Peacelily Mattress Review

Peacelily Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Excelling in school, getting clear skin, and losing some extra kilos- all of these goals have one step in common.

And that's maintaining a healthy sleep schedule! Yes, sleeping is just as important as eating your greens and walking 10,000 steps a day. But the stress that comes with the 21st-century lifestyle makes falling asleep a Herculean task.

That's when you need a soft yet supportive mattress-in-a-box, preferably one that offers temperature control during hot summer nights. And this mattress by Peacelily, one of Australia's top mattress brands, is the answer to all your sleeping woes.

So, without further ado, let's get started...


Before getting into the nitty-gritty, let's look at some factors that make this natural mattress a favourite among Australians.




Partner Disturbance


Value For Money


Trial Length


Customer Satisfaction



  • Impressive 25-year limited warranty period
  • Certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex Class 1, and eco-INSTITUT
  • Offers two firmness levels
  • Made of natural materials


  • Some people are allergic to latex
  • It can be too firm for some sleepers

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What's The Mattress Made From?

1.  High-quality Dunlop Latex

Being the greener alternative to a memory foam mattress, latex provides better durability and back support.

While a memory foam mattress is ideal for colder regions, the best mattress material for Australian nights is latex. Since it sports an open-cell structure, it facilitates better airflow and temperature control.

Also, this foam mattress contains only the best latex in the world, found in Sri Lanka. So, you can rest assured that there are no VOCs, pesticides, and polyurethane in any of the three layers of the mattress.

2. Latex Glue

Peacelily uses pure latex glue to hold the natural materials together. This organic glue offers strong adhesion and contains no harmful chemicals, making this product an all-natural latex mattress.

3. Organic Cotton

Even the handmade mattress cover is made of 100% organic cotton. It adds to the heat-controlling properties of the latex foam, with its moisture-wicking and breathable nature.

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Is It Comfortable To Sleep On?

Peacelily ensures that everyone gets a comfortable and sound slumber, no matter your preferred sleeping position. It does so with its unique design that offers two levels of firmness- one on each side.

The top side of the mattress, marked with an M, provides a gentle medium comfort level. Ideal for a side sleeper or those who like the feeling of being hugged in their sleep without sinking into the mattress!

On the other side, you will find an F symbol, which gives a firm comfort level. This side is suitable for back sleepers or those who suffer from back pain.

Moreover, if you want a softer base, you can opt for a plush mattress topper. It adds a 5-cm thick layer of 100% Dunlop latex rubber foam for a cloud-like squish so that you can get your eight hours of undisturbed beauty sleep!

Due to its latex composition, this mattress will be firmer than a memory foam mattress. If you like a soft mattress, keep this in mind.

Weight And Thickness

The thickness of the mattress plays a vital role in determining the comfort level. It should neither be too thick nor too thin unless you want to suffer from sleepless nights!

You should consider the weight of the mattress, too, as this can dictate its ease of movement. This is, in fact, an important factor if you often move houses.

However, with the Peacelily latex mattress, you need not worry as it is available in various sizes, as listed below.

Depending on the dimensions of your bed, you can choose a mattress accordingly. The queen-size mattress is our top recommendation. However, if you've got a large bed and want a luxurious sleeping experience, opt for the king mattress, coupled with the latex topper.



92 cm x 188 cm

32 kg

King Single

107 cm x 203 cm

39 kg




138 cm x 188 cm

44 kg

153 cm x 203 cm

54 kg

183 cm x 203 cm

63 kg

How Much Does It Cost?

Honestly, these mattresses are quite steeply priced, but the quality and features make them worth every cent.




King single









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Bonus Features

Since the mattresses do not boast an affordable price tag, it makes sense to know that the shipping is free in almost all parts of Australia. Some areas may carry additional charges due to state laws and restrictions.

Additionally, the massive 25-year warranty is unlike most companies out there. There's no doubt that the mattress is meant to last, but the warranty period has got you covered in case you find any durability issues.

Speaking of which, you can enjoy a 100-night trial period if you're unsure about the suitable weight and thickness. Just opt for any of the mattresses mentioned above and if you're unsatisfied, feel free to return it and claim a refund.

Other than the fact that all the materials of this mattress are 100% natural, the brand indulges in ethical manufacturing and production. All the products are handmade in a non-toxic environment. Certified by GOTS, Oeko-Tex Class 1, and eco-INSTITUT, Peacelily meets the stringent industry standards of sustainability and quality.

Is This The Right Mattress For You?

Thanks to the generous trial period of the Peacelily mattress, you can purchase it risk-free even if you're unsure about it. However, there are some factors that you must know to help you decide whether this product is worth it.

In terms of firmness and support, it is a great mattress. It's suitable for most sleepers and even those suffering from back pain and other spinal issues. Simply flip it to transform the firm mattress into a gentle medium and vice versa.

However, if you like a super soft mattress, consider getting the optional latex mattress topper. The mattress itself does not offer a sink-in feel, which some users may prefer.

Final Verdict

So, if your old mattress gives you sleepless nights and every day feels like a Monday, this Peacelily mattress is the best bet. Made of high-quality materials in an eco-friendly manner, it's time to bid farewell to your memory foam mattress and switch to latex.

After all, warm Australian nights call for a mattress that keeps you cool and comfortable!

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