Emma Luxe Pro Mattress Review

Emma Luxe Pro Mattress Review


June 2, 2024

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Introducing my review of the Emma Luxe Pro mattress—a sleep masterpiece that blends innovative cooling technology with unparalleled comfort and support. As someone who has battled restless, overheated nights, I can confidently say this mattress is a game-changer for hot sleepers seeking restorative slumber.

Review Methodology 

To bring you an in-depth evaluation of the Luxe Pro, I spent weeks analysing its performance through extensive personal testing. I meticulously assessed sleep quality, temperature regulation, pressure relief, and overall comfort across different sleeping positions. This hands-on review will give you valuable insights into whether the Luxe Pro is the cool, rejuvenating sleep solution you've been searching for.



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Only mattress in Australia to have the foam grid layer
  • Exceptional pressure relief & great for back pain
  • Adapts to your body & sleeping position


  • It’s a luxury mattress, so it’s a bigger investment than budget options

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The Layers

1. AirGrid

Prepare to experience weightlessness like never before with Emma's cutting-edge AirGrid technology. This unique material bounces back instantly, preventing that dreaded "sinking" feeling and allowing you to toss and turn freely without disrupting your sleep. It's like floating on a cloud, but with the perfect amount of support to keep your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed.

This is the only mattress in Australia to feature a grid layer design, that gives a unique 'floating' feeling. It’s like the popular Purple mattress in america.

2.  AeroFoam

Enhancing the cooling capabilities of the Luxe Pro is the AeroFoam layer, a true champion of breathability. Designed to evacuate moisture and maximise airflow, this innovative layer ensures rising temperatures won't disturb your slumber. 

3. MemoryAdapt

When it comes to pressure relief, the MemoryAdapt foam layer adapts to your unique shape, evenly distributing your weight across multiple zones for total relaxation. No more waking up with aches and pains in your hips, shoulders, or back – this mattress is a true oasis for your body, cradling you in cloud-like comfort.

4. SupportBase

Providing the perfect balance of firmness and support is the SupportBase foam layer. This durable foundation ensures you can truly relax without feeling like you're sinking into the mattress, while also extending the lifespan of your sleep sanctuary. This layer adds durability, so you can count on years of restorative slumber.

5.  Infinity springs

Say goodbye to tossing and turning with the edge-to-edge infinity springs. These advanced springs stabilise your spine as you move around at night, ensuring proper alignment and preventing discomfort. But that's not all – they're also designed to respect the planet, making the mattress an eco-friendly choice for those who care about their sleep and the environment.

UltraDry cover

The cover that will keep you fresh and dry the breathable cover is a true marvel of moisture management. This refreshing, practical cover wicks away sweat and humidity, ensuring you wake up feeling cool, dry, and refreshed – even on the warmest of nights. And with its fully removable design, keeping your sleep sanctuary fresh is a breeze. Simply toss it in the wash whenever it needs a refresh.

Also, the bottom of the cover is made of anti-slip fabric, providing an extra layer of stability and security to your nights. No more waking up to a shifted mattress – the Luxe Pro ensures you stay put in your cool, comfortable cocoon all night long.

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How does it feel to sleep on? 

After weeks of personal testing, I can confidently say that the Emma Luxe Pro delivers an unparalleled sleep experience. The innovative layering system creates a cool, comforting oasis that feels like a dream. It’s one of our favourite mattresses in Australia.

As soon as you lie down, the AirGrid layer cradles you in a unique "weightless" sensation, instantly adapting to your body's curves and sleeping position. The gel material is soft and cool to the touch, helping you unwind and drift off to sleep with ease.

Throughout the night, the breathable top layers work in harmony with the UltraDry™ cover to regulate temperature and evacuate moisture, preventing any disruptive night sweats or overheating. You'll stay comfortably cool and dry, even on the warmest nights.

But the Luxe Pro isn't just about staying cool – it's also a masterclass in pressure relief and spinal support. The MemoryAdapt foam contours to your body, distributing your weight evenly and alleviating pressure points. Meanwhile, the edge-to-edge Infinity springs stabilise your spine as you move, ensuring proper alignment and preventing aches or pains.

With the ability to meet the unique comfort and support needs of different sleepers, this Emma mattress is an excellent choice for couples with varying preferences. You and your partner can both enjoy undisturbed, restorative slumber in your own personal comfort zones.

We touched on the feel of the mattress, but it's worth expanding on the firmness. All Emma mattresses, including the Luxe Pro, lie in the medium firmness range to support proper spinal alignment. On a scale from 1 (soft) to 10 (firm), the Emma Luxe Pro is a 4, or a medium-soft mattress, but i would say its closer to a 5.

Thickness and Weight

The mattress is 27cm thick and weighs approximately 43.48 kg for the queen size, providing ample cushioning without excessive bulk or weight.

Size | Dimensions | Weight

  • Single | 188 x 92 cm | 24.58 kg
  • King Single | 203 x 107 cm | 30.39 kg
  • Double | 188 x 138 cm | 36.61 kg
  • Queen | 203 x 153 cm | 43.48 kg
  • King | 203 x 183 cm | 51.07 kg


King Single




Whats the price?

The mattress is competitively priced for this premium mattress. Here are the standard prices without any discounts:

  • Single: $2,169
  • King Single: $2,169
  • Double: $2,839
  • Queen: $3,099
  • King: $3,499



King single




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Added benefits

  • 100-night trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • Free delivery and returns
  • Unique AirGrid technology like the purple mattress.

Final words on the Emma luxe pro review

For those seeking the best in sleep technology, this mattress is a premium option. For a good night's sleep, it offers advanced cooling, exceptional support, and eco-friendly materials.

Because it's highly responsive to weight, this mattress adapts instantly to your body shape, making it the perfect mattress for everyone. In your sleep, the foam grid layer material rebounds quickly, allowing you to toss and turn without realising it. Make sure you wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day by getting a good night's sleep.

When I tested it, it helped relieve discomfort in my hips or shoulders - thanks to the premium AirGrid tech and 7-Zone support, you'll feel maximum pressure relief, support, and comfort.

With its unique "weightless" laying feeling, softer and cooler skin sensation, and instant adaptability to your body and sleeping position, the Emma Luxe Pro mattress is 100% worth getting. 

Happy Sleeping.

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