Emma Luxe Plus Mattress Review

Emma Luxe Plus Mattress Review


June 2, 2024

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Emma's dedication to enhancing sleep quality shines with the new Emma Luxe Plus mattress. Crafted to conquer the scorching Aussie climate, this innovative marvel offers a refreshingly cool and comfortable sleep experience like no other. As someone who's endured countless sweltering nights, tossing and turning in a pool of sweat, I can confidently proclaim that the Luxe Plus delivers a blissfully cool and rejuvenating slumber you'll love drifting off to.

Review methodology

My review is based on firsthand experience of sleeping on this mattress, meticulously researching its features, and gathering insights on sleep quality, partner disturbance, and cutting-edge cooling technology. I've spent weeks luxuriating in the Luxe Plus' embrace, analysing every aspect of its performance to bring you an in-depth, unbiased evaluation. Use this Emma Luxe Plus mattress review to discover if it's the sleep sanctuary you've been dreaming of.



Partner Disturbance

Value For Money

Trial Length

Customer Satisfaction


  • Game-changing cooling technology to keep you 22%³ cooler
  • Breathable, premium materials for unmatched comfort
  • Eco-friendly with certifications to prove it
  • Edge-to-edge support for undisturbed slumber


  • A premium investment (but can you really put a price on restorative sleep?)
  • Similar to the Breeze but with a better cooling cover

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Emma Luxe Plus construction

The Luxe Plus' multi-layer design is a masterpiece of engineering, meticulously crafted for cooling, comfort, and support. Starting from the top:

ThermoSync® foam

This cutting-edge foam is infused with NanoCarbon™ particles that actively absorb and redistribute your body heat away from the mattress, helping maintain a consistent, comfortable sleep temperature for deeper, more restorative slumber – a game-changer for hot sleepers like me! Say goodbye to those pesky night sweats and hello to a whole new level of cool comfort.

Aerofoam layer

This ultra-breathable, velvety-soft foam conforms to your body's curves like a dream, offering relief to pressure points. But that's not all – the open-pored material works in harmony with the top layer to enhance airflow and moisture absorption, creating a cooler, drier sleep environment that'll have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

MemoryAdapt foam

The third comfort layer further enhances pressure distribution with its memory foam, adapting to your body's unique curves and sleeping position while allowing airflow pathways for added breathability – all while preserving that classic memory foam feel we love. It's like having your very own personalized sleep oasis.

SupportBase foam

This firm layer prevents you from sinking too deep into the mattress, supporting your ideal sleep position. It lies between the top comfort layers and the springs below, adding durability and firmness to support your body without sagging or dips, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Infinity springs

But wait, there's more! These advanced infinity pocket springs offer edge-to-edge support, so the mattress won't sag on the edges when you sit on them. Plus, they're in a 7-zone layout, providing firmer and softer support to keep your spine perfectly aligned – no more waking up with aches and pains!

CoolTex cover

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the premium CoolTex cover further enhances the Luxe Plus' cooling capabilities. Its fully removable design makes it easy to clean, while its multi-cooling technology actively absorbs and evaporates sweat, maintaining a refreshingly cool sleep surface all night long. The soft texture adds an extra layer of comfort, and the anti-slip fabric on the bottom prevents the mattress from shifting during sleep, ensuring you stay put in your cool cocoon.

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How does it feel to sleep on?

The Luxe Plus' innovative layering system creates an unparalleled cooling and comfort experience, meticulously designed with the Australian climate in mind as an upgrade to Emma's award-winning diamond mattress.

The ThermoSync® Technology developed by Emma's sleep scientists helps regulate body temperature for up to 22% cooler sleep – a game-changer for me, finally bidding farewell to those dreaded night sweats! No more waking up drenched in sweat, feeling gross and uncomfortable.

But it's not just about staying cool – the Luxe Plus raises the bar for comfort too. Emma's Edge-to-Edge Technology allows my body to sink into a delightfully soft top layer that transitions seamlessly into a sturdy, supportive base below. It's like floating on a cloud, but with the perfect amount of support to keep your spine aligned and your muscles relaxed.

The combination of premium memory foam and 7-zone infinity springs creates an adaptive system that gets more supportive and comfortable the deeper I nestle in. It conforms to my body's curves while providing targeted relief at pressure points, ensuring I wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

As someone who shares my bed, I truly appreciate how the ThermoSync® design works harmoniously with the edge-to-edge infinity springs. It maintains that "never too hot, never too cold" Goldilocks feeling all night, without my partner's body heat or movements disrupting my ideal sleep climate. No more fighting over the covers or feeling like I'm sleeping in a sauna!

With the ability to meet the differing temperature and comfort needs of two sleepers, the Luxe Plus is the premier choice for couples with varying sleep preferences. My partner and I can both enjoy uninterrupted, deeply restorative slumber in our own personalised comfort zones, without compromise.

The thoughtful combination of responsive foams and dynamic springs ensures a balanced sleep experience that excels for those who sleep warm, providing a consistently cool and restorative night's sleep. No more dreading bedtime – with the Luxe Plus, you'll be counting down the hours until you can snuggle up in its cool embrace.

Its medium-soft firmness, rated 4/10, makes it suitable for a variety of sleeping positions. Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, the Luxe Plus will cradle you in cooling comfort all night long.

Thickness and Weight

The Emma Luxe Plus is a substantial mattress but easy to handle with side handles. It weighs around 30kg for a queen size and is 27cm thick, providing ample cushioning and support without sacrificing mobility.

Size | Dimensions | Thickness 

  • Single: 188 x 92 cm x 27 cm
  • King Single: 203 x 107 cm x 27 cm
  • Double: 188 x 138 cm x 27 cm
  • Queen: 203 x 153 cm x 27 cm
  • King: 203 x 183 cm x 27 cm



King Single




How much does the mattress cost?

Investing in the Luxe Plus is a premium experience, but trust me, the rewards of restorative, temperature-controlled sleep are priceless. After just a few nights on this mattress, you'll wonder how you ever slept on anything else. Here's the pricing when on sale, with free gifts like bed frames to sweeten the deal:

  • Single: $1,869
  • King Single: $2,149
  • Double: $2,479
  • Queen: $2,699
  • King: $3,049



King single




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Added Benefits

  • Advanced cooling tech to keep you 22% cooler
  • 10-Year warranty for peace of mind
  • 100-Night trial to ensure it's the perfect fit
  • Free delivery and returns
  • 0% instalments for easy budgeting

Is the Emma Luxe Plus worth it?

My Take? An emphatic yes! This mattress has utterly transformed my sleep quality. Its premium build, innovative cooling features, and sublime comfort make it worth every cent, especially for us Aussies seeking nightly relief from warm weather. If cool, restorative slumber is your goal, the Luxe Plus is an ingenious solution you'll love drifting off on.

With its premium build and innovative features, the Emma Luxe Plus is a worthy investment for those prioritising cool comfort. If a refreshing, rejuvenating night's sleep is your top priority, this mattress stands out as a robust and innovative choice that'll have you waking up feeling like a whole new you, ready to take on the day with boundless energy.

Sweet dreams, my friends! (But not too sweet – we don't want any night sweats here!)

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