Sleepy Panda Mattress Review

Sleepy Panda Mattress Review


November 4, 2022

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Do you often feel tired and sleepy when at work? Maybe that is because you are not getting enough rest.

It doesn’t matter how hard we hustle in our everyday lives - getting a good night’s sleep is mandatory to help us recuperate and stay productive. If you get decent sleep, you can focus better on your work while keeping physiological problems, such as neck and back pains away.

This is why it is essential to get a good mattress, or else your quest to get restful sleep at night will forever elude you. Thankfully, with options such as the Sleepy Panda mattress, you can accomplish your goal easily.

We have reviewed this particular mattress here for your convenience. So, if you want to learn more about it, read on!

The Original Sleepy Panda Mattress Review


Sleepy Panda mattresses are regarded by many as a good choice of mattress. So, before we get to the core review, we have mentioned some of the highlighted features of this mattress that makes it a reliable choice for countless Australians.

  • Fully hybrid design composed of several materials
  • Features a 5-zone pocket spring layer
  • Provides exceptional comfort and support
  • Fast and free delivery



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Includes a 10-year warranty
  • Comes with a trial period of 100 nights


  • It just blends in with a the standard made in china mattresses
  • Relatively expensive

What Is The Sleepy Panda Mattress Made From?

At first look, the Sleepy Panda mattress might seem like a regular hybrid mattress. But if you dig deeper, you will see that it uses three different materials - memory foam, latex and spring coils. This differentiates it from other hybrid mattresses that mostly use only spring coils and memory foam.

The premium quality gel memory foam provides the necessary softness and breathability to the mattress. It allows the mattress to adjust snugly to the curves of your body, thereby providing good pressure relief. 

This is further enhanced with the help of the natural latex layer, which supports all the pressure points in your body. Besides, it makes the mattress relatively durable.

Lastly, the 5-zone pocket spring layer helps make the mattress bouncy and responsive. It also ensures adequate firmness for heavier sleepers.

We’ll mention the knitted bamboo fibre cover layer here as well since it enhances the breathability of the mattress. As a result, you get a cool and dry sleep experience.

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How Does The Sleepy Panda Mattress Feel?

The latex layer and pocket springs of this mattress give it a medium-firm feel that supports the heavier body weight of people without sagging. 

Conversely, the adaptive foam makes it soft enough to relieve pressure at key points of the body, keeping sleep issues at bay. Because of these aspects, the mattress is a suitable option for back and side sleepers as well.

On the contrary, the mattress may feel a bit uncomfortable for light and stomach sleepers. For them, the medium-firm design of the mattress might feel a little stiff. And even though the mattress includes a memory foam comfort layer, it is not soft enough to hug the contours of their body comfortably. 

The Original Sleepy Panda mattress will offer comfort to hot sleepers as well. This is because of the cooling gel memory foam and breathable mattress threading on the cover layer. They effectively eliminate the excess heat from inside the mattress and allow air to circulate freely through the layers.

Furthermore, the mattress has been designed to eliminate motion transfer entirely. This helps to reduce partner disturbance so that your night sleep remains uninterrupted.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Sleepy Panda Mattress?

The Sleepy Panda mattress is available in five different sizes, which means that you get a decent number of choices. Here are the dimensions and weight of each size:

  • Single: 188 x 92 x 30 cm; weighs 32 kg
  • King Single: 203 x 107 x 30 cm; weighs 35 kg
  • Double: 188 x 138 x 30 cm; weighs 42 kg
  • Queen: 203 x 153 x 30 cm; weighs 48 kg
  • King: 203 x 183 x 30 cm; weighs 60 kg


King Single




How Much Does The Sleepy Panda Mattress Cost?

Now, we have arrived at the most crucial factor that you need to consider - the cost. When compared to other hybrid mattresses, the sleepy panda comes at a fairly reasonable price. Keeping that in mind, here are the prices for the different sizes of this mattress.

  • Single: $499
  • King Single: $599
  • Double: $699
  • Queen: $949
  • King: $1,049



King single




Bonus Features Of The Sleepy Panda Mattress

1. Fast And Free Delivery

When you order from the Sleepy Panda website, the mattress gets dispatched within 4 hours, while the delivery takes a couple more days. This means that you can expect to sleep on your new mattress within just a few days of placing the order, irrespective of where you live in the country. And since the delivery is entirely free of cost, you don’t have to worry about any additional charges.

2. 100-Night Risk Free Trial

After you receive the mattress, you can try it risk-free for 100 nights. If you are a bit sceptical about it, the trial period will give you enough time to confirm if it's the perfect mattress for you. If you think it isn’t good enough, you can safely return the product within this period and opt for a full refund.

Final Verdict

Long story short, the Original Sleepy Panda mattress is a suitable choice for a side and back sleeper with moderate to high body weight. It offers you the benefits of latex, memory foam and pocket springs in a single package.

What’s more, the price of the mattress isn’t that high either, so you won’t need to break the bank to purchase it. And the long 10-year warranty ensures that you can use this mattress without any worry for quite a while!

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