Onebed X Mattress Review

Onebed X Mattress Review


January 9, 2024

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Indeed, there is no alternative to soothing, comfortable, and uninterrupted sleep at night. At the end of the day, you want to lay on a comfy bed and relax. But unfortunately, 1 in 10 Australians don't enjoy a good night's sleep due to mild insomnia.

Having difficulty sleeping or waking up in the middle of the night can cause many health problems. Thus, it is vital to find the root cause of the issue. Though there can be many reasons for sleeplessness, one common sense is lying on an uncomfortable mattress.

We have searched through many hybrid mattresses in the market and found Onebed X to be the best. Hence, we are penning down this Onebed X review.

Onebed is the name of quality, brilliance, and reliability. In addition to offering excellent comfort and support, the company also offers a generous 15-year warranty. Let's find out what great qualities the Onebed X mattress provides.

Onebed X has combined all the best features of the different mattress types, making it the finest hybrid mattress available in the Australian market. For context, a hybrid mattress is the best option to sleep on as it combines traditional innerspring construction with layers of foam on the top. The innerspring construction offers firmness and breathability, and foam layers increase the mattress's comfort level.

Let's look at the highlighting characteristics of this luxury mattress before diving into its features in detail.

Highlighting Features

  • Offers maximum comfort and support to all types of sleepers
  • Offers the convenience of online order
  • Cooling gel memory foam absorbs the body weight and offers full body support
  • It has a charcoal memory foam layer that regulates the temperature and improves the comfort level
  • Has a “foam box” edge for more support
  • Free delivery in the majority of areas



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • The company offers a 125-night trial option
  • 15-year warranty
  • Made with premium quality viscose blended fabric
  • 5-zone pocket spring system provides orthopaedic support and pressure relief


  • Pricey option for all foam

What Materials Are Used to Make Onebed X Mattress?

It is crucial to look at the mattress's manufacturing materials for many reasons. First, the type and ratio of these materials determine the comfort and support level of the mattress. Indeed, people living in Australia can relate to this, as Australian nights can be hot. So, you would like to lay on a cool and comforting mattress.

Secondly, checking the material list is essential for people allergic to specific materials. For instance, some people are allergic to pure cotton, acrylic, nylon or polyester.

Let's check out the fabric and different layers of the Onebed X mattress.

Viscose Blended Fabric

The manufacturers have used blended viscose fabric to prepare the mattress's top layer. Indeed, this fabric's plush, soft and comfy feel will instantly make you love this mattress. Furthermore, the manufacturers have woven cubic dimple-protruding texture in this fabric, increasing its luxurious and cosy feel. Overall, the blended viscose fabric is highly breathable, gentle to the touch, and offers a silky smooth "royal touch".

5-zoned Pocket Springs

Onebed has thoughtfully designed this mattress to give your body maximum comfort and support. Indeed, the 5-zoned pocket springs inside the mattress are an excellent feature to distribute your body weight properly. Balanced weight distribution offers orthopaedic support by supporting your body's pressure points.

Cooling Gel-infused Foam

The cooling gel-infused open-cell structure of the memory foam makes this mattress refreshingly cool and comfortable. This structural design relieves your body's pressure points and makes you feel relaxed. Moreover, the airy pockets of this open-cell structure make the mattress more breathable and relaxing. Thus, you can have an uninterrupted, joyful, and soothing sleep all night.

Charcoal Memory Foam

In addition to improving the comfort of the mattress, the charcoal memory foam layer frees you from extreme care and maintenance. Moreover, this layer absorbs your body heat and maintains the temperature; thus, you will feel at ease.

Additionally, charcoal foam removes odour and absorbs moisture, eliminating the chances of bed bugs lurking or fungal growth. In short, the presence of a charcoal foam layer keeps the mattress looking as good and fresh as new for an extended period.

High-Density Base Foam

Indeed, Onebed "covers all bases" by providing support and comfort at every mattress layer. This high-density base foam covers all the mattress layers and puts it all together. Furthermore, this base foam boosts the edge support and increases the mattress's durability. Thus, you can enjoy luxurious sleep on this excellent mattress for at least a decade. Additionally, with the company's generous warranty, you can claim customer support anytime.

