properties to help reduce the heat on the surface of the bed. You still get that loving embrace memory foam provides just without the sweating warmth.

Polyurethane Foam- This high-density support foam is the barrier between the top two comfort layers and the bottom support layer, which is the pocket springs. This is a firm foam and makes sure you will never feel any springs in your back.

5-Zone support coils- These zonally designed springs are encased in a permeable mesh; this helps airflow through the mattress and joins the springs together. With the addition of springs, you get independent support on pressure points, and they go nicely in combination with the other layers.

Cover- The cover is bamboo fabric, which is refreshing and is similar to rayon. Bamboo will wick moisture away from your body and keep things cool and comfortable on the surface. Bamboo is also a naturally anti-bacterial material, so you don’t have to worry about allergies and dust mites.

Overall, this is a high-end mattress that is designed for comfort and breathability. Especially good for harsh Australian summers or just a typical day in Perth or Darwin.

Here's the Macoda mattress review.

no longer available

Hugo Mattress

This is another bed you can Shop Interest-Free with Zip payments. But is the Hugo mattress any good? Well the beds firm enough to support you through the night, yet is soft enough for a lazy Sunday Netflix binge. The bed has a 4 layer all-foam design:

Natural Latex- We love when the top layer is latex, for one it’s breathable, so you stay cool at night, great for the Australian climate. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to reduce bacteria.

Memory Foam- Nasa worked on the material for years it’s designed to contour naturally to your body. Excellent for pressure relief and comfort.

Transition Foam- The layer that eases the difference between the two top comfort layers and the more durable support base layer. Most mattresses skip this layer, but it’s a nice added bonus in the Hugo’s mattress design.

High-Density Foam- This incredible support layer adds longevity to the mattress. Plus, unlike inner-springs, you will never get a stab in the back.

Overall, we think it’s a high quality and underrated bed. They don’t spend a lot on fancy marketing or showrooms and pass on the great saving onto you. Plus, it’s made in Australia. Which not too many mattress in a box companies can say.

no longer available

Honourable mentions of beds on Afterpay or Zip

  • HappySleep (Melbourne based Bed company)
  • Ecosa (also pay with Splitit)
  • Ergoflex

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A few mattress budget tips

  • Price doesn’t always equal quality.
  • $1000 budget is perfect; this will generally give you a wide variety of bed sizes and different mattress.
  • Choosing a bigger bed will mean a bigger budget. The price doesn’t leap up with each size. However, you will be paying more because the use of material from a single to a king is double.
  • Don’t go very cheap, spending less than $400 for a queen isn’t a perfect indicator of quality, but it does give an indication. The mattress could have higher toxicity of chemicals, lower-quality materials, and lower durability.

Remember your mattress should last at least 10 years so if your new bed costs $1000 over 10 years that’s $0.27 a day. And using an interest-free option like Zip or Afterpay makes it even more worth it. Don’t cut corners on your mattress! Your sleep and health are worth more than 27 cent a day.