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Does the Onebed X Mattress Feel Comfortable to Sleep On?

Undoubtedly, comfort is the critical quality of any mattress, and you will feel that it's incredibly smooth and cosy. Onebed X provides the perfect balance of comfort and support, all because of its thoughtful design.

The top part of the mattress feels soft and comfortable, and the firmness gradually decreases till the base. Indeed, this medium-firm feel best suits all types of sleepers, i.e. back sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers.

Sleeping on your side on this mattress will slightly shrink the mattress, and this shrinkage is excellent for spine alignment. The innerspring of the mattress equally distributes your body weight from head to toe. Consequently, your shoulders, back and hips will not feel any pain or pressure.

Next comes the back sleepers. As a back sleeper, you will find this mattress cosy and body-hugging as it moulds per your body shape. Additionally, the mattress feels stable on the back of its five zoned pocket springs.

Lastly, the stomach sleepers will also enjoy the smooth and comfortable but firm and well-supported feel.

Available Sizes of Onebed X Mattress

Indeed, Onebed has left no stone unturned in designing the best hybrid mattress in Au. The size range of the Onebed X mattress is fantastic and caters to all customers' requirements. In general, every household has specific needs regarding the preferable thickness and dimensions of the mattress.

Some people prefer a lightweight mattress, which makes it easy to carry around when changing places. In contrast, some people require thick and sturdy mattresses with maximum support.

However, the best mattress is neither too thick nor too thin. A thin mattress will quickly lose shape, while an extra thick mattress will feel stiff and uncomfortable.

Fortunately, the design team at Onebed has considered all these factors. This Onebed X model is available in 5 different sizes with perfect thickness. So, whether you purchase a mattress for your home or your kids, you'll have an option. These sizes include:

  • Single: 92 x 188 x 30 cm
  • King Single: 107 x 203 x 30 cm
  • Double: 138 x 188 x 30 cm
  • Queen: 153 x 203 x 30 cm
  • King: 183 x 203 x 30 cm


King Single







King single




Finner Features

125-night Trial

Onebed prioritises customer satisfaction the most. Hence, you get a 125-night trial period from the purchase date. So, test the mattress while it is under this trial period, and if it does not feel as comfortable as you wish it to be, then contact customer service.

Onebed's staff will pick up the mattress from your place free of charge and refund your amount. The company will send this tested mattress to a charity, The Salvation Army. Thus, you can give the mattress back without feeling guilty, as someone less fortunate will have a good night's sleep on it.

Generally, the online shopping experience feels scary as you are unsure of the quality of the product. Additionally, we get to see many scams every once in a while that lose our faith in this facility.

However, this impressive 125-night risk-free trial feature allows you to check the feel and comfort of the mattress. So, you can buy this mattress by Onebed with total confidence.

15-year Warranty

Indeed, Onebed offers its customers technologically advanced and highly reliable products. Plus, the company has complete faith in the premium quality of its products. So for this mattress, Onebed provides a 15-year extended warranty.

During this period, the customers can apply for the repair or replacement of their mattresses without any charges. But, the customer may have to pay shipping charges.

Should You Buy the Onebed X Mattress?

Stiff mattresses are a thing of the past. Onebed X's mattress is perfect for all types of sleepers and will guarantee a comfortable night's sleep. 

A memory foam mattress conforms to your body as you sleep, so there is less pressure on your neck and back.

Moreover, its cooling feature helps during hot Australian nights. The breathable fabric ensures that moisture is not trapped in the foam.  

Final Verdict: Why Should You Choose Onebed X Mattress?

We hope you have found this detailed Onebed X review informative. This mattress offers everything one requires in a premium quality and comfortable mattress. On top of the mattress's design features, its 125-day trial period makes it more lucrative. Considering this mattress's fantastic features, it sure looks like a great option to purchase.

